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Air pollution News

COVID-19 lockdown has a significant impact on air quality

New research is demonstrating that during the time of the COVID-19 lockdown, there has been a change in environmental conditions. The lockdowns are significantly impacting global air quality.

Blockchain technology used to monitor air pollution

An environment monitoring service called PlanetWatch is to work with a blockchain provider to develop an immutable air quality ledger, with data collected from a series of sensors forming an IoT system.

Metal organic frameworks can reduce atmospheric air pollution

Scientists have devised a means for scrubbing carbon dioxide emissions from smokestacks, in order to generate cleaner industrial emissions and reduce air pollution.

After years of improvement, air pollution getting worse in U.S.

For years, the quality of the air Americans breathe had been steadily improving, but that trend is showing signs of unraveling thanks in part to economic growth, wildfires, the deregulation of industry and loosening of the Clean Air Act.

Essential Science: Aspirin combats air pollution on lungs

New research shows that the humble aspirin could help to reduce the adverse impact of air pollution upon the lungs. The effects were assessed against different forms of air pollution, across a 28-day period.

Evidence found that particles of soot can get into placenta

Tackling air pollution just became more important after scientists found evidence that soot particles - also called black carbon - were found to be embedded in the fetal side of placentas

Air pollution is slowly killing us, a new global study claims

Air pollution may be harming every organ in our bodies, according to a recently released study by the International Respiratory Society’s Environmental Committee.

Air pollution linked to cognitive decline

A new study has drawn a connection between levels of air pollution and cognitive decline. This is of a major societal concern, given that the majority of the world’s population live in areas that exceed WHO pollution recommendations.

Air pollution in urban settings can put a dent in solar power

Urban haze is a multifaceted threat. Foremost a major health hazard, it also affects the passage of light through the lower atmosphere. This can significantly reduce the power output from solar panels, and impact on the industry.

China tests giant chimney to combat air pollution

Xian - In Xian, one of China's most polluted cities, a giant 60 meter chimney located among high-rise buildings is actually an outdoor air-purifying system that filters out noxious particles and emits clean air into the atmosphere.

Pollution so bad in New Delhi United Airlines halts flights

New Delhi - The air in New Deli has remained "hazardous" for days. Illegal crop burning, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution and dust from sprawling construction sites have contributed to the public health emergency and there is no end in sight.

Google maps street-level pollution in major California areas

Two of Google's Street View cars have completed a street-level, air-quality scan of the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and California's Central Valley.

Lowering EPA standards will lead to even more deaths in U.S.

Just because air pollution falls below legal limits, it doesn't mean you're safe. Actually, there is no safe "limit' for air pollution because the pollutants can cause premature death even when detected at minimum levels.

Nanoparticles in air pollution lead to heart disease

Edinburgh - A new study shows how tiny particles associated with air pollution are linked with cardiovascular disease. These particles, which enter the lungs, can lead to premature death.

Britain's report into air pollution and diesel to be revealed

London - The British Government has failed in a court bid to delay publication of its air pollution strategy. The forthcoming publication is being heralded as a success by environmental pressure groups.

Air pollution in Toronto subways same as in Beijing: study

Toronto - A study of air pollution in three Canadian subway systems showed the air quality in Toronto’s subway system is the worst. An author of the report compared the pollution in the subway system in Canada’s largest city to a day in Beijing.

Trump vs oxygen? The new take on Trump’s America Special

Toronto - When Donald Trump “saved” the coal industry, there was a collective groan from environmentalists. Another regressive, “pollute everything” policy? There’s another issue here, and it’s all about the air we breathe.

China's other less-talked-about pollution problem — Water

Mention air pollution and a lot of conversations would involve China. But there is another type of pollution that is reaching crisis levels in China — water pollution, along with a scarcity of water.

B vitamins may offer protection against air pollution

Based on a small clinical trial involving people, B vitamins could offer some protection against the impacts of air pollution.

Air pollution alters bacteria and effectiveness of antibiotics

We know that air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in the world today. Now a new study has discovered how bacteria that cause respiratory infections are directly affected by air pollution.

Op-Ed: Paris to ‘pedestrianize’ the city centre permanently

Paris - Parisian traffic is famous for its eclectic, almost incomprehensible, irregularities. In a new move Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is to permanently remove traffic from the city centre.

London breaches air pollution annual limit for 2017 in five days

London - When we think of choking smog, the first city that comes to mind is Beijing, China, but it seems that London, UK is running a close second, a statistic that has been called a "public health emergency."

