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Jet makes emergency landing after cabin walls buckle

San Francisco - An American Airlines flight from California to Texas was forced to turn around over Nevada and make an emergency landing Monday after walls inside the passenger cabin began to buckle, leaving insulation exposed.

Cargo plane crashes in Nairobi killing four crew members (Video)

Nairobi - A Fokker 50 cargo plane crashed into a two-story building in Nairobi, Kenya early Wednesday, killing all four crew members. The plane had taken off shortly before from the city's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Airline finds corpse in wheel well

Washington - On Saturday, a man's body was found in the wheel well of a South African Airways aeroplane after it landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington, United States.

World's biggest passenger aircraft in Durban

Durban - Last week saw the biggest passenger plane in the world landing at King Shaka International Airport in Durban, South Africa for the first time as part of a pilot training programme for British Airways.

Justin Bieber's private jet searched for drugs

Justin Bieber‘s jet was held at an airport in New Jersey on Friday on suspicion that it was carrying marijuana. Bieber was on his way to the Super Bowl.

Oops! Airplane lands at wrong airport

Wichita - On Wednesday night, a massive Boeing 747 Dreamlifter cargo plane touched down at the wrong airport in Kansas. The plane was supposed to land at another airport located about 10 miles south.

WWII bomber recovered from English Channel

London - A Dornier DO-17 German bomber from WWII has been salvaged from the English Channel, initially discovered in 2008 by divers.

Man is arrested for jumping out of a moving airplane

Toronto - Early Monday Toronto's police got an unusual call. A man decided to jump out of a moving airplane leaving Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

Rockets fired at Russian passenger plane over Syria

There are reports coming in that a Russian passenger plane narrowly missed being shot down while flying over Syrian airspace today.

Photo of air hostess giving finger to passengers leads to firing

A photo posted to Vkontakte, the popular Russian social network, showed a Russian air hostess raising the middle finger to passengers on an airplane. The girl was sacked by Aeroflot, even though she says it is not her hand, nor was it their airplane.

Video: Student pilot's crash landing

Mangalore - A student pilot showed incredible calm and poise when he was forced to make a crash landing after a wheel fell off his airplane mid flight.

Man spots thief robbing his house while flying over in airplane

Labelle - A man spotted a thief burglarizing his home while he was flying home from a trip. While in the air, he looked down at his home and caught the thieves in action.

Pilot and plane still lost near Yosemite Nat'l Park

Yosemite National Park - Nicol Wilson left Santa Barbara, California on Monday in his airplane, he was last seen on radar near Yosemite National Park.

Robot bartenders to serve your favorites 30,000 miles in the air

What would you like to drink today? Don't tell me, tell it to the droid that's serving it to you! Thanks to the latest technological advancements, robots are projected to serve drinks on planes.

Incredible photo of lightning striking Air New Zealand jet

Brisbane - A passenger waiting to board her plane at the Brisbane International Airport had good timing, managing to take a photograph of her plane at the exact moment a lightning bolt struck the jet.

Mid flight emergency procedures results in marriage proposal

Chicago - In what may be one of the most unique and imaginative proposals on record, the pilot of a 2 person plane proposes to his girlfriend during a mid flight emergency.

2 million attend 54th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show Special

Chicago - An estimated 2 million spectators crowded the beaches and parks near Lake Michigan in Chicago this past weekend to catch one of the most exciting shows of the year. The 2012 Chicago Air and Water Show.

Man boards flight without a ticket, avoids TSA security

San Diego - Earlier this week, a man recently released from prison and on parole boarded a flight at the San Diego International Airport which was headed to Los Angeles.

Airplane door plummets onto Florida golf course

Hallandale - Authorities have launched an investigation regarding a plummeting airplane door. The plane lost its door when flying over a Florida golf course.

It’s a plane. It’s a car. It’s at the New York auto show

New York - Getting around traffic gridlock may be much easier in the very near future as a street-legal airplane will touch down at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) starting next week.

Inquiry launched as BA pilots fall ill on flight

London - British Airways has launched an inquiry after two pilots were taken ill on board a flight late last year. The illnesses was attributed to a lack of oxygen on the flight deck.

