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Op-Ed: GOP Rep. Don Young: Wolves would solve the homeless problem

It seems that being a politician these days is really tough. Alaska GOP Rep. Don Young found out how the hard way when he suggested Thursday that the best way to solve homelessness was wolves. Would this be considered shooting yourself in the foot?

Marijuana legalization takes effect in Alaska

Los Angeles - Alaska became the third American state to allow the recreational use of marijuana, following in the steps of Colorado and Washington state -- and soon to be joined by Oregon.

The Alaskan Pebble Mine debate getting too hot to handle

Lying just north of Lake Iliamna and Lake Clark in southwest Alaska is Bristol Bay. It is home to half the world's sockeye salmon. Below the marsh and shrub of the bay lies another kind of wealth, ore, several kinds of ore, including gold.

Illinois lawmaker proposes ban on hunters' use of 'unfair drones'

While some states have already banned or regulated the use of drones for hunting, even more states have bills on the books regarding the use of this controversial procedure. Alaska is one such state that has banned the use of drones for hunting wildlife.

Arctic offshore drilling company pleads guilty to crimes

Anchorage - A drilling company has pleaded guilty to environmental and maritime crimes in federal court in Anchorage, Alaska on Friday, after reaching an agreement with prosecutors earlier this month.

Independent Walker ousts Parnell and is Alaska's new governor

Anchorage - After a tense race, Independent candidate Bill Walker has won the Alaska race for governor, and that's largely due to the fact that he launched an aggressive campaign against Republican Governor Sean Parnell, The Huffington Post reports.

Review: The eerie Skagway Gold Rush Cemetery and 'Soapy' Smith’s story Special

Skagway - The Gold Rush Cemetery in Skagway, Alaska, contains the remains of many ill-fated gold-seekers who lost their lives in search of wealth. It also holds the remains of a town’s hero and the tomb of one of the most infamous con men of the American West.

Charlo Greene: The time is now for Alaska to legalize cannabis Special

Anchorage - In the upcoming mid term elections, Alaska is one of two states, along with Oregon to have marijuana legalization on the ballot. Pro pot activists in Alaska are working hard in the hopes of becoming another state that has legal marijuana.

Environmentalists watching Mt. Polley and Pebble Mine Project

On August 4, a 580 acre tailing pond owned by Imperial Metals in British Columbia breached, dumping 1.3 billion gallons of toxic mine waste into the environment. On August 5, a Landsat 8 acquired an image of the area showing the extent of the damage.

Op-Ed: Pregnancy tests distributed like condoms in Alaska

Staff at the University of Alaska have started a new project which will place dispensers in women's restrooms that contain pregnancy tests. The initiative costs millions but some say it is worth it.

Alaskans sue government for vital road

King Cove - The Aleut fishing community at King Cove is suing the government to install a one-lane road to a nearby airport. Residents claim that the lack of a route has actually endangered the lives of some villagers.

Review: Doug Briney salutes the 'Unknown Soldier' in new country single Special

Country singer Doug Briney will release his new single "Unknown Soldier" on Monday, in honor of the Memorial Day holiday, to pay homage to the troops.

'Into the Wild' hunter fatally shot by police in Alaska

An Alaskan moose hunter, whose discovery of the corpse of a wanderer two decades ago helped lead to the 2007 movie "Into the Wild," has been shot and killed by police following a weekend chase thro...

Air-mixing above Arctic ice may lead to mercury contamination

A team of NASA scientists has found that strong mixing of air above cracked Arctic sea ice actually pulls down atmospheric mercury. This could lead to increased water contamination as a result.

Loss of sea ice causes 10,000 walruses to take over Alaskan coast

For generations, the Pacific walrus population has inhabited and used the sea ice offshore in the northern Chukchi Sea as platforms during their winter stay, diving on the shallow continental shelf to reach snails, crabs and worms.

Melting Alaska glacier reveals military plane crashed in 1952

Alaska National Guard crews discovered relics from an Air Force cargo plane that slammed into a mountain in November 1952, killing all 52 servicemen on board. More material comes up to the surface as the glacier melts, including some human remains.

Ten people die in plane crash in Alaska

Ten people are dead after a propeller-powered air taxi plane operated by Rediske Air Inc. crashed yesterday at the airport in Soldonta, Alaska.

Man catches 200-year-old fish

On June 21, a man, from Seattle, Washington, caught a fish off the coast of Alaska. The fish may be around the age of two-hundred-years-old.

Alaskan volcano shoots ash plume 5 miles into the sky

A volcano located on the Alaskan peninsula is picking up in activity. Volcano Pavlof began rumbling in May, however, shot a 5-mile plume into the sky this week disrupting smaller aircraft which had to redirect to avoid the ash.

