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Alaska News

Alaskans experiencing fires, little rain and drought conditions

Anchorage - In one Alaska village, officials are barging in jugs of water and shutting off the public water supply 12 hours each day. In another, automatic flush toilets have been switched to manual flushing, and restaurants are serving meals on paper plates.

Alaska's wildfires threaten severe damage to life and property

Juneau - Take the impacts from the climate crisis, throw in an incredibly warm and dry summer - and you one of the most destructive fire seasons Alaskan's have experienced in a number of years.

Historic Alaska heatwave is killing off thousands of salmon

Juneau - Unusually warm temperatures across Alaska this summer has led to die-offs of unspawned chum, sockeye and pink salmon, with the warm waters acting as a "thermal block," basically a wall of heat salmon don’t swim past, delaying upriver migration.

The sea ice near Alaska's shores has all melted due to heatwave

July 2019 now stands as Alaska’s hottest month on record, the latest benchmark in a long-term warming trend with ominous repercussions ranging from rapidly vanishing summer sea ice and melting glaciers to raging wildfires.

Scientists amazed as Canadian permafrost thawing 70 years early

Permafrost at outposts in the Canadian Arctic is thawing 70 years earlier than predicted, an expedition has discovered, in the latest sign that the global climate crisis is accelerating even faster than scientists had feared.

From Greenland to Alaska, Arctic is heating up rapidly

Ice is melting at unprecedented levels as summer approaches in the Arctic. In recent days, observations have revealed a record-challenging melt event over the Greenland ice sheet, while the extent of ice over the Arctic Ocean is the lowest ever.

Op-Ed: We must put a stop to oil drilling in the Alaska Arctic refuge

Anchorage - The U.S. Interior Department is determined to sell oil leases for the first time this year in the ecologically sensitive but presumably petroleum-rich coastal plain of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, according to the Trump administration.

Climate crisis a factor in die-off of thousands of tufted puffins

Thousands of tufted puffins in the Bering Sea are dead partly because of starvation and stress brought on by changing climate conditions, researchers say.

Baked Alaska? Not hardly, but Alaska is having a heatwave

Anchorage - Alaska residents accustomed to subzero temperatures are experiencing a heat wave of sorts that is shattering records, with the thermometer jumping to more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit (16.7 Celsius) above normal in some regions.

Op-Ed: Alaska governor plans to repeal board regulating marijuana

Fairbanks - Mike Dunleavy the governor of the US state of Alaska is intending to introduce legislation that will repeal the two state boards which regulate alcohol and marijuana businesses according to a letter from a commissioner to state employees.

Alaska's North Slope hit by magnitude 6.4 earthquake

Fairbanks - Alaska's North Slope was hit Sunday by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the region. The magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck an area 42 miles east of Kavik River Camp and 343 miles northeast of Fairbanks, the state's second-biggest city.

Changing tundra vegetation spells change for Arctic animals

For well over two decades, scientists have kept track of the changes occurring in the Arctic tundra habitat. Ankle-high grasses and sedges have given way to a sea of woody shrubs, some growing to neck-deep heights as the climate warms.

Volcanos, earthquakes: Is the 'Ring of Fire' alight?

Toukyo - A volcanic eruption in the Philippines forces mass evacuations, while another in Japan kills one person. Across the Pacific, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits off Alaska. So what's the link?

Alaska gets China backing for liquid natural gas project

A liquid natural gas deal between China and Alaska was announced Thursday, just one among the $250 billion in U.S.-China deals unveiled this week during President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing.

New images from Alaska's seafloor suggest high tsunami danger

Scientists mapping the seafloor off the coast of Alaska have identified a segment of the subduction zone they say signals the potential for a major tsunami in an area that normally would be considered benign.

Arctic peoples' climate pleas fell on deaf ears

Fairbanks - When ministers from the eight states of the Arctic and representatives of the region's native peoples met last month in Alaska, evidence of global warming was all around them.

Alaskan whale deaths in 2015 could have been due to toxic algae

Anchorage - Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are saying a toxic algae bloom could have caused the deaths of 44 whales in 2015 in the Gulf Coast of Alaska, but they are not ruling out other possibilities.

Fracking comes to Alaska, triggering new oil boom

Prudhoe Bay - The Arctic region hold great allure for global oil companies, despite opposition from green groups and Obama's 2016 ban on drilling in federal Arctic waters. However, over the past year, huge oil reserves have been found on Alaska's North Slope.

Oil well in Alaska shut down after oil spill — still spewing gas

Prudhoe Bay - Federal regulators are preparing to shut down an oil well on Alaska's North Slope near Deadhorse tonight. The wellhead cracked Friday and sent up a plume of crude oil before it froze and the initial leak stopped. It is still spewing natural gas.

Cook Inlet is dealing with yet another Hilcorp pipeline leak

Anchorage - Hilcorp Energy is already under investigation for two underwater pipeline leaks in Alaska's Cook Inlet. On Friday, the company confirmed they are now dealing with a third pipeline leak.

GOP lawmakers try to revive Pebble mine project under Trump EPA

Some GOP lawmakers and mining companies are banking on the EPA's new head, Scott Pruitt reversing an earlier veto by the agency of a controversial mine project in Alaska's Bristol Bay, despite local opposition and the threat to sockeye salmon fisheries.

