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Air travel News

Artificial intelligence could help air travelers save money

Artificial intelligence can be applied by airlines in order to price ancillary services - checked bags and seat reservations - to lower costs incurred by passengers and to boost privacy, as well as create savings for airlines.

Liquids to be allowed back on flights using 3D scanners

Advances in 3D scanning technology should help to reduce the longer queues associated with getting through airport security and enable passengers to carry liquids onto aircraft.

Op-Ed: France plans an 'ecotax' on most air travel starting next year

France plans to charge an "ecotax" on almost all air travel starting next year. The new tax is expected to bring in approximately $200 million a year. The funds could be used for less polluting means of transportation such as trains.

Gatwick Airport suffers complete failure of air traffic control

London's Gatwick Airport was forced to suspend all flights after its air traffic control system failed at around 5 p.m. London time. Inbound flights that were already airborne were forced to divert to other airports, while other flights were delayed.

Passengers furious after shutdown sparks hundreds of delays

The federal government shutdown has resulted in delays at major US airports due to a shortage of air-traffic controllers at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Can digital transformation make air travel easier?

Air travel can often probe frustrating for air passengers, whether business or leisure. Flight delays and confusing directions around terminals are just two common complaints. Digital technology could address these issues.

Two big augmented reality projects are coming to air travel

Augmented reality is already impacting the way information shapes our world. Travelers could soon benefit from the transformational powers of AR.

Bay Area airline passengers get holiday surprise — No lines

Oakland - Security lines for passengers seeking to board airplanes at Bay Area airports have been surprisingly short over the holiday weekend despite an uptick in travelers.

Worries for air travel as Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano stirs

Reykjav - Recent violent seismic activity in the vicinity of Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano has raised concerns that a violent eruption is in prospect with implications for air travellers to and from Europe.

With an incredibly healthy pipeline, Boeing deemed ready to fly

With a contentious labor union vote behind it, and with global airplane manufacturing orders in abundance, the Boeing Company appears poised for untethered growth.

LAX Shooting: Police trained for 'exact scenario' 3 weeks ago

Los Angeles - The rapid police response to today's deadly shooting at a terminal in the Los Angeles Int'l Airport (LAX) was no accident, according to LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon, because his officers prepared for an event identical to the shooting weeks in advance.

Man arrested for joking at airport about dynamite in bag

A man made a joke at the Miami International Airport that got him arrested. In this case, the word "dynamite" was what got the man into hot water.

Avoid Hidden Travel Costs and Find Cheap Airfare This Holiday

Since American Airlines' lawsuit earlier this year against the National Mediation Board and its long-standing labor disputes, the airline continues to be amid upheavals and is the source of many upset customers.

Op-Ed: Apple Airline — The Only Way To Fly?

I think Mr. Jobs would strongly consider purchasing American Airlines from creditors through the bankruptcy court and reinvent commercial aviation travel.

In Olympic year, UK border queues could be national embarrassment

London - There are fears that the United Kingdom's outdated border controls could become a national disgrace in London's Olympic year.

Airline accidentally plays crash warning message to passengers

London - On a recent flight out of Miami, Florida, travelers were alarmed after an airline made an accidental emergency announcement directing passengers to prepare for a water landing.

Op-Ed: Methinks some snowbound travelers complaineth too much

The disruption caused to European air and rail services by heavy snow means that many people are stranded far from their destinations, and some of them are letting their frustration boil over into bitter complaint. But are all the complaints justified?

Not good news for Qantas fliers or shareholders – another update

Sydney - The Qantas engine drama continues. On Thursday an engine failed, beginning two days of emergency landings for Qantas planes in Singapore. Monday morning in Australia -- minutes ago -- Qantas announced three more engines needing deeper inspection.

Two engine failures in two days for Qantas

Singapore - Unusual in aviation travel, two Qantas flights in as many days returned to Singapore with engine malfunctions, both described as "technical issues."

Adding fees for cramped seats annoy Canadian air travelers

A new poll out by finds that Canadians are more ticked off by added fees, cramped seats and flight delays than crying babies.

Kamchatka Russian volcano erupts, air travel disruption possible

Kamchatka - Here we go again? A volcano has erupted in the eastern region of Russia and has spewed out volcanic ash to a height of 13,000 feet (4,000 meters). Experts say that air traffic disruption is possible.

The ILA, Berlin Air Show, celebrates its 100th birthday Special

Berlin - From June 8 to 13, the southern section of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport hosts the Internationale Luft-und Raumfahrtausstellung, the oldest aviation show in the world.

A Black Summer ahead for air travellers to France?

Flying to or from France could be a nightmare this summer if threatened strike action by the Air France pilots union goes ahead. Strikes would ground all Air France flights each weekend during July and the first weekend in August.

Bird Strikes Common at US Airports

Recently released data compiled by the Federal Aviation Administration suggests bird strikes at Major airports may be much more common that previously indicated.

More airlines require obese passengers to buy extra seat; are fuel surcharges next?

U.S. airlines haven't yet broached the idea of adding a weight surcharge to obese travelers' tickets. But some international airlines are talking about it.

Curry Grounds Plane: Or Was It Smelly Terrorist Subterfuge?

A British Airways jet was forced to make an emergency landing. Was it terrorists or too much spice? Read on for the smelly details.

Solo Flying Kids Don't Always Have The Airlines Looking Out For Them

At what age does a child get treated as an adult when it comes to travel? Once a child hits 12 he is considered a youth and not a minor. That difference can make for scary times for kids not used to traveling alone.


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The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
Passenger takes photo of wing damage.
Passenger takes photo of wing damage.
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The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010

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