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Agent orange News

Barrels of agent orange chemicals found in Oregon lake

Joseph - Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week began the removal of barrels recently discovered at the bottom of Wallowa Lake marked as containing chemicals used in making agent orange.

Veterans' Agent Orange lawsuits refused — but their war continues

A contractor agency hired by the U.S. government to review thousands of veterans' refund claims for exposure to Agent Orange recently refused them. Whistleblower attorneys decided to appeal the denial, claiming that they defrauded the federal government.

Op-Ed: Only $ will solve VA hospital problems

Washington - There is no issue in the United States where hypocrisy plays as big a role as the failure to care for wounded and ill veterans. It's a job for triage.

Is Mefloquine the new Agent Orange?

During Vietnam troops were exposed to Agent Orange. Later there was Gulf War Syndrome and depleted Uranium exposure. Now the military is dealing with a rash of military members with PTSD, and another chemical agent may be responsible for the diagnosis.

Deadly legacy of Agent Orange spreads to Japan

Okinawa - U.S. veterans have told the Japan Times that the Marine Corps buried a massive stockpile of Agent Orange at the Futenma air station in Okinawa, Japan.

Coalition demands probe on Dow & Monsanto GMOs & pesticides

Farmers and food industry representatives are demanding a probe into the potential outcome of a new genetically modified crop in combination with the usage of the 2,4-D pesticide.

Agent Orange being used to clear Amazon

A chemical weapon from the Vietnam War-era that has been linked to deaths, injuries, and birth defects is now being used by Brazilian ranchers to clear the Amazonian rain forest to make way for farm land.

Canada spent nearly $8 million fighting Agent Orange lawsuit

Ottawa - A lawyer representing a class action lawsuit against the Government of Canada's role in overexposing to Agent Orange said it appeared Ottawa was deliberately dragging out the process of resolving the matter.

Report: US should pay for cleaning up Agent Orange in Vietnam

Washington - A private bi-national group that consists of citizens, policy makers and scientists came up with a ten-year, $300 million clean-up plan for 14 of Vietnam's Agent Orange hot spots.

Across the world victims of Agent Orange seek compensation

On both sides of the 49th Parallel and across the Pacific Ocean in Vietnam, victims and the children of victims of the military use of the dioxin based herbicide, Agent Orange, continue to demand recognition and compensation.

VA to Allow Retro Agent Orange Claims for 86,000 Vietnam Vets

The VA has opened the door for retroactive disability compensation for about 86,000 Vietnam war veterans, their surviving spouses or their estates by expanding the number of diseases presumed caused by herbicide exposure during the Vietnam war

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Agent orange Image

Agent Orange  believed to be used to clear the Amazon rain forest  seized by IBAMA last week.
Agent Orange, believed to be used to clear the Amazon rain forest, seized by IBAMA last week.
U.S. Huey helicopter spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam
U.S. Huey helicopter spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam
R.W. Trewyn, Ph.D.
U.S. Huey helicopter spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam
U.S. Huey helicopter spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam
U.S. Army Operations in Vietnam R.W. Trewyn, Ph.D.

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