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Africa News

Gambian crisis takes centre stage at Mali summit

Bamako - The Gambia's political crisis dominated a Mali summit on Saturday as Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow appealed to west African leaders for help ending the impasse.

Africa, France battling same threat, Hollande says in Mali

Bamako - French President Francois Hollande said Friday that those battling jihad in Africa and the Middle East were like France part of "the same fight" against extremism.

France sees 'long war' against jihadists in Africa

Ndjame - French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Thursday warned troops stationed in Africa's Sahel region that they should "prepare for a long war" against jihadists.

Ebola vaccine may be 'up to 100% effective': WHO

Paris - A prototype vaccine for Ebola may be "up to 100 percent effective" in protecting against the deadly virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday.

UN member-states reject African bid to block UN LGBT expert

New York - The UN General Assembly on Monday rejected a bid by African countries to block the appointment of the first-ever UN expert tasked with investigating violence and discrimination against LGBT minorities.

Burning ivory, waging war: world battles poaching in 2016

Nairobi - It was one of the most momentous events in the battle against poaching: 11 giant pyres of elephant tusks going up in flames in Kenya as the world looked on.

Fidel Castro's military forays into Africa

Havana - Back in the 1970s at the height of the Cold War, the small Caribbean nation of Cuba went to war thousands of miles away on the battlefields of Angola and Ethiopia, leaving thousands dead.

A step towards eliminating river blindness parasite

River blindness remains a major concern for parts of the world, especially in Africa and Latin America where up to 37 million people are infected. The disease causes eye and skin diseases. A new study offers a clue for eradication of the disease.

Vintage biplane crashes in Kenya, Irish pilots unhurt

Nairobi - An Irish father and daughter team taking part in a cross-Africa rally escaped unhurt after crashlanding their 1930s biplane on the way to Kenya's capital, where participants staged an airshow Sunday, organisers said.

Russian rejection of ICC mirrors US stance

Washington - The United States expressed regret Wednesday that Russia had withdrawn from the International Criminal Court -- 14 years after Washington made exactly the same decision.

African leaders in Morocco to unify stance on global warming

Marrakech - African leaders met in Morocco Wednesday on the sidelines of UN climate talks to agree a joint stance to fight global warming on the continent.

Russia in new blow to ICC as court urges nations 'Don't go'

Den Haag - Russia dealt the International Criminal Court a fresh blow Wednesday as the court's top officials urged nations to support the tribunal hit by a wave of unprecedented defections.

Africa waits and wonders on Trump's foreign policy

Johanesburg - Across Africa, the approaching presidency of Donald Trump has provoked deep uncertainty over how the United States will pursue policies ranging from counter-terrorism and trade, to aid and climate change.

Ebola virus adapted during West African epidemic

Salem - In a review of the 2013-2016 Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, scientists have found that the Ebola virus increased its ability of the virus to infect human cells. The virus went through a process of adaptation.

African states demand UN suspend LGBT expert

New York - African countries on Friday demanded that the appointment of a new UN expert on LGBT rights be suspended, saying his mission to report on anti-gay violence had nothing to do with human rights.

A discarded chicken bone tells the story of early domestication

A discarded chicken bone, human teeth marks clearly etched into it from a meal thousands of years ago, is physical proof of the introduction of domesticated chickens on the African continent, researchers have confirmed.

ICC prosecutor vows to press on despite Africa withdrawals

Den Haag - The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor has described decisions by three African countries to withdraw as a "setback", as she vowed that the tribunal will continue its work on the continent.

Africa in the dock at the International Criminal Court

The Hague - The International Criminal Court -- dealt a blow Friday with South Africa's decision to withdraw from the tribunal -- has launched nine investigations in eight African countries since its establishment in 2002.

EU steps up calls for deals with Africa to curb migrants

Brussels - EU leaders meeting at a summit Thursday are stepping up calls to boost Africa's economic development in exchange for sharp curbs on migrant flows following a similar arrangement with Turkey.

African nations hail maritime deal

Lom - African leaders on Saturday signed a deal to boost security off the continent's economically crucial coasts, hoping to shore up development by tackling maritime crimes like piracy and smuggling.

Merkel turns to Africa to curb mass migrant flow

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday wrapped up a week of Africa diplomacy aimed at slowing the flow of migrants to Europe from a continent battered by conflict and poverty.

