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Air pollution News

Air pollution alters bacteria and effectiveness of antibiotics

We know that air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in the world today. Now a new study has discovered how bacteria that cause respiratory infections are directly affected by air pollution.

Op-Ed: Paris to ‘pedestrianize’ the city centre permanently

Paris - Parisian traffic is famous for its eclectic, almost incomprehensible, irregularities. In a new move Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is to permanently remove traffic from the city centre.

London breaches air pollution annual limit for 2017 in five days

London - When we think of choking smog, the first city that comes to mind is Beijing, China, but it seems that London, UK is running a close second, a statistic that has been called a "public health emergency."

Air pollution in northern China halts traffic and factory work

Tianjin - Concentrations of airborne pollutants in Shijiazhuang, the capital of northern Hebei province in China have reached levels 100 times higher than World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for the third straight day in a row.

Air pollution impairs function of blood vessels in the lungs

With so many major cities plagued with choking air pollution recently, a new European study on how air pollution impairs the blood vessels in the lungs, possibly leading to decompensated heart failure, seems to be very timely.

WHO Report — Air pollution taking a toll on human health

Every year, around three million deaths worldwide are linked to air pollution, and some years the numbers are much higher, according to the World Health Organization. Now a growing number of companies have come up with personal air quality sensors.

British government in trouble over air pollution

London - The British government has been accused by a campaign group of failing to meet the air pollution targets agreed by the European Union. The matter has been referred to the courts.

Tiny magnetic air pollution particles found inside human brains

Millions of tiny magnetic particles called magnetite have been found in samples of human brain tissue, raising a slew of new questions about the health risks of air pollution.

Vietnam looks to curb air pollution from motorbikes

Motorbikes account for the vast majority of vehicles used on the streets of Vietnam. With air pollution on the rise in major Vietnamese cities, government officials are trying out new methods to fix the air quality.

South Korea eyes new technology to combat fine dust

Seoul - South Korea seeks to develop a new technology that will curb fine dust that is now emerging as a major health threat in the country.

Fresh Australian air on sale in pollution-stricken China

Two entrepreneurs in Australia have found a way to help those stricken by the severe air pollution sweeping across the developing countries in Asia, especially China, by selling fresh Australian air.

Air pollution is the world’s second biggest killer

Most of the over 5 million people who die prematurely every year because of air pollution are those who live in China and India.

Technology turning air pollution into business opportunity

Air pollution and the technology needed to make accurate forecasts on air quality conditions could become the newest big business opportunity. Two tech companies, IBM and Microsoft, are vying to tap into this fast-growing market.

Billowing smoke from Avon refinery alarms East Bay residents

Martinez - Equipment failure at a Northern California oil refinery sent black smoke soaring and caused local officials to issue health warnings Tuesday afternoon in Martinez.

Smog in north-eastern China reach apocalyptic levels

Shenyang - In Liaoning province's Shenyang, in north-eastern China, air pollution levels of PM2.5 reached 1,157 micrograms per cubic meter on Sunday, the highest level ever recorded in the country.

Google cars will collect local pollution data in pilot project

Google Street View cars may soon be doing more than snapping photos of a block or neighborhood, it could also be tracking air pollution.

Call for tougher air pollution limits

Brussels - Air pollution is linked to some 400,000 premature deaths throughout Europe each year, according to a new study. This has led to calls for tighter limits on allowable levels of air polluting substances.

Level 10 pollution alert for United Kingdom on Friday

London - Little wind and warm temperatures, coupled with vehicle exhaust, pollution from the continent and Saharan dust blowing up from the south have resulted in a "Level 10" warning being issued for the south-east of the U.K.

Air pollution damages cognition, memory, in brains of children

The Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Spain published results from their new study Tuesday and they are disturbing. They found that the brains of kids who go to school in heavy-traffic areas are being damaged.

Wave Home Solutions is making waves in clean air and water

The world we live in is changing every day, and not all these changes are for the better. Decisions are being made that result in actions which change the way people interact with the planet, and the thing is that not everyone has a say in these changes.

Op-Ed: NASA releases video of global CO2, and it’s an ugly sight

Sydney - Forget the hype, check out the fact. The patterns of CO2 circulation in the atmosphere, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, are pretty repulsive looking things. China’s notorious smog is clearly visible, and the United States isn’t much better.

Beijing bans outdoor grills in effort to tackle pollution

Beijing - Government authorities in Beijing, China, deeply concerned over high pollution levels issued a new law that goes into affect May 1. The law targets outdoor grilling, and with the approach of summer, the impact of the law is sure to create dissention.