Air pollution in northern China halts traffic and factory work

Tianjin - Concentrations of airborne pollutants in Shijiazhuang, the capital of northern Hebei province in China have reached levels 100 times higher than World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for the third straight day in a row.

Air pollution impairs function of blood vessels in the lungs

With so many major cities plagued with choking air pollution recently, a new European study on how air pollution impairs the blood vessels in the lungs, possibly leading to decompensated heart failure, seems to be very timely.

WHO Report — Air pollution taking a toll on human health

Every year, around three million deaths worldwide are linked to air pollution, and some years the numbers are much higher, according to the World Health Organization. Now a growing number of companies have come up with personal air quality sensors.

British government in trouble over air pollution

London - The British government has been accused by a campaign group of failing to meet the air pollution targets agreed by the European Union. The matter has been referred to the courts.

Tiny magnetic air pollution particles found inside human brains

Millions of tiny magnetic particles called magnetite have been found in samples of human brain tissue, raising a slew of new questions about the health risks of air pollution.

Vietnam looks to curb air pollution from motorbikes

Motorbikes account for the vast majority of vehicles used on the streets of Vietnam. With air pollution on the rise in major Vietnamese cities, government officials are trying out new methods to fix the air quality.

South Korea eyes new technology to combat fine dust

Seoul - South Korea seeks to develop a new technology that will curb fine dust that is now emerging as a major health threat in the country.

Fresh Australian air on sale in pollution-stricken China

Two entrepreneurs in Australia have found a way to help those stricken by the severe air pollution sweeping across the developing countries in Asia, especially China, by selling fresh Australian air.
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Air pollution

Air pollution Image

In Delhi  slow speeds and idling vehicles produce  per trip  4 to 8 times more pollutants and consum...
In Delhi, slow speeds and idling vehicles produce, per trip, 4 to 8 times more pollutants and consume more carbon footprint fuels, than free flowing traffic.
Person holding an asthma inhaler
Person holding an asthma inhaler
Many people in South Korea live with air pollution from soal-fired power plants every day.
Many people in South Korea live with air pollution from soal-fired power plants every day.
Streptococcus pneumoniae with black carbon.
Streptococcus pneumoniae with black carbon.
University of Leicester
Levels of air pollution rose during the Industrial Revolution  sparking the first modern environment...
Levels of air pollution rose during the Industrial Revolution, sparking the first modern environmental laws to be passed in the mid-19th century. Photograph of a painting of St.Rollox Chemical Works at the opening of the Garnkirk and Glasgow railway in 1831.
D.O.Hill - circa 1861
North Ploe. Alaska
North Ploe. Alaska
North Pole, Alaska
SUN RISING - CLOUDS FALLING the poetics of modern Beijing Smog & Soot merging with ancient ink scrol...
SUN RISING - CLOUDS FALLING the poetics of modern Beijing Smog & Soot merging with ancient ink scroll painting 太陽升起 雲落下 - SUN RISING / CLOUDS FALLING
Tjebbe van Tijen
Heavy smog in Paris  March 15  2014.
Heavy smog in Paris, March 15, 2014.
G and B worldwide news
WHO map of global air pollution for 2003-2010
WHO map of global air pollution for 2003-2010
World Health Organization
A factory at Yangtze River in China.
A factory at Yangtze River in China.
High Contrast
Berkeley Earth
Beijing issued its first air pollution red alert for 2016 on December 15  with choking smog expected...
Beijing issued its first air pollution red alert for 2016 on December 15, with choking smog expected to cover the city and surrounding areas in north China until December 21
A pedestrian wears a mask on a heavily polluted day in Shijiazhuang  in northern China's Hebei ...
A pedestrian wears a mask on a heavily polluted day in Shijiazhuang, in northern China's Hebei province, on December 21, 2016
Factory emissions 
Thorold  Ontario  Canada
Factory emissions, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Shijiazhuang has seen 10 bouts of serious air pollution so far this winter  according to the China D...
Shijiazhuang has seen 10 bouts of serious air pollution so far this winter, according to the China Daily newspaper
Greg Baker, AFP
Heavy smog at the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai  December 6  2013
Heavy smog at the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai, December 6, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Aly Song
Burning of rice residues in SE Punjab  India  prior to the wheat season.
Burning of rice residues in SE Punjab, India, prior to the wheat season.
Neil Palmer/CIAT

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