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Video: Neo-nazis infiltrate demo in Slovenia with violence

Ljubljana - The media was reporting a demonstration turned violent in Ljubljana, Slovenia on November 30, 2012. Turns out the violence had nothing to do with the protesters, who remained peaceful throughout.

Op-Ed: False Flags — In fiction and fact

The recent horror in Aurora, Colorado, has led to an outpouring of rubbish by woolly-minded so-called conspiracy theorists that it was some sort of false flag operation.

Op-Ed: The latest web conspiracy talk

Is Bill Gates using vaccination against polio as part of a sinister plot to reduce world population? Was T.J. Ready a government agent? Is the FBI fighting terrorism or inciting it?

Op-Ed: We are above the law - a new low in police arrogance

London - The new Police Commissioner claims it is perfectly legal and acceptable for police spies to use false identities in court. This begs the question, is there any illegal act the police aren't allowed to commit?

Op-Ed: Seven big lies of the 9/11 Truth Movement

The 9/11 Truth Movement is one of the most remarkable such movements of our age; sadly, it has a hard core of people who refuse to accept prosaic facts and continue to postulate outrageous nonsense.

Op-Ed: Court of Appeal quashes 'Mark Kennedy' convictions

The tide could be turning for the police and other organs of state security who incite crimes in order to discredit political ideologies and their activists, in Britain at least.

Op-Ed: How to catch a terrorist – first, create one

New York - Not for the first time, a terrorist “plot” has been exposed as a totally manufactured threat. As the would-be perpetrators are given heavy sentences, the instigators are applauded by the would-be victims.

Op-Ed: Rogues and Royals

London - An article contrasting a forthcoming talk in London by Matthew Collins with an interview of the Duke of Edinburgh by Fiona Bruce for BBC Television.

Oxfam got an early start on G8 & G20 protests in Toronto

Toronto - Oxfam and other organizations are calling for G8 and G20 to be dismantled. Oxfam was also asking for investments in clean energy, and for the wealthier nations to remember their commitments to reduce global poverty.

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