Man in Alaska charged with DUI on shopping cart

An Alaskan man was arrested by police, who say that he was driving a motorized shopping cart while drunk, and that he was in possession of cookies and cake mix that was stolen.

Interview with Rachele Lynae Special

Digital Journal talks life, music and future ambitions with the fast-rising young country star of whom great things are expected.

Probation violator accused of raping toddler and murder

Anchorage - Jerry Andrew Active was on probation for assaulting a girl in 2009, when he allegedly raped a 2-year-old and killed her great-grand parents.

Op-Ed: NWT touts northern pipeline — Is this a viable alternative?

Yellowknife - With the Northern Gateway and Keystone pipelines facing fierce resistance, Alberta is desperate to move its diluted bitumen and the North West Territories (NWT) is promoting a northern pipeline alternative to create jobs and improve its economy.

Man fights off bear, walks away with only minor injuries

An Alaskan man, who was with his family, ended up walking away with only minor injuries after he got into a hands-on scuffle with the animal.

Alaskan town considers banning public defecation

Bethel - A rural Alaskan town, Bethel, is considering whether to borrow from state law and make it against the law for people to urinate or defecate in public.

Republican congressman apologises for using the term wetbacks

In yet another gaffe for the Republican party, representative Don Young of Alaska, found himself apologising for a racist remark he made during a radio interview.

Unseen dangers from the Japanese tsunami may linger for decades

The debris from the tsunami which struck eastern Japan two years ago today could still be washing up on the western seaboard of Canada and the United States decades from now with, as yet, unknown consequences for marine life.

Viral video: Man skis through Alaskan five-storey building

Whittier - Ah Alaska covered in snow, a skier's dream, so why did one young man choose to ski through and out of a five-storey abandoned, haunted building, in Whittier?

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake recorded off Alaska coast

Port Alexander - A 6.0-magnitude earthquake has hit off the coast of Alaska on Thursday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Group denounces Alaska's Pebble Mine, citing threat to belugas

Social media activist group Fins and Fluke has joined with the EPA, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Hollywood star Robert Redford, to oppose the massive Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska.
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Valdez  Alaska snowstorm.  January 2012.
Valdez, Alaska snowstorm. January 2012.
Courtesy of Suzanne Hickman
Joe Miller candidate for Alaska s Senator
Joe Miller candidate for Alaska's Senator
Photo by Ryan McFarland
Rachele Lynae
Rachele Lynae
Angela R. Talley
Large walrus on the ice. Alaska  Bering Sea
Large walrus on the ice. Alaska, Bering Sea
Valdez  Alaska snowstorm. January 2012
Valdez, Alaska snowstorm. January 2012
Courtesy of Suzanne Hickman
Kodiak  Alaska
Kodiak, Alaska
J. Stephen Conn
Fairbanks Route for 2015.
Fairbanks Route for 2015.
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Archaeologists working at the Rising Whale site at Cape Espenberg  Alaska
Archaeologists working at the Rising Whale site at Cape Espenberg, Alaska
University of Colorado
Retreating glacier  Glacier Bay  Alaska.
Retreating glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska.
Oregon State University
Northstar Island  an artificial island in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska  is a site of oil and gas...
Northstar Island, an artificial island in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska, is a site of oil and gas drilling.
Joint Pipeline Office
Bering Sea
Bering Sea
Google Maps
Don Young  U.S. Congressman from Alaska.
Don Young, U.S. Congressman from Alaska.
United States Congress
Trade routes between Asia and Alaska
Trade routes between Asia and Alaska
Mail Online
Crested Auklets  Least Auklets and other seabirds nest at Main Talus  Buldir Island  Aleutian Island...
Crested Auklets, Least Auklets and other seabirds nest at Main Talus, Buldir Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska - Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
Five Floors Of Fury: Dude skis through an abandoned five-story building in Alaska
Five Floors Of Fury: Dude skis through an abandoned five-story building in Alaska
Screengrab / sagalm52
Bering Sea
Bering Sea
Google Maps
Sign post in Seward  Alaska marking the start of the Iditarod Trail.
Sign post in Seward, Alaska marking the start of the Iditarod Trail.
Derek and Julie Ramsey
Alaska and the northern Arctic Circle Chukchi Sea. Even in summer 2013  dense sea ice monopolizes Ch...
Alaska and the northern Arctic Circle Chukchi Sea. Even in summer 2013, dense sea ice monopolizes Chukchi Sea, though now, in February winter of 2015, deep blue ocean has replaced white Arctic sea ice.
NASA / Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC
Volksvagen decorations of the unknown traveller from Chile in Vancouver  Canada.
Volksvagen decorations of the unknown traveller from Chile in Vancouver, Canada.
Debris from the Japanese tsunami last year.
Debris from the Japanese tsunami last year.
Video screen capture