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Aggression News

Can bacteria reduce aggressive instincts?

A new study suggests that certain bacteria can alter the tendency for an animals to display aggressive behavior. This relates to studies conducted on scientists' favorite lab model: fruit flies.

Color red sends out aggressive signals

A new study warns that wearing red can send out the wrong signals. Fine if you want to appear confident and perhaps aggressive, but for many situations red is a "big no."

New method for reducing aggression in children

A new study shows that children with attention-defici t/hyperactivity disorder who are prescribed a stimulant, an antipsychotic drug, and behavior management techniques have reduced aggressive behavior.

Study: Shape of person's face indication of aggression, dominance

Researchers in the United Kingdom have found that the shape of a person's face can determine how domineering and aggressive they are.

Lab mice have 'lost' traits through domestication

A study of laboratory bred mice has revealed that some behavioral traits, like female aggression, have been lost with domestication.

Lemurs born to older moms are less likely to be attacked

Infant lemurs born to older mothers are less likely to get hurt than those born to younger mothers, according to a long-term research study.

Benefits and harm of violent video games found for the first time

Recent news highlights how playing violent video and action games can sharpen player’s visual skills and boost brain performance. For the first time, researchers show both the benefits and harm of violent video gaming.

Growing up scared: Siblings can be bullies, too

Durham - A new study upturns what has long been conventional wisdom: that sibling bullying—the cruel, persistent one-sided torment from one sibling to another—is simply a rite of passage. In fact, the effects are the same as those bullied by a classmates.

Berlusconi attacked in public square

Berlusconi hurt by the launch of an object after a rally in Milan. Massimo Tartaglia, who made this gesture, has been mentally treated for ten years

What’s the Woman’s Take on Terrorism?

When a woman straps on a bomb and goes out into a crowded marketplace with the intention of blowing herself up along with innocent others, we wonder how she could do this. It turns out that terrorists might count on our bias to help achieve their aims.

OP/Ed The "New" Form of Aggression: Insults and Innuendo

Psychological Warfare: Is our society truly enlightened or have we found a new form of non-physical warfare that is protected by the law?

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