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Tests on apparent plane debris to begin Wednesday

Toulouse - Plane debris that might be from a Malaysia Airlines jetliner that disappeared without a trace last year will undergo testing by aviation experts beginning Wednesday.

China's perplexing problem with passengers opening plane doors

When traveling by air, most of us know we are not to touch the emergency doors, unless of course, there is an emergency. But China has a most unusual problem airlines are now dealing with. Passengers won't leave the emergency doors alone.

Airbus looking to patent bicycle-like seating

Those who feel like there isn't enough legroom or comfort when sitting on an airplane may not be a fan of this news — Airbus is looking to increase the number of seats per plane by instituting bicycle-like seating.

'Face reality:' Malaysia sets funerals for missing jet passengers

Sydney - The first memorial service for passengers on board the missing Malaysian Airlines jet is scheduled to be held tomorrow in Australia, nearly two months after the disappearance and apparent crash of the flight.

With an incredibly healthy pipeline, Boeing deemed ready to fly

With a contentious labor union vote behind it, and with global airplane manufacturing orders in abundance, the Boeing Company appears poised for untethered growth.

Op-Ed: Government likely to ban mobile phone calls on planes

Although federal agencies that government aviation, transportation and communications are ready to permit the use of mobile phones on planes, passengers are unlikely to have to listen to annoying calls.

FBI investigating laser attacks on planes in New York City

New York - The FBI announced that it is investigating two laser attacks on airplanes and pilots at LaGuardia airport. There has been a noted rise in laser attacks over the last year.

2 million attend 54th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show Special

Chicago - An estimated 2 million spectators crowded the beaches and parks near Lake Michigan in Chicago this past weekend to catch one of the most exciting shows of the year. The 2012 Chicago Air and Water Show.

DOT: Electronic cigarettes included in tobacco ban on US flights

Washington - The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has recently announced their position on the use of electronic cigarettes on airplanes and say that the ban on smoking in the skies includes the popular alternative to tobacco use.

Heathrow boss refuses to take bonus due to snow delay chaos

London - The boss at Heathrow airport in London announced he'll forego his holiday bonus. He stressed how his staff is focused on recovering from the massive delays swamping the British airport after a snowstorm rocked the country.

New York's Canada Goose cull sparks outrage and controversy

New York - New York City's burgeoning Canada Geese population was deemed a threat to aviation safety after last year's spectacular 'Miracle on the Hudson.'

Honeywell redesigning skies for quicker, more comfortable flights

Phoenix - A flight on an airplane can be uncomfortable, longer than you expected, and hunger inducing. But now Aerospace giant Honeywell has big ideas about how to turn things around in the air.

Congress cancels spending spree on $550 million in private jets

In what has outraged members of both political parties, the House of Representatives has approved a plan that will buy 8 private planes designed for government officials to travel in totaling $550 million.

NTSB: Bird strikes threaten passenger aircraft, new design needed

The National Transportation Safety Board now recommends that aircraft manufacturers update designs to account for strikes with heavier birds, citing risks of crashes among commercial airlines.

Geese Pose Big Risk at Northeast US Airports

Was it big birds that got into both engines of the US Airways jet that landed in the Hudson River Thursday? Officials say it's more than likely.

Alitalia May Cancel Flights Can't Afford Fuel

Alitalia the national airline of Italy may have to cancel flights because it cannot afford the fuel to keep the planes flying.

Update On The Eight Men On Trial in London For The Foiled Airline Terror Attack

Information coming out of the trial of the eight men that plotted to blow up airplanes destined to the US and Canada, so far shows the plot was ready to be carried out and the men discussed bringing their wives and children along.

The Trial Begins for 8 Men in the 2006 Plot to Blow Up Airplanes Leaving the UK

In August 2006 a plot was foiled which would have caused the deaths of thousands by blowing up airplanes leaving the UK, which led to strict security measures being implemented that continue to this day. The trial for that plot started today.

In-flight Email and Instant Messaging Takes Off With JetBlue

It's officially time to declare today's culture addicted to the Internet and staying connected: U.S. airline JetBlue has activated a wireless network on one of its Airbus A320 planes so you can stay leashed to your email in flight.

Top 10: Unsolved Mysteries

Can you solve any of the mysteries from this post that goes over a top ten list of unsolved mysteries in the world that continue to this day to elude us. Go ahead give your feedback and help crack a mystery!

Trains vs. Planes: Eurostar Joins the Debate

Myself I would rather travel a long distance in a highspeed train as opposed to an Airplane... It's 30,000 some less feet to fall from... hehe

Website Generates Fake Boarding Passes

This webpage will produce a boarding pass good enough to get anyone past TSA, and thus, into the "secure" gate areas of the airport terminal.

UK Terror Plot Fuels Development of Liquid Bomb Detection Technology

The alleged terror plot to use liquid explosives to bring down commercial jets over the Atlantic Ocean is fueling research into explosives detection technologies. Several U.S. companies have already started promoting new devices. But some security expe...

The King of Airships — Canadian Company Takes Blimps to New Heights

Digital Journal — The dream of flying is age-old. In the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci drew up plans for a flying machine, but didn’t have the means to build it. In the 18th century, two such means were made available: hot air and hydrogen. I

Adieu Concorde

This fall, the icon soared for the last time. Air France’s fleet has already retired, and British Airways flew its last New York-London route on Oct. 24, 2003 How should we remember the Concorde? The answer depends on whether you’re an environmental.

World's Largest Passenger Plane Surprises Even The Americans

SAN FRANCISCO (dpa) - "What flight is that? LH8940? It's not here in the computer," the receptionist in the Red Carpet Lounge at San Francisco airport says, looking perplexed. The answer from the passengers checking in makes her even more sceptical:...

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No - It's ''Sky Ray''

HOEXTER, GERMANY (dpa) - At speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour, Christoph Aarns is whizzing through the skies. The thing is, the skydiving instructor is not dropping vertically - but rather, he's sailing along horizontally and so his free-fall ...

New Radar System Can Help Prevent Airport Collisions

BRAUNSCHWEIG, GERMANY (dpa) - The SAS airliner was already picking up speed on its flight to Copenhagen. Shortly before it lifted off from Milan's Linate airport, it crashed into a German jet, killing 118 people. There was thick fog on the ground, b...

Flying Into Trouble - The Problem Of Britain's Crowded Skies

LONDON (dpa) - The skies over Britain are now the most crowded in Europe. This year, seven of the worst European air traffic control danger spots are in British air space, up from two the previous year. Nowhere in the world suffers the same concentr...

Regional Aviation Heading For Stormy Growth

BASEL, Switzerland (dpa) - What's good enough for the leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing is certainly just as good for the small-time companies.    Moreover, since regional aviation is currently showing much more dynamic...
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US Navy Blue Angels perform at the 2012 Chicago Air & Water Show.
US Navy Blue Angels perform at the 2012 Chicago Air & Water Show.
Photo Credit: Boeing Image
TERRORIST ATTACK: Emergency personnel respond to the Sept. 11  2001  terrorist attack on the Pentago...
TERRORIST ATTACK: Emergency personnel respond to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Pentagon that killed nearly 200 workers and passengers on a hijacked jet that was crashed into the building.
Lisa Borges/Wikimedia Commons

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