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Airport security News

Surveillance video shows man bypassing security, getting on plane

Dallas - A Texas man had just found out his girlfriend was leaving him and flying to Guatemala. So he drove to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to talk her out of it. He managed to get on the plane without a ticket and without going through security.

TSA looking into new technology for faster airport screenings

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), faced with thousands of complaints from frustrated travelers over long waits in airport security lines, is hoping that new technologies will help to speed up the process of checking people for weapons.

U.S. airports plagued by long waits in security lines

Washington - Peter Neffenger, top administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), told members of the House Homeland Security Committee that passengers will likely continue to experience longer than normal wait times over the summer.

Acting TSA director replaced 'effective immediately'

The acting director of the TSA has been replaced "effective immediately" by the acting deputy after an embarrassing report showed just how poorly airport security agents did during an undercover test of procedures.

Mexican man arrested with cocaine inside his body

San Salvador - A Mexican man was arrested at El Salvador's main airport with liquid cocaine hidden in his digestive tract, news organizations reported.

Alleged false screener is a partner with a major financial firm

San Francisco - Eric McLean Slighton, 53, was accused of posing as an airport screener to search women. Slighton allegedly frisked a few passengers before being caught by authorities.

Op-Ed: U.S. introduces extra security measures at overseas airports

Washington - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security reports that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will implement "enhanced security measures" at airports overseas with direct flight to the United States.

Full-body scanners get new life in prisons

Responding to privacy concerns raised by travelers and civil rights groups, the Transportation Security Administration pulled 171 full-body scanners from airports last year. Will these machines soon find new life in the nation's prisons?

Boston Marathon bomber allowed to fly due to spelling error

Boston - In what could be seen as one of the worst clerical errors in history, a new Congressional report states that one of the men responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing was allowed to fly to the U.S. because his name was misspelled on a terrorist list.

Shooting at LAX Terminal 3, seven wounded, shooter in custody

Police are on the scene at LAX Airport in Los Angeles. A shooting has been reported at Terminal 3. One TSA worker is reportedly shot along with seven others. The shooter is in custody.

Op-Ed: TSA will allow travelers to pay for a quicker line

Want to get through security faster the next time you're catching a flight? The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced plans this summer to let people skip the bag checks and removal of the shoes...for a fee, of course.

Op-Ed: T.S.A. expands duties beyond airport security

New York - Americans appear willing to live in a police state, subject to unconstitutional violations of rights by their own government in exchange for the mirage of security.

Man tries to smuggle turtle onto airplane inside KFC sandwich

Beijing - A man in China was caught trying to smuggle his pet turtle onto an airplane by concealing the creature inside a sandwich from KFC. The incident occurred Monday morning inside Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Man who was tossed in jail over a jar of peanut butter, sues TSA

An Arizona man who spent 25 hours in jail after making a wisecrack about his jar of peanut butter while going through airport security, is suing the TSA. Fifty-year-old Frank Hannibal is seeking $5 million in damages and this time isn't fooling.

Egyptian ambassador slaps police officer at Larnaca airport

Larnaca - The moment was caught on CCTV as the Egyptian Ambassador to Cyprus slapped a police officer at Larnaca Airport, Cyprus, due to verbal and physical humiliation by airport security.

Disabled 12 year old girl in wheelchair detained at Texas airport

Dallas - The disabled girl was detained at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport for nearly an hour after TSA agents claimed to have found explosive residue on her hands.

Showdown with TSA set for 'Opt Out and Film Week' November 19-26 Special

The National Opt Out and Film Week, a new campaign designed to expose the abusive policies of the TSA, is set to launch during Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel times of the year -- and the TSA might not be able to stop it.

Poll: 30% of Americans would submit to TSA body cavity searches

According to a new scientific poll by Harris Interactive, almost a third of Americans would submit to a body cavity search by the TSA in order to fly.

TSA agents caught performing security checks at Romney event

Van Meter - In what appears to be a growing trend, TSA agents were seen conducting screenings at an Iowa campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

TSA screener accused of intentionally slapping flier's testicles

A frequent flier is speaking out about an incident in which a TSA agent allegedly slapped his testicles as punishment for opting out of the naked body scanner at a Nevada airport.

Flight attendant's gun discharged at airport security checkpoint

Philadelphia - Over the weekend a flight attendant's gun discharged at a Philadelphia Airport security check. The gun, which had been in the attendant's carry-on bag, was found as the individual was going through security prior to working a flight to Denver.

TSA agents swarm Ron Paul's plane, demand explosives check

Clearwater - A group of TSA agents attempted to stop Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his family from boarding their private plane at a small airport in Clearwater, Florida on Tuesday, insisting that they submit to an extensive screening and bomb check before flying.

Op-Ed: Airport security — How much is too much?

As acts of terrorism and other crimes have occurred over the past decade, government entities across the globe continue to tighten airport security.

Op-Ed: Sam Harris called 'racist' for blog about profiling Muslims

Neuroscientist, author, and atheist Sam Harris caught serious heat from his fans and the general press for expressing his views on profiling Muslims at the airports.

Does this 4-year-old girl look like terrorist? TSA says yes

A four-year-old girl now has nightmares about being kidnapped after her mother said Transportation Security Administration officers humiliated her for hugging her grandmother while at security check point.

TSA agents join undercover cops aboard Houston bus system

Houston - The TSA will help undercover police perform random bag searches and other security activities in a new program on the METRO bus system, marking the maligned federal agency’s latest foray out of airports and into other forms of mass transit.

Boston TSA screener charged with distributing child porn

Boston - TSA agent Joe Saldano was among 55 men taken into custody in a crackdown on child pornography this week, adding another name to the long list of accused sex offenders who have performed security duties at America's airports.

Blogger claims to have found major flaw in TSA screening process

A major flaw in the TSA's screening process has been unmasked by a blogger. As shown in the video below, a person could get a metal object through the TSA body scanners by placing the item to the side of the body, rather than the front or back.

TSA finds $400K in loose change at security checkpoints in 2010

The Transportation Security Administration shared they found close to $410,000 in loose change at security checkpoints during 2010.

Gun goes off in carry-on bag at Atlanta airport

Atlanta - On Sunday morning a gun accidentally went off in a passenger's carry-on bag inside the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. No serious injuries have been reported, but an officer was grazed by the bullet when the firearm went off.
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Analogic COBRA CT scanner.
Analogic COBRA CT scanner.
Analogic COBRA
Security officer at the Brussels International Airport
Security officer at the Brussels International Airport
Screen Capture
Delta s new  innovation lanes  speed up security screening by 30 percent.
Delta's new "innovation lanes" speed up security screening by 30 percent.
Damarias Cockerham walks though empty security lane to board plane while nearby TSA agent pays no at...
Damarias Cockerham walks though empty security lane to board plane while nearby TSA agent pays no attention
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