USDA: Bird flu strain that hit U.S. last year found in wild duck

The same strain of avian flu virus that led to the deaths of 50 million chickens and turkeys in the U.S. last year has been found in the country for the first time in nearly 14 months, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Sanders beats Clinton in Alaska Democratic caucuses

Los Angeles - Bernie Sanders soundly defeated Hillary Clinton in Alaska's Democratic caucuses on Saturday, giving his campaign a much-needed boost as he seeks to disrupt Clinton's path to the party's presidential nomination.

Commercial salmon fishing off California facing tougher limits

San Francisco - Northern California salmon fisherman face severe restrictions on catch this spring after lower-than-expected numbers of the fish have been counted offshore.

Alaska hit by 6.8-magnitude earthquake: USGS 

Washington - A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Alaska early Sunday, US seismologists said.The US Geological Survey, updating its earlier location for the quake, said it struck at 1030 GMT and was centered about 83 kilometers (51 miles) east of Old Iliamna....

Photo Essay: Creek Street, Ketchikan historic red-light district Special

Ketchikan - Ketchikan, a historic town built along the seafront on Tongass Narrows, is known as "the salmon capital of the world," but its past evokes an infamous village which in the first half of the 19th Century was known as “the Pacific Coast's wickedest city".

Death of Juneau, Alaska mayor under investigation, police say

Juneau - Alaskan authorities in the capital city are investigating the death of Juneau's recently-elected mayor, while simultaneously deflecting rumors surrounding the mysterious case.

Five fascinating facts you might not know about sea otters

Sea otters tickle our imaginations. Their charming antics make them the clowns of the sea, and for those of us fortunate enough to live alongside them, they are enchanting. The sight of mother otters cuddling young ones make them even more endearing.

Review: 'Life-lessons' book is an easy read that made it to best-seller Special

Haines - Amid the long tally of books that emerge each year, it's always a surprise to see a little book of just over 150 pages make it to a best seller's list.

Shell halts controversial oil exploration in Alaska

London - Royal Dutch Shell is ending its controversial offshore exploration in Alaska after failing to find sufficient amounts of oil and gas, the energy giant said Monday.
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Alaska Image

Aerial view of Craig  Alaska.
Aerial view of Craig, Alaska.
U.S. Forest Service
The Western Buttress of Denali  also known as Mount McKinley
The Western Buttress of Denali, also known as Mount McKinley
National Park Service handout
Bering Sea
Bering Sea
Google Maps
The village of Shishmaref in N. Alaska  inhabited for 400 years  is facing evacuation due to rising ...
The village of Shishmaref in N. Alaska, inhabited for 400 years, is facing evacuation due to rising temperatures, which are causing a reduction in sea ice, thawing of permafrost along the coast.
Kodiak  Alaska
Kodiak, Alaska
J. Stephen Conn
The Sockeye fire has burned over 12 square miles along the parks Highway in Alaska.
The Sockeye fire has burned over 12 square miles along the parks Highway in Alaska.
A tsunami can occur as ocean crust (brown area) dives under continental crust (orange)  causing the ...
A tsunami can occur as ocean crust (brown area) dives under continental crust (orange), causing the ocean floor to suddenly move.
Anne Becel/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Alaska s iconic king crab.
Alaska's iconic king crab.
Brad Bowerman
Here are photos of the construction of station D25K (about 50 km from the M6.4 mainshock) taken by I...
Here are photos of the construction of station D25K (about 50 km from the M6.4 mainshock) taken by IRIS's Jason Theis and Ryan Bierma. This cased hole for the seismometer was drilled the summer of 2016 on June 22nd, and yes, that's fresh snow on the ground.
Dr. Kasey Aderhold/Alaska Earthquake Center
The turn out for the event this past Oct. 2017 was exciting. Diana Birkett Rakow  Alaska Airlines’...
The turn out for the event this past Oct. 2017 was exciting. Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ Vice President of External Relations, talked about the unique aspects of the partnership between the airlines and Ford to help make this innovation of commuting, bicycling and air travel, possible.
Ford GoBike
Alaska is just about the only place in North America that does not have a problem with declining moo...
Alaska is just about the only place in North America that does not have a problem with declining moose numbers, so far.
John J. Mosesso
Caelus Energy Alaska
Firefighters from the Chugach National Forest work to protect the Romig Cabin on Juneau Lake from th...
Firefighters from the Chugach National Forest work to protect the Romig Cabin on Juneau Lake from the Swan Lake Fire near Cooper Landing, Alaska
Chugach National Forest via handout
SALAD: Pokémon Go players congregate last week in a city park in Anchorage  Alaska.
SALAD: Pokémon Go players congregate last week in a city park in Anchorage, Alaska.
Roger Lew/Wikimedia Commons
 In this house we re tigers   the unknown traveller from Chile in Vancouver  Canada.
"In this house we're tigers", the unknown traveller from Chile in Vancouver, Canada.
Valdez  Alaska snowstorm. January 2012
Valdez, Alaska snowstorm. January 2012
Courtesy of Suzanne Hickman
Satellite image of Bering Strait. Cape Dezhnev  Russia is on the left  the two Diomede Islands are i...
Satellite image of Bering Strait. Cape Dezhnev, Russia is on the left, the two Diomede Islands are in the middle, and Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska is on the right.
Map of fault segments along the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust.
Map of fault segments along the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust.
Trade routes between Asia and Alaska
Trade routes between Asia and Alaska
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