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Aging News

HIV causes premature ageing by 5 years

New research into the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has discovered that an infection with the virus causes a person to prematurely age. The total effect is that ageing accelerates by around five years.

'Super-agers' study may reveal secrets to staying young

Miami - Mary Helen Abbott, 77, paints her lips bright pink, still smokes the occasional cigarette, keeps up on all the gossip at the retirement home and wears a short skirt to fitness class.She giggles as the aerobics instructor shouts -- "Swagger!

Flavonoids could help with healthy ageing in women

Higher intake of flavonoids during midlife is associated with greater likelihood of health and well-being in people surviving to older ages, according to a new study.

Genetic breakthrough may halt and even reverse the aging process

Scientists researching a premature aging illness may have discovered the genetic process, which makes us grow old. They hope it could lead to treatments which will cure diseases, stop the aging process, and even reverse it.

Women not living as long as before

London - Statistics from the U.K. show a drop in life expectancy for elderly females. This could be connected to cutbacks in care and changes to the lifestyle habits of baby boomers.

How we think we eat affects how we age, says new study

A new study suggests that focusing on aspects of the central nervous system related to ‘sensing’ the energy generated by nutrients could help to slowdown the aging process.

Can chocolate improve memory?

New York - In a new study, chocolate was found to improve the memory of people aged between aged 50 to 69. Sounds good? The only catch is that you would need to consume an excessive amount of chocolate to achieve the memory feat.

Satisfaction with life goes up with age in some nations

Seniors, above the age of 65, who live in English-speaking countries report the most satisfaction with their lives. But those in other countries around the world grow increasingly less satisfied as they age.

Study: Drinking sugar-sweetened sodas could make you age faster

San Francisco - A new research study has found that people who reported regular daily consumption of 20 ounces of sugar-sweetened soda have an increased rate of DNA ageing and that the ageing effect of consuming sugary sodas was comparable to the effect of smoking.

Locating the 'on-off' switch that controls cell aging

An on-and-off “switch” has been detected in human cells. Researchers think that the switch could hold the link to healthy aging.

Op-Ed: Delaying aging by remote control with gene activation

Sydney - A new study has discovered that it is possible to delay ageing by a comparatively simple process of simply activating a gene called AMPK. This gene slows ageing and increases lifespan by triggering a response to low energy levels.

Why doesn't Mackenzee Wittke age?

Mackenzee Wittke is a girl who stays young from year to year. In fact her body changes very little in any way. This case is drawing worldwide interest from scientists and the media since her condition stands out even among similar children.

Op-Ed: Young blood rejuvenates old brains? Yes, but….

Sydney - No, this headline does not mean you need to run around harvesting blood from schools or installing taps in your kids. Sorry about that. A new Stanford experiment has however found that new blood does contain properties that get old brains working better.

Removal of fat gene may slow down aging

A single gene appears to play a key role in coordinating the immune system and metabolism. Research suggests that deleting the gene in mice reduces body fat and extends lifespan.

Tech company aims to find the secret of human aging

Craig Venter, the genomics pioneer is starting a new company that aims to tackle the mysteries of human aging. For the project, Venter has teamed up with stem cell pioneer Dr Robert Hariri and X Prize Foundation founder Dr Peter Diamandis.

Alzheimer's disease may kill as many as cancer in US

Washington - Deaths from Alzheimer's disease are under-reported in the United States and the most common form of dementia may be taking as many lives as heart disease or cancer, said a study Wednesday.Alzheimer's disease currently ranks sixth among causes of death ...

Lots of sitting is dangerous for older adults

Washington - Spending too much time sitting may be particularly dangerous for people over 60, regardless of how much they exercise, according to a US study out Wednesday.The odds of being disabled doubled for each additional hour of sedentary time in seniors, said ...

Social contact, regular exercise key to living longer

Chicago - Social contact and regular exercise are key to aging well and living a longer life, according to newly presented research.In fact, feeling extremely lonely can increase an older person's chances of premature death by 14 percent, an impact nearly as str...

Report: Americans hold positive attitudes on aging populations

In a new study published by the Pew Research Center, American attitudes toward aging and their projected prospects in their golden years are seen as firmly positive.

Environmental stressors affect cell aging

Researchers have looked at cell aging, by studying yeast to mimic human cells. They found that caffeine potentially increases cell aging.

Stem cells artificially aged to show Parkinson’s effect

Scientists have developed a method for converting induced stem cells into nerve cells that recapitulate features associated with aging and Parkinson's disease.

New video sheds light on why we grow old

Liverpool - An animated short released late in November offers colourful insight intn the aging process in humans and how we can live longer and healthier.

Eating nuts has an association with longer life

A new study ties nut consumption to longevity. The theory is that the oils in nuts can reduce bad cholesterol and possibly inflammation.

Depression can 'speed up aging'

Cells in the bodies of depressed people appear older and contain chromosomes that are shorter, according to a new study. This can lead to physical manifestations of aging.

Healthy lifestyles may help to protect DNA

Diet, exercise, and stress management may help to protect and strengthen DNA and resist the effects of aging, according to a new study.

Home Health Care: The cost saving plan for seniors Special

An industry for the future as well as the present, home health care is predicted to grow with the aging Baby Boomer population until 2050.

Your mother's genes can affect how fast you age

Mutations in genes passed from mother to child may increase rates of aging later in life, suggests a new scientific study. Worse still, in certain cases, mutated genes passed down from mothers may also predetermine aging rates.

New insights into skin aging

Researchers have made a discovery about the processes involved in the regeneration of skin tissue and the causes of epidermal (outer skin layer) aging.

Sleep, circadian rhythms and aging

Human sleeping and waking patterns are linked to the internal circadian clock that corresponds closely with the 24-hour cycle of light and darkness. New studies show that when the disruptions can lead to aging.

Year round use of sunscreen may 'reduce aging'

A new study suggests that an all year-round use of sunscreen significantly slows the aging of skin caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays.
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Eva Auchincloss, Dr. John Erskine, Kathryn McNeil, Gayle Geary, Tom Benet, were among the over 200 people who attended the SF Village launch celebration on February 27 2009
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Eric Klinenberg's 2012 book, "Going Solo - The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone" presents a topic that those of the baby-boom generation must face now if the quality of life is to be maintained when they reach 80 or even 100.
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Older Americans are the Happiest Americans based on a recent study.
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Image of an old man
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Healthy human cells (left) and those genetically modified to Werner syndrome (right)
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