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U.S. and Russia increasing cooperation on Syria

Moscow - John Kerry U.S. Secretary of State said on July 15 that Russia and the U.S. had agreed to cooperate in Syria against the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.

U.S. launches drone operations targeting IS leaders in Syria

Damascus - A secret targeted killing campaign launched by the CIA and US Special Forces aims at suspected terrorists in Syria. Drones have been flown over Syria and used for strikes. The campaign is separate from the overall offensive against the Islamic State

Op-Ed: U.S.-trained rebels refuse to fight Al Qaeda's group in Syria

Damascus - Most Syrian rebel groups have as their first priority defeat of the Assad government. However, they will defend themselves against other more radical Islamist rebel groups if they are attacked which has happened with the Islamic State and Al Nusra front.

Op-Ed: Obama approves bombing of any forces attacking U.S.-trained rebels

Aleppo - President Barack Obama has authorized the bombing of any forces that attack US-trained rebels. This could include attacks by troops loyal to President Assad of Syria.

Al-Nusra jihadists threaten U.S., allies over Syria strikes

Al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda's Syrian branch, has for the first time threatened to retaliate against the United States, as well as other nations participating in air strikes against the Islamic State, condemning the attacks as "a war against Islam."

One thousand Syrian Islamic Front fighters join ISIS

Damascus - Fighters from the Dawud Brigade who were formerly allied with the Islamic Front Syrian rebel group left its positions in Idlib province and went to Raqqa, the main city held by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria, and their headquarters.

Potential Syria spillover prompts Israel to close Syrian frontier

As Syrian military forces seem to be losing ground close to Israel's Golan Heights frontier with Syria the Israeli military has accordingly closed off large parts of that border.

Op-Ed: 7 major Islamist rebel groups form Islamic Front in Syria

Aleppo - Seven different Islamist rebel groups have merged creating what they call an "Islamic Front". The group pledges to build an Islamic State after Assad is overthrown.

Op-Ed: Videos show Syrian rebels committing or contemplating war crimes

The many videos of victims of the alleged chemical attacks near Damascus attributed to the Assad regime no doubt helped convince many that they should support the military retaliation planned by Obama.

Op-Ed: Kerry claims about radicals in Syria at odds with US intelligence

Washington - At congressional hearings, Secretary of State John Kerry asserted that the moderate Syrian opposition groups were growing in influence in the conflict, a position at odds with both US and European intelligence sources.

Islamists take 200 Kurds hostage as Syria clashes continue

Aleppo - The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that 200 Kurdish civilians have been seized as hostages by Al-Qaeda linked rebel groups from villages adjacent to Aleppo.

Obama plan to arm Syrian rebels clears Congress committees

Washington - Obama's plan to arm some Syrian rebels seemed closer to reality after congressional concerns were eased according to Republican Mike Rogers who is chair of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

Op-Ed: Raqqa, Syrian city faces conflict with occupying Islamists

Damascus - Raqqa a city of about 500,000 has been in rebel hands for almost four months now but there are already conflicts between many remaining in the city who want a civil and democratic state and the Islamists who want an Islamic caliphate.

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