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Africa News

African countries call for racism debate at UN rights council

Geneva - African countries called Friday on the UN Human Rights Council to urgently debate racism and police brutality amid the unrest in the US and beyond over George Floyd's death.

WHO warns pandemic accelerating in Africa

Geneva - The speed the new coronavirus jumped from 100,000 to 200,000 confirmed cases in Africa shows just how quickly the pandemic is accelerating on the continent, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

French city adds info plaques to slave trader street names

Bordeaux - As statues of slave traders and colonial figures tumble worldwide in a wave of anger against racism, Bordeaux wants to inform the public with a different tactic.

Elevated extreme poverty to persist through 2021: World Bank

Washington - Global economic growth could rebound next year -- but the number of people living in extreme poverty is expected to remain unchanged after a huge surge this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the World Bank warned Tuesday.

Virus crisis piles pressure on African media

Lagos - Collapsing revenues, rising layoffs: the coronavirus crisis is battering media outlets across Africa that were already struggling for cash and often facing pressure from hostile authorities.

Virus could hamper Africa's climate change response : IMF

Johanesburg - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday warned that coronavirus could further weaken sub-Saharan Africa's ability to adapt to climate change, as measures to contain the pandemic stretch limited resources.

Bill Gates conspiracy theories echo through Africa

Johanesburg - As the novel coronavirus wreaks global havoc, Bill Gates is the new bete noire for conspiracy theorists worldwide including in Africa where a Kenyan politician's false online post has added major fuel to the spread of misinformation.

Galaxy of African stars hold virtual coronavirus concert

Abidjan - Senegalese superstar Youssou N'Dour and Grammy-winner Angelique Kidjo were among a galaxy of African talent brought together for a virtual concert to raise awareness of the coronavirus pandemic.

Virus stigma weighs heavily in sub-Saharan Africa

Libreville - Landlords evict people from their homes, nurses are abandoned by their husbands and people are spurned just on suspicion of coming into contact with a COVID-19 patient.

Virus could infect more than 200 mn in Africa: WHO modelling

Paris - The new coronavirus could kill 150,000 people in Africa in a year unless urgent action is taken, according to a WHO modelling study that says nearly a quarter of a billion people will be infected.

AIDS deaths could double in sub-Saharan Africa due to COVID-19: UN

Geneva - The number of deaths from AIDS-related illnesses in sub-Saharan Africa could double if the provision of healthcare to HIV sufferers is disrupted during the coronavirus crisis, the United Nations said Monday.

Misinformation flood hampers fight for virus vaccine in Africa

Dakar - The task of introducing a vaccine for the coronavirus faces an uphill struggle in Africa, where a flood of online misinformation is feeding on mistrust of Western medical research.

Virus spreads anxiety among Istanbul's African migrants

Istanbul - With a list of names in his hand, Alfa Barrie is on the phone to an African migrant, one of Istanbul's undocumented workers looking for help as the coronavirus pandemic hits Turkey's largest city."Where is the house? Send me the location.

Leaders warn Africa short of funds to fight pandemic

Washington - International financial institutions and African leaders warned on Friday the continent needs tens of billions of dollars in additional money to fight the coronavirus pandemic despite debt freezes and massive pledges of support.

Africa still needs $44 bn to fight pandemic: World Bank and IMF

Washington - The World Bank and IMF said on Friday Africa needs $44 billion more to fight the coronavirus pandemic despite a freeze in debt payments for many countries and massive pledges of support.

Only a COVID-19 vaccine will allow return to 'normalcy': UN chief

New York - A COVID-19 vaccine may be the only thing that can bring back "normalcy," UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Wednesday, hoping for just that before the end of the year.

'Starve or get sick': Africa's lockdown dilemma

Nairobi - Women and children fell to the ground, bloodied and trampled in a desperate surge for food being handed out in a Nairobi slum, as police fired teargas and men with sticks beat the hungry.

China vows improvements for Africans after virus discrimination claims

Bejing - Under strong international pressure, China on Sunday vowed to improve the treatment of Africans in the southern city of Guangzhou following accusations of discrimination linked to the coronavirus pandemic, and said it rejected all "racist and discrimi...

New, larger locust swarm hits Africa amid COVID-19 threat

Parts of Africa, already dealing with the COVID-19 virus are again dealing with a second plague of locusts that pushes the coronavirus into second place in many areas. The second wave of locusts is 20 times larger than the outbreak in February.

Star footballer joins row after French scientists suggest testing virus vaccine in Africa

Paris - Two leading French doctors on Friday insisted they had been misunderstood after sparking a storm of criticism by discussing the idea of testing a vaccine for coronavirus in Africa on television.

