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Air france News

Air France launches 'boutique' airline for millennials

On Thursday, Air France launched Europe's newest airline, Joon. The newest offshoot of the 84-year-old company is aimed at younger clientele aged 18 to 35.

Swine flu fear quarantines Air France flight

Toulouse - When several passengers on an Air France flight from Nice to Toulouse started showing symptoms resembling those of the H1N1 flu virus, the plane was quarantined at Blagnac airport near Toulouse.

Six suspects arrested in €1.6m Air France gold 'disappearance'

Paris - Gold worth €1.6 million ($2.1 million) "disappeared" from an Air France flight from Paris to Zurich. Six suspects in the heist have now been arrested by French police.

Gold worth €1.5m 'disappears' on Air France flight

Paris - The Air France flight was traveling from Paris to Zurich with the gold on board. Around 44 kilos of gold bars, worth €1.5m, are believed to have disappeared from the plane's hold.

Man removed from cockpit for impersonating pilot in Philadelphia

Philadelphia - Passengers at Philadelphia International Airport had quite a scare Wednesday evening after a man allegedly posed as a pilot aboard a US Airways flight awaiting takeoff to Florida.

Air France passengers asked to chip in for fuel in Damascus

When an Air France flight was diverted to Damascus on Wednesday, the crew asked passengers if they could lend them some cash for fuel after Syrian authorities refused their credit card.

Air France to axe 5,100 jobs by 2013 as part of restructuring

Paris - Air France, one of the world's largest airlines, announced Thursday that it plans to lay off more than 5,000 employees, approximately 10 percent of its workforce, by the end of next year to return to profitability.

Woman accuses Air France of religious discrimination

Herndon - A Muslim woman is demanding an apology from Air France and asking travelers to boycott the airline after she was terminated from her job at Dulles International Airport because of her refusal to remove the hijab she wears for religious reasons.

Air France Black Box flight recorder found after two years

Search teams in the Atlantic have found one of the two flight recorders of the Air France Airbus A330 flight, which crashed into the Atlantic two years ago. The data contains the memory unit and is said to be in "good physical condition".

Wreckage from Air France jet lost two years ago found in Atlantic

Investigators searching for the Air France jet that went missing somewhere over the Atlantic, after it had left Rio de Janeiro in June 2009, have found parts of the wreckage.

Air France lands due to bomb threat

A flight from Rio to Paris made an unexpected landing in northeastern Brazil Saturday night after a bomb threat was received.

Air France Sets New Policy for Heavy Passengers

Air France has announced that it has decided to change their policy concerning overweight passengers who require two seats on a flight.

Bodies of AF447 pilot and steward identified

The bodies of the plane's pilot and a steward have been identified by investigation sources in Brazil. The BEA, the French authority in charge of the French end of the investigation, has yet to comment on this information.

Op-Ed: Bolivian press should be ashamed over AF447 disaster reporting

The disgraceful screening of a video on a Bolivian TV channel, said to show the break-up of the doomed French airliner and its horrifying consequences as seen from inside the plane, has turned out to be a clip taken from a TV show.

Air France airliner sabotaged at Dusseldorf airport

A technical incident on an Air France A318 airliner was due to smoke-detector cables situated in the cargo hold being deliberately cut whilst the plane was on a stopover at Dusseldorf airport, Germany, say airline officials. An investigation has begun.

Crucial new testimony says Flight AF447’s end came abruptly

The Brazilian Air Force has displayed dozens of plane parts recovered from the crash. Analysis of photos taken of them declares that there is much evidence to suggest that passengers and crew were not prepared for an emergency.

Investigators believe flight AF447 may have broken apart mid-air

The examination of bodies found so far is leading to new speculation they did not hit the water with the plane. Elsewhere, Air France staff were ordered not to carry copies of the newspaper "Le Figaro" on planes, citing possible distress to passengers.

AF447: French pilots threaten no-fly strike, more bodies found

An Air France pilots union has advised pilots not to fly the Airbus A330-200, the model involved in the crash, as well as other Airbus planes fitted with identical speed sensors, unless they are changed immediately.

AF 447: bodies of victims found, speed detectors to be replaced

After five days of searching, the Brazilian Air Force has reported finding two bodies, said to be those of victims of the crash, as well as a backpack containing an Air France flight ticket and a laptop computer.

AF447 disaster: Making sense of the evidence

It is becoming clear that the constant flood of statements concerning the crash, some correct, some erroneous, is clouding the issue for many observers. Here is a round-up of what is known, what is not, and where the investigation is heading.

Detailing the last 4 minutes of crashed Air France flight AF447

Precise details are emerging of the automatic distress messages sent by the doomed plane in its final four minutes before communications were lost. They describe a swift and catastrophic sequence of events, possibly ending in the plane’s vertical descen

High-altitude, sudden break-up suspected in Air France crash

It is being reported that debris from the crash of Air France flight AF447 has been found over a distance of more than 300 kilometers. If confirmed, that would suggest that the plane broke up at high altitude. There were no survivors.

Investigators Doubt Recovery of Black Box for Flight 447

French investigators announced Wednesday the possibility that they may never find either of the two black boxes for Air France Flight 447.

Speculation Over Cause Of Crash Of Flight 447 Surfaces

Even as the search for the wreckage of Air France Flight 447 in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean continues, speculation over the possible cause of the presumed crash has begun.

Search for wreckage of French Airbus continues

The French have asked the USA and the Pentagon to help in the search by using its observation satellites and other technical means to focus on the search area. Catastrophic systems failure is being considered as a factor in the accident. Updates below.

America refuses airspace to Air France jet citing No-Fly rules

Details are emerging of a commercial flight carrying controversial journalist Hernando Calvo Ospina being refused permission to overfly the United States because he is on America’s No-Fly personality blacklist.

Airbus 340 landing too close

Landing at St Maartin

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Air France looks to attract millennials with its new Joon airline.
Air France looks to attract millennials with its new Joon airline.
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