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Airways News

Security Questioning Two After Gun Found On US Airways Plane

Two people are being questioned after authorities found a handgun on U.S. Airways flight 1195 to Arizona at Philadelphia International Airport Thursday morning.

Twitter Users Report Crash

Twitter users yesterday posted pictures and updates about two air crashes before the press caught on, it has today emerged.

British Airways passengers survive London crash landing

A British Airways jet from Amsterdam has been involved in an emergency incident at London City Airport, hours after a fatal incident in New York.

US Airways Hero Pilot Deemed An Academic Genius In School

The day after the miraculous crash landing in the icy Hudson River on Thursday, the school records for the pilot Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III were released.

U.S. Airways Jet Crash Lands Into Hudson River

In a late developing in breaking news story, a US Airways jetliner made a crash landing into the Hudson River. Luckily, there were no casualties.

US Airways Pilot Makes Textbook Emergency Landing on Hudson River

UPDATED: A US Airways A320 flight taking off from LaGuardia airport encountered a bird strike which apparently disabled both engines.

US Airways pilot refuses to fly with Sikh musicians onboard

A U.S. Airways pilot refused to fly with three Sikh religious musicians onboard a flight in California. The three Sikhs were taken off the flight and forced to use another airline the next day.

Thousands stranded at airports

Over 100,000 travelers faced a third day waiting to reach their destinations on Sunday. Airports in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte and New York all reported delays.

Computer Glitch Leaves Long Lines For U.S. Airways Passengers

If you are heading to the airport Sunday, you may want to give yourself some extra time.

Diggnation from Virgin Airways, Airbus A320, Episode 84

Diggnation tapes its episode in Virgin Airway, Airbus A320.

Giant Hovercraft Retire After 30 Years Of Channel Crossings

Dover/Calais (dpa) - For 30 years riding on a cushion of air from the British port of Dover to Calais in France was one of the most spectacular ways of crossing the English Channel. But not for much longer. Shipping company Hoverspeed is cancelling ...

Take A Trip Down The Rhine Waterway That has Been An Inspiration For Centuries

Koblenz (dpa) - It is not just a river, it is a legend. Father Rhine has for centuries inspired German poets, thinkers, musicians and painters, and has also long been one of the country's favourite holiday destinations. The Rhine is the longest ...

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