Pandemic forces polio eradication group to suspend campaigns

Paris - The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt an unprecedented blow to the world's battle against polio, the head of the global organisation to combat the disease told AFP Thursday after it suspended vaccination campaigns for the first time in three decades.

Lagos in lockdown as Africa virus closures spread

Lagos - Africa's largest city Lagos appeared deserted Tuesday after Nigeria locked down its economic hub and shuttered its capital in the continent's latest effort to brake the juggernaut of coronavirus.

Nigerians brace for lockdown as Africa tries to halt virus

Lagos - Over 20 million Nigerians on Monday scrambled to prepare for lockdown in sub-Saharan Africa's biggest city Lagos and the capital Abuja, as the continent struggled to curb the spread of coronavirus.

S.Africa reports first two virus deaths as lockdown starts

Johanesburg - South Africa recorded its first two deaths from the novel coronavirus on Friday as the number of confirmed cases breached the 1,000 mark just hours after a three-week nationwide lockdown swung into action.

South Africa begins 'unprecedented' military-patrolled lockdown

Johanesburg - South Africa came under a nationwide military-patrolled lockdown on Friday, joining other African countries imposing strict curfews and shutdowns in an attempt to halt the spread of the coronavirus across the continent.

Public distrust hampers Africa fight against virus misinformation

Johanesburg - African nations fighting the novel coronavirus face a foe as stealthy and dangerous as the microbe itself: misinformation and apathy, fuelled by deep distrust of government.

Church coronavirus restrictions hit African faithful

Lagos - Nigerian police with megaphones struggled to keep the faithful in bustling Lagos away from church on Sunday, as worshippers in Africa faced tough restrictions aimed at halting the spread of coronavirus.

Rwanda imposes shutdown as infections jump across Africa

Kigali - Rwanda imposed a nationwide shutdown and border controls to combat the coronavirus at the weekend in some of the strictest measures taken in Africa, as infections spread across the continent and authorities warn healthcare systems are ill-equipped to c...

Warning of long battle as Africa's virus numbers rise

Johanesburg - Sub-Saharan Africa recorded its second coronavirus death on Friday as infections rose in South Africa, where the government warned bluntly of a long haul in the fight against the disease.

Nigeria, South Africa step up fight against virus in Africa

Lagos - African countries led by Nigeria and South Africa have ramped up action against the coronavirus after the continent recorded its first fatality.
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A man hawks coffee beans on a wooden bike in a stadium in Kampala  Uganda on September 20  2010.
A man hawks coffee beans on a wooden bike in a stadium in Kampala, Uganda on September 20, 2010.
The Cycle Africa team in training
The Cycle Africa team in training
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Images from Disney s Animal Kingdom
Images from Disney's Animal Kingdom
A typical squatter camp in South Africa  known officially as an  informal settlement.
A typical squatter camp in South Africa, known officially as an "informal settlement."
Images from Disney s Animal Kingdom
Images from Disney's Animal Kingdom
The main biomes in Africa. Drawn by hand using maps.
The main biomes in Africa. Drawn by hand using maps.
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The DRC is Africa s largest country.
The DRC is Africa's largest country.
African urban centers are home to some 400 million people  with 60 percent of that number living in ...
African urban centers are home to some 400 million people, with 60 percent of that number living in slum conditions. Kibera Slum dwellers shown here are relocating to their new home after completion of a housing project.
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At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday  Bono described Africa as  remarkable creative  and entrepren...
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday, Bono described Africa as "remarkable creative, and entrepreneurial," and reminisced about conversations he shared with friends at EDUN's launch in 2005. "Our African friends said to us... 'Is it another charitable project?' And we're like, 'No, it's a business.' 'Oh thank GOD.'"
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African music performers
African music performers
UK authorities have many programs to aid vaccination in Africa. If approved a vaccine for malaria co...
UK authorities have many programs to aid vaccination in Africa. If approved a vaccine for malaria could be the newest addition to their programs.
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African forest elephant
African forest elephant
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Parents of victims last month s mass kidnapping from a school in northeastern Nigeria express sorrow...
Parents of victims last month's mass kidnapping from a school in northeastern Nigeria express sorrow and outrage
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About 60 000 years ago  homo sapiens set out from Africa on a path that would lead to them populatin...
About 60,000 years ago, homo sapiens set out from Africa on a path that would lead to them populating the world.
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Images from Disney's Animal Kingdom
Benue State in Nigeria
Benue State in Nigeria
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