China, Japan and S. Korea to collaborate on environmental issues

In a rare moment of mutual commitment, environmental ministers from China, Japan and South Korea, meeting in Daegu, S. Korea on Tuesday, issued a joint statement, agreeing to unite in addressing environmental issues, particularly PM2.5 pollutants.

Op-Ed: Does air pollution decline as economic freedom rises? Special

Toronto - Does the quality of the air increase with economic prosperity? That's the opinion of the right-of-center Canadian Fraser Institute. It is not a view shared by the Green Party.

New study shows how Asian air pollution affects the weather

In the first study of its kind, researchers have compared pollution rates from 1850 through 2000, and have discovered that man-made pollutants from Asian countries are impacting weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere.

Op-Ed: China's pollution gets worse, but face masks still don't work

Air pollution in China has become so bad that it has fueled a face-mask cottage-industry in the country. While most of the masks are no better than wearing a bandana over one's face, people are spending millions of dollars for this needed protection.

Paris to restrict use of cars because of choking smog

Paris - Air pollution levels in Paris, France has been 80 percent higher than in London or Berlin over the past week, prompting the city to offer free public transportation, as well as require drivers to reduce their speed.

China's artificial 'nuclear winter' wrecking havoc on agriculture

Beijing - In Beijing, the air is so thick with toxic smog that officials are warning citizens to wear masks when outdoors, or stay inside. With air-quality levels rising far above what is considered safe, one scientist compared the foul air to a "nuclear winter."

Beijing’s thick smog is full of microbes

Beijing - Some 1,300 species of microbes, including some associated with allergies and lung disease, have been detected adrift in Beijing’s thick smog.

Pollution and Bird Flu crisis may dampen Beijing's Lunar New Year

Beijing - Imagine the Fourth of July without the fireworks display on Washington's Mall, or New Years on Times Square without the ball dropping. In China, where fireworks were invented, the Lunar New Year on Friday may be celebrated without them.
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Air pollution

Air pollution Image

Factory emissions 
Thorold  Ontario  Canada
Factory emissions, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
In Delhi  slow speeds and idling vehicles produce  per trip  4 to 8 times more pollutants and consum...
In Delhi, slow speeds and idling vehicles produce, per trip, 4 to 8 times more pollutants and consume more carbon footprint fuels, than free flowing traffic.
North Ploe. Alaska
North Ploe. Alaska
North Pole, Alaska
Climate Change: Greenhouse Gas  Hamilton Ontario Canada
Climate Change: Greenhouse Gas, Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Smoked sausage from Harbin  Heilongjiang.
Smoked sausage from Harbin, Heilongjiang.
A pedestrian wears a mask on a heavily polluted day in Shijiazhuang  in northern China's Hebei ...
A pedestrian wears a mask on a heavily polluted day in Shijiazhuang, in northern China's Hebei province, on December 21, 2016
File photo: Coal power plant smokestacks stand out within a hazy sky.
File photo: Coal power plant smokestacks stand out within a hazy sky.
Jeff Stehr
Temuco city is one of the conurbations in Chile most affected by dangerous levels of air quality.
Temuco city is one of the conurbations in Chile most affected by dangerous levels of air quality.
Streptococcus pneumoniae with black carbon.
Streptococcus pneumoniae with black carbon.
University of Leicester
Berkeley Earth
Daylight in tian en men square.
Photo taken: Jan. 12  2013
Daylight in tian en men square. Photo taken: Jan. 12, 2013
michael davis-burchat
Beijing issued its first air pollution red alert for 2016 on December 15  with choking smog expected...
Beijing issued its first air pollution red alert for 2016 on December 15, with choking smog expected to cover the city and surrounding areas in north China until December 21
Aerial view showing India s annual crop burning  resulting smoke and air pollution. During the autum...
Aerial view showing India's annual crop burning, resulting smoke and air pollution. During the autumn and winter months, some 500 million tons of crop residue are burnt, and winds blow from India's north and northwest towards east.
Shijiazhuang has seen 10 bouts of serious air pollution so far this winter  according to the China D...
Shijiazhuang has seen 10 bouts of serious air pollution so far this winter, according to the China Daily newspaper
Greg Baker, AFP
WHO map of global air pollution for 2003-2010
WHO map of global air pollution for 2003-2010
World Health Organization
Heavy smog in Paris  March 15  2014.
Heavy smog in Paris, March 15, 2014.
G and B worldwide news
SUN RISING - CLOUDS FALLING the poetics of modern Beijing Smog & Soot merging with ancient ink scrol...
SUN RISING - CLOUDS FALLING the poetics of modern Beijing Smog & Soot merging with ancient ink scroll painting 太陽升起 雲落下 - SUN RISING / CLOUDS FALLING
Tjebbe van Tijen
Beijing  China on January 21  2014.
Beijing, China on January 21, 2014.

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