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Agriculture News

Gaza fields, ravaged by Israeli herbicides, bloom again

Gaza - From his field of aubergines in the Gaza Strip Massud Habib gazes at the nearby Israeli border security barrier, squinting in the late autumn sun.

Bolivia's farmers criticize Morales, fight centralization

Montero - Bolivian dairy farmer Jose Roca's blue eyes glow with anger when he talks about indigenous ex-president Evo Morales and his supporters. "They call us racists, separatists, all the bad adjectives are for us," he says.

Green palm oil push: Kit Kat, Dove makers could face fines

Kuala Lumpur - Companies that make top brands including Kit Kat chocolate and Dove soap may face fines if they fail to buy more green palm oil under new rules aimed at improving the controversial industry's environmental sustainability.

Amnesty says Brazil must combat illegal Amazon cattle ranching

Bras - Amnesty International called on Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday to halt illegal cattle farms it said was fuelling the destruction of the Amazon.

US hails $110 mn rice export agreement with S.Korea

Washington - South Korea has agreed to buy more than $100 million in annual US rice exports, US officials said Tuesday.

Ukrainian parliament launches 'historic' land sale reform

Kiev - Ukrainian lawmakers on Wednesday backed a key bill to create a land market and open up the sale of farmland from 2020, despite a feared public backlash.

The coffee conundrum: consumption is up but trade prices are low

London - Despite a steady increase in coffee consumption around the world, trade prices have fallen dramatically in the past three years, hitting producers. At the same time, the cost of an espresso or latte remains as full-fat as ever. What's going on?

China to resume Canadian beef, pork imports: Trudeau

Ottawa - China has agreed to resume imports of Canadian beef and pork, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday, signalling a breakthrough in their tense relations.

Probiotics can protect pollinators from colony collapse disorder

Research into honeybees shows that the use of probiotics can be part of a solution to address the issue of colony collapse disorder and hence to protect pollinators, which are vital for agriculture.

Trump vows China trade deal will help farmers

Washington - President Donald Trump on Monday again said a trade deal is imminent with Beijing that will help American farmers hurt by retaliation in the grinding conflict between the economic powers.

Farmers fear leftist return in Argentina

Ramallo - Record grain harvests were a much needed boon to Argentine agribusiness this year, but farmers here see trouble ahead if leftist Peronist candidate Alberto Fernandez wins Sunday's presidential election.

Thailand to ban glyphosate and other high-profile pesticides

Bangkok - Thailand edged closer Tuesday to banning glyphosate and two other controversial pesticides despite protests from farmers in a multi-billion-dollar agriculture industry aiming to be the "kitchen of the world".

Essential Science: Improving agriculture with new AgriTech

AgriTech and associated financial solutions are revolutionizing agriculture, helping to secure the food supply and boost agricultural economics. This week’s Essential Science surveys some of the innovations.

Farmers' strike causes disruption across Netherlands

Den Haag - Thousands of tractor-driving Dutch farmers stepped up protests on Wednesday against the government's climate policies, prompting authorities to block off parliament with army vehicles.

Trump claims a victory in China trade war, but US farmers want details

New York - Saying China has promised to buy up to $50 billion in US agricultural products, President Donald Trump is encouraging American farmers to prepare for a major influx of business.

Trump puts squeeze on Spanish olive oil producers

Antequera - Farmers had just begun harvesting olives in southern Spain when US President Donald Trump soured the mood with the announcement that Washington would slap hefty tariffs on their produce.

Artificial meat is now made in space, coming to a supermarket near you

New York - Creating meat from cells is no longer the realm of science fiction: a Russian cosmonaut did it aboard the International Space Station, and it is just a matter of time before these products arrive in supermarkets.

US sanctions leave bitter taste on French winegrowers' palates

Pommard - For French winegrowers in the Burgundy region, the new 25-percent US tariffs are leaving a bitter taste on the palate.But like it or not, they are caught up in a trade war they feel has nothing to do with them.

Tractor protest sparks 'biggest' Dutch traffic jam

Den Haag - Thousands of Dutch farmers drove their tractors on Tuesday to a huge protest against government climate policies, causing the country' biggest ever traffic jams, officials said.

Kashmir crisis leaves lucrative apple orchards to rot

Srinagar - Farmers in Kashmir are deliberately leaving their apples to rot, undermining the restive territory's most lucrative export as bitterness towards the Indian government grows.

New Aussie law aims to help save Great Barrier Reef

Sydney - Australia introduced stricter new laws to limit agricultural run-off into the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef Thursday, in an attempt to save the reef and keep its prized world heritage status.

Paris, four other French cities ban use of pesticides

Paris - Paris and four other French cities on Thursday banned the use of synthetic pesticides within their boundaries, as an anti-chemicals movement that began in the countryside gains momentum.

