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High Court denies damages to French-speaking Ottawa couple

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Air Canada does not have to pay an Ottawa couple that filed suit against the airline because they couldn't be served in their preferred tongue.

Air Canada says it will fire baggage handlers who threw luggage

A spokesperson for Air Canada said that the company suspended two baggage handlers who were filmed by a man last week throwing baggage down a stairwell. The two will be fired once the investigation is complete, Air Canada said.

Video of Air Canada baggage handlers roughly throwing suitcases

Air Canada has some explaining to do after a man posted a video of the airline's baggage handlers roughly throwing suitcases several metres down a staircase/ramp. The man was in a plane when he filmed it and he then posted it later on Youtube.

Passengers ejected from Air Canada flight due to fake tickets

Air Canada is investigating how five people boarded an Air Canada flight with fake tickets on Friday. The flight was bound for Toronto.

Air Canada dismisses U.S. media's concern over lost dog

San Francisco - Larry, a 2-year-old Italian greyhound from San Francisco, CA, was lost by Air Canada on Monday when he was removed from his crate by an Air Canada employee. Due to Larry's owner passing away from cancer, Larry was being shipped to his new Canadian owner.

Air Canada posts profits in 2012

Air Canada on Thursday said it posted profits in its fourth quarter and full year last year, a reversal of its performance the previous year.

Air Canada picks former AirTran exec as chief operating officer

Amid preparations to launch a low-cost carrier division, Air Canada has hired a former AirTran Airways executive as chief operating officer.

Needle found in airline food in Canada

An investigation is underway after a passenger on an Air Canada flight found a sewing needle in a sandwich purchased on-board the plane. It comes two weeks after 5 sandwiches were found with sewing needles on Delta Airlines flights.

Passengers sue Air Canada after sleepy pilot plunges plane

Toronto - The class action lawsuit is claiming $20 million in damages after 16 people were injured when a trans-Atlantic flight went into a steep dive. It is also alleged that the airline misled all the passengers as to the cause of the sudden descent.

Air Canada provider abruptly shuts down, 2,600 out of work

The sole aircraft- and engine-maintenance provider for Air Canada told employees Sunday evening not to show up for work on Monday, locking out about 2,600 employees as the company filed for court protection from creditors.

Cat escapes from carrier, found in plane cockpit

This morning an Air Canada flight from Halifax to Toronto was delayed for several hours after it was discovered a cat was missing from its carrier which was stowed in the cabin.

Air Canada loses constitutional challenge to class action Special

Vancouver - A BC Supreme Court judge dismissed yesterday Air Canada’s claim that provincial consumer law is inapplicable to Air Canada as a federally regulated undertaking. Other airlines are also affected by the decision in the fuel surcharge class action.

Obese passengers to file lawsuit against Air Canada

Obese passengers who were charged for two seats on Air Canada flights, prior to a 2008 ruling that allowed those disabled by obesity to have two seats and just pay for one, may now sue Air Canada to recover the costs they incurred.

Drunken RIM execs force emergency airplane landing

Research in Motion (RIM), known for their contributions to Blackberry smartphones have been in nothing short of a world of trouble lately. In the most recent turn of events, two executives forced a plane to land with drunken, disorderly conduct.

Air Canada strike looming again

Air Canada flight attendants rejected the management’s contract offer for the second time and served a 72-hour strike notice. Government says no way, Jose.

Countdown To Air Canada Strike, Union Ad Seeks Public Support

Air Canada flight attendants served a strike notice on the airline yesterday. The union took out a newspaper ad to seek public support. Westjet announced Sunday it will be adding new flights to accommodate passengers affected by the strike.

Air Canada flight attendant strike looming Special

Air Canada’s flight attendants gave their union a strong strike mandate today. The union is still negotiating with management to avert a walkout after September 20. Retired inflight director accuses management of unfair remuneration.

Air Canada increasing baggage fees on US-bound flights

Travellers flying economy class to the US on Air Canada will soon have to pay a fee for every piece of baggage they check.

Canadian doctors group wants pets banned from airplane cabins

The Canadian Medical Association has voted to urge all commercial airlines in the country to ban passengers from bringing pets into airplane cabins in order to protect other travellers who suffer from allergies.

TopFinds: Air Canada's French fiasco, 'Carmaggedon' hits L.A.

Air Canada is fined for refusing to speak French to passengers. Massive traffic chaos envelops Los Angeles due to a highway shutdown. The world's first synthetic organ transplant. These are the top stories making headlines on

Air Canada fined $12,000 for not speaking French to passenger

Ottawa - A federal court in Ottawa ruled that Air Canada must apologize to two Ottawa passengers and pay $12,000 after failing to provide the couple services in French. The judge ruled that the airline failed to follow the Official Languages Act.

Agreement reached with Air Canada workers

The deal includes wage increases, said Canadian Auto Workers President Ken Lewenza. The Air Canada workers are satisfied with the collective agreement, he said. The pension process for new hires will be advocated for in the future.

Air Canada staff go on strike

Toronto - Air Canada customer service and sales staff went on strike as of 12:01 a.m. June 14 after failing to reach an agreement with the airline.

Air Canada strike likely unless airline makes concessions: CAW Special

Toronto - Air Canada workers are likely to strike at 12:01 a.m. today unless Canada's largest airline makes concessions to union members.

Air Canada Claims Immunity From BC Consumer Law In Class Action Special

Vancouver - Airline blames $500m class action lawsuit on travel agents. Air Canada’s constitutional challenge to the B.C. Business Practices & Consumer Protection Act (BPCPA) was heard at the Supreme Court of British Columbia May 9-11 by Madam Justice Adair.

Portline Airline's CEO wants his free travel pass Air Canada back

Toronto - Robert Deluce, CEO of Porter Airlines, may own his own airline but he wants to keep his and his wife's free travel pass from Air Canada.

Man left on plane for over an hour

A man on a flight from London to Vancouver fell asleep but failed to wake up until after the plane had been moved to a hanger, over an hour after the flight had landed.

Foul smelling passenger ejected from Air Canada flight

Charlottetown - First, it was people too overweight to fly. Now, according to reports, a passenger on an Air Canada Jazz flight was taken from the plane because of his severe body odour.

Mitt Romney threatened, hit by airline passenger

Vancouver - Republican politician Mitt Romney was threatened and possibly hit by an Air Canada flight passenger leaving Vancouver. He was uninjured.

Air Canada Ordered to Provide Nut-Free 'Buffer-Zone' on Flights

The Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled that Air Canada must now provide nut-free zones on flights, to accommodate passengers with severe nut allergies.
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Air Canada's Dreamliner
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An Air Canada plane
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Air Canada airplane on the runway
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