Flight attendant started fire to put it back out and 'play hero'

Minneapolis - In most cases, anybody who fights fire is deemed a hero. Not Eder Rojas though – a flight attendant from Woodbury, Minnesota. He started a fire during a route from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, just so he could put it out and 'play the hero'.

Op-Ed: Four transgender flight attendants hired by new Thai airline

Bangkok - If you're sick of traditional male and female cabin crew when flying to exotic locations around the world, then you should book a flight with PC Air, which recently hired a team of transgender flight attendants.

Private plane crashes into English Channel

An elderly British husband and wife flying a small private plane crashed their aircraft into the English Channel at around 3:30 pm Saturday just off the coast of Alderney. The woman's husband is still missing.

Bystander video of Reno air races crash uploaded to YouTube

Reno - A devastating airplane crash at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada resulted in at least two deaths and 75 injuries. A video of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube.

Canadian doctors group wants pets banned from airplane cabins

The Canadian Medical Association has voted to urge all commercial airlines in the country to ban passengers from bringing pets into airplane cabins in order to protect other travellers who suffer from allergies.

Otis the 'Skydiving Dog' makes 64th jump (video)

Sacramento - Otis, the skydiving pug, recently completed his 64th tandem jump at a California airfield, tagging along for the ride with his owner Will DaSilva who is an accomplished skydiver and parachute rigger.

Man arrested for making a complaint on his flight to Dublin

Dublin - Following an Aer Arran flight from Bristol to Dublin, an investigation is under way after a man was arrested for complaining that he didn't received the correct change.

Clip of vulgar cockpit rant by Southwest Airlines pilot released

Houston - Southwest Airlines has suspended a pilot after his vulgar rant was picked up and broadcast on an air-traffic control frequency available to many pilots, as well controllers, who tried repeatedly to end the foul-mouth fly-by without any success.

FAA reports plane carrying First Lady forced to abort landing

Suitland - An Air Force operated Boeing 737 carrying First Lady Michelle Obama was forced to abort a landing at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland after coming too close to a military cargo plane, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
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Rudolf Schider
ATR 72 of Aer Arann (EI-REE) taking off from Bristol International Airport  Bristol  England.
ATR 72 of Aer Arann (EI-REE) taking off from Bristol International Airport, Bristol, England.
US Navy Blue Angels perform at the 2012 Chicago Air & Water Show.
US Navy Blue Angels perform at the 2012 Chicago Air & Water Show.
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737
Walter Siegmund
CF Snowbirds dazzle as they roll upside down in formation.
CF Snowbirds dazzle as they roll upside down in formation.
United Express- Colgan Air
United Express- Colgan Air
View from an airplane window
View from an airplane window
ASSESSMENT: U.S. NTSB investigators examine burned hulk of a Boeing 777 jetliner that crash-landed a...
ASSESSMENT: U.S. NTSB investigators examine burned hulk of a Boeing 777 jetliner that crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport in 2013.
Courtesy NTSB
Typical tires on an airplane
Typical tires on an airplane
A Delta Air Lines plane
A Delta Air Lines plane
British Airways plane.
British Airways plane.
Sofia Guide
A British Airways plane landing at Pearson International Airport
A British Airways plane landing at Pearson International Airport
Flickr: BriYYZ
U.S. Navy Boeing-Stearman N2S-2 airplane. Arkansas Air Museum. Fayetteville  Ark.
U.S. Navy Boeing-Stearman N2S-2 airplane. Arkansas Air Museum. Fayetteville, Ark.
A single engine plane flown by a student pilot makes a crash landing after a wheel fell of the plane...
A single engine plane flown by a student pilot makes a crash landing after a wheel fell of the plane mid flight.
Screen Capture
China Eastern Airlines airplane
China Eastern Airlines airplane
Boeing BBJ 1  U.S. Air Force (737-700)
Boeing BBJ 1, U.S. Air Force (737-700)
The super freighter  Dreamlifter  aircraft
The super freighter "Dreamlifter" aircraft
Clemens Vasters
The Flying Circus  of Bealeton VA   flies  through the parade s procession.
The Flying Circus, of Bealeton VA, "flies" through the parade's procession.
A U.S. Air Force C-130
A U.S. Air Force C-130
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