French rooster triumphs in battle over right to crow

Rochefort - The owner of famed French rooster Maurice emerged victorious on Thursday from a legal battle with her neighbours over his early-morning crowing, with a court upholding the bird's right to sing in the day.

Lesotho, Africa's medical cannabis pioneer

Vast white greenhouses sit high up on the slopes of Lesotho's Marakabei town, hidden from view. It's not fruit or vegetables, however, growing under the 18 plastic covers, but thousands of cannabis plants.

Clashes between herders, farmers kill 11 in south Chad

Ndjame - Eleven people were killed in fighting between nomadic herders and sedentary farmers in a dispute over trampled crops in southern Chad, the local governor said Wednesday.

Israeli farmer remixes ancient scents near Dead Sea

Jericho - At his farm near the Dead Sea in occupied Palestinian territory, Israeli Guy Erlich remixes blends of perfume and incense that he believes were used by royalty in the biblical era.

French mayor in court after banning pesticide use near homes

Rennes - A French mayor on Thursday urged a court to uphold his ban on the use of pesticides near homes in his community, saying his stance against pollution would be "vindicated by history".

Solar power efficiency can be boosted using agricultural land

New research finds that installing solar panels on agricultural lands maximizes their efficiency. This is seen as the key to fulfilling future global electric energy demand.

Trump administration re-authorizes 'cyanide bombs' to kill wildlife

Washington - US President Donald Trump's administration has re-authorized the use of controversial poison traps known as "cyanide bombs" to kill wild foxes, coyotes and feral dogs despite overwhelming opposition from conservation groups.

Climate crisis fuels increased risks to global food security

More than 500 million people today live in areas affected by erosion linked to climate change, the UN warned on Thursday, before urging all countries to commit to sustainable land use to help limit greenhouse gas emissions before it is too late.
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Agriculture Image

Ukraine is often referred to as the  break basket of Europe  ©dobrych
Ukraine is often referred to as the 'break basket of Europe" ©dobrych
Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum  Sudan.
Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum, Sudan.
United Nations/World Bank/ Arne Hoel
A prototype of the dual-arm robot system during the first field tests.
A prototype of the dual-arm robot system during the first field tests.
Fraunhofer IPK
With the advent of genetically engineered corn  glyphosate herbicides are needed say farmers.
With the advent of genetically engineered corn, glyphosate herbicides are needed say farmers.
Luke Smith
See & Spray  the world s first smart sprayer
See & Spray, the world's first smart sprayer
Blue River
AAFT s primary mission is to access  develop  adapt and deliver appropriate agricultural technologie...
AAFT's primary mission is to access, develop, adapt and deliver appropriate agricultural technologies for sustainable use by smallholder farmers in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) through innovative partnerships and effective stewardship along the entire value chain.
African Agricultural Technology Foundation
A pesticides sign in Manito Park in Spokane  WA
A pesticides sign in Manito Park in Spokane, WA
Dave Redden coordinates the agricultural program at Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma  CA. This year they ...
Dave Redden coordinates the agricultural program at Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma, CA. This year they will be participating in the livestock competition both county fairs of Sonoma and Napa and will also be selling the livestock they raised.
Photo by Jim Deely, courtesy of Hanna Boys Center, Sonoma, CA
A smog-filled street in Peking  China.
A smog-filled street in Peking, China.
Plowing the field the traditional way - Manthralaya  AP  India.
Plowing the field the traditional way - Manthralaya, AP, India.
Anath BS
Green vegetable fields in January around Qilinpu Village  Qilin Town  Jiangning District  Nanjing.
Green vegetable fields in January around Qilinpu Village, Qilin Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing.
Burial chamber of Sennedjem  Scene: Plowing farmer.
Circa 1200 BCE
Did the Anthropocene start with t...
Burial chamber of Sennedjem, Scene: Plowing farmer. Circa 1200 BCE Did the Anthropocene start with the advent of agriculture?
The Yorck Project
Tanzania s landscape
Tanzania's landscape
Fanny Scherter
Growing vegetables using robotics.
Growing vegetables using robotics.
Bowery Farms
Harvest time in China.
Harvest time in China.
Steve Evans / Bangalore, India
Irrigated farming in Kilimanjaro  Tanzania: Expanding waterworks and other rural infrastructure is v...
Irrigated farming in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Expanding waterworks and other rural infrastructure is vital for increasing production and sustainable land management.
United Nations/ Peter Arnold, Inc. / Ron Giling
EcoRobotix claims its robo-brigade will decrease total herbicide use by a factor of 20.
EcoRobotix claims its robo-brigade will decrease total herbicide use by a factor of 20.
A prototype of the dual-arm robot system during the first field tests.
A prototype of the dual-arm robot system during the first field tests.
Fraunhofer IPK

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