New attempt to protect elephants from poachers fails

A renewed attempt to provide the maximum level of international protection to all African elephants has stalled, with government representatives and campaign groups at a conference in Johannesburg.

DR Congo's Bemba appeals ICC war crimes conviction

Den Haag - Former Congolese vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba, jailed for 18 years for war crimes, has formally appealed against his conviction by the International Criminal Court, arguing his trial was "flawed," his lawyers said Wednesday.

Africa's disputed elections

Paris - Gabon's disputed election, which culminated Saturday with the constitutional court's confirmation of President Ali Bongo's victory, is the latest in a long list of violence-tinged ballots in Africa:- Ivory Coast -After a five-month-standoff, incumbent ...

DR Congo warlord 'Terminator' breaks hunger strike at ICC

Den Haag - Congolese former rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda has started eating again after an unprecedented nearly two-week hunger strike in his detention cell in The Netherlands, refusing to attend his war crimes trial.

Essential Science: New pathogen causes anthrax like disease

A new report has detected a species of Bacillus, genetically distinct to the bacterium that causes anthrax, which causes a similar disease in chimpanzees, gorillas and other animals in Africa.

Traders selling dangerously dirty fuel across Africa: study

Geneva - European oil companies, especially Swiss commodity traders, are exploiting weak African fuel standards by selling toxic diesel and gasoline across the continent, a campaign group said Thursday.

World governments urge end to domestic ivory markets

Miami - In a bid to stop the killing of elephants for their tusks, world governments voted at a major conservation conference to urge the closure of all domestic ivory markets.

Four species of Giraffe revealed

From the early beginnings of biology giraffes have been thought of as one species. This is no longer so, according to new research based on genetic analysis. There are four species of giraffe.

Web TV aims to boost youth interest in African farming

With the logo of his internet TV station on his black T-shirt, Inoussa Maiga energetically plucks corn stalks in northern Burkina Faso for a programme on farming in Africa.
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Nigeria s President Goodluck Jonathan
Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan
Photo by Ricardo Stuckert
Reconstruction of the distinguished lady from York
Reconstruction of the distinguished lady from York
Yorkshire Museum
African forest elephant
African forest elephant
Laurence CHU, AFP
Zebras in Mikumi National Park
Zebras in Mikumi National Park
Sajjad Fazel
This biggest Ebola outbreak ever recorded requires an intensification of efforts to avoid it from sp...
This biggest Ebola outbreak ever recorded requires an intensification of efforts to avoid it from spreading further and claiming many more lives.
EC/ECHO/Jean-Louis Mosser
Zena Amevor was held as a slave for several years in a New Jersey hair braiding salon
Zena Amevor was held as a slave for several years in a New Jersey hair braiding salon
CNN screengrab
Area of extent
Area of extent
Global Panorama
Salvadora persica  the toothbrush tree
Salvadora persica, the toothbrush tree
Benue State in Nigeria
Benue State in Nigeria
Explorer Julian Monroe Fisher
Explorer Julian Monroe Fisher
Photo courtesy of Julian Monroe Fisher
A child of Somali refugees  at a camp in Malkadiida  Ethiopia.
A child of Somali refugees, at a camp in Malkadiida, Ethiopia.
Eskinder Debebe / UN
Images from Disney s Animal Kingdom
Images from Disney's Animal Kingdom
Urban planners are having to factor in Africa s urban population growth.  Basic necessities  includi...
Urban planners are having to factor in Africa's urban population growth. Basic necessities, including water supply and sanitation services, such as the garbage collectors shown here in Douala Town, are stressed by the continued growth
A typical squatter camp in South Africa  known officially as an  informal settlement.
A typical squatter camp in South Africa, known officially as an "informal settlement."
A sunset in Zanzibar
A sunset in Zanzibar
Guinea-Bissau police
Guinea-Bissau police
Photo by jbdodane
France s President Francois Hollande arrives to attend the Elysee Summit for Peace and Security in A...
France's President Francois Hollande arrives to attend the Elysee Summit for Peace and Security in Africa, in Paris December 7, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Thibault Camus
Images from Disney s Animal Kingdom
Images from Disney's Animal Kingdom
A group of demobilized child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
A group of demobilized child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
A view of the northwest province in Cameroon
A view of the northwest province in Cameroon

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