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Afghan war News

Taliban kill 25 Afghan elite commandos in clash

Abdul Malakazi, governor of the Badghis province in Afghanistan claims that 25 members of the country's elite commando units have been killed in clashes with the Taliban.

Public and vet majorities claim Afghan and Iraq wars not worth it

A majority of both US veterans and the US general public agree that the US wars in Iraq as well as Afghanistan were not worth fighting, Similar views are held about the US military campaign in Syria.

Taliban Afghan attack kills at least 14 and wounds more than 180

The Afghan Taliban attacked a government security compound in central Afghanistan in the city of Ghazni. The attack killed at least 14 people and wounded more than 180. Casualties included many children.

Last week shows highest casualty rate in Afghanistan this year

During the last few days of June and the beginning days of July at least 246 pro-government forces and 58 civilians were killed in Afghanistan. This is the highest toll so far this year.

US and Taliban plan 7th round of Afghan peace talks in Qatar

The United States and the Taliban are to start new negotiations in Qatar in another attempt to find a peaceful agreement to end the war in Afghanistan that has now been going on for 18 years.

Op-Ed: Trump says NATO has made great strides in ridiculous Afghan war

While Trump has repeatedly questioned the value of NATO and has demanded that members increase their defense spending he claimed yesterday that NATO had made great strides in Afghanistan while the war was also unfortunate and ridiculous.

Op-Ed: Eric Prince presents plan to privatize much of Afghan war

Washington - The Trump administration is considering a plan to turn over much of the Afghan US war effort to private contractors supposedly as a means of breaking the stalemate in the war against the Taliban.

29,000 contractors versus 9,000 U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan

Kabul - Data compiled by the Congressional Research Service shows that private contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Afghanistan by more than a three to one margin.

Op-Ed: Investigation of U.S. attack on Afghan hospital hard to believe

Kunduz - A U.S. military fact-finding investigation into an October 3 attack by an AC-130 gunship that killed 30 people found the pilot aimed at the hospital by mistake, intending to hit a compound nearby from which Taliban were firing.

U.S. may keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan through 2016

Kabul - Although the Afghan war was supposedly "ended" as far as foreign combat troops were concerned a couple of years ago, almost 10,000 US troops still remain.

Op-Ed: Obama sees expanded role for US in Afghanistan in 2015

Washington - While US combat troops are scheduled to withdraw from Afghanistan at the end of this year, under an agreement signed by the new Afghan president Ashraf Ghani almost 10,000 troops will remain through 2015 at least.

Op-Ed: Only $ will solve VA hospital problems

Washington - There is no issue in the United States where hypocrisy plays as big a role as the failure to care for wounded and ill veterans. It's a job for triage.

Op-Ed: US government refuses to cooperate in US war crime investigation

Kabul - The Afghan intelligence service has abandoned its investigation into the killing of a group of civilians in Wardak province of Afghanistan after being refused access to the US Special Forces soldiers who are suspected of being involved.

Karzai claims NATO air strike leaves 16 civilians dead

Kabul - According to a statement from Afghan president Hamid Karzai's office, a NATO air strike in Kunar province killed 16 civilians.

Afghan US air attack kills five Afghan policemen

Kabul - On Wednesday night July 31, an air attack by US planes accidentally killed five Afghan police and injured two more. Casualties in US air attacks has caused friction between Karzai and NATO.

Op-Ed: US may be considering 'zero option' in Afghanistan

Kabul - Due to disagreements and distrust between the Obama administration and the Afghan government of president Hamid Karzai, the US may not keep any forces in Afghanistan after the end of 2014 when all forces are scheduled to withdraw.

Op-Ed: Afghan Taliban to open political office in Qatar

Doha - Al Jazeera reports that the Afghan Taliban are set to open a political office in Qatar a Gulf state. The office will be in Doha and will aim at facilitating peace talks to end the civil strife in Afghanistan.

Afghan protesters demand justice for torture and killings

Kabul - Afghans are protesting in Wardak Province. The protesters carried the exhumed bodies of three victims the protesters claim were tortured and killed by special forces.

Op-Ed: Gen. John Allen — US to remain in Afghanistan for a 'long time'

Kabul - General John Allen, former chief of the ISAF forces in Afghanistan said that the US is having significant success and that the Taliban are "fighting for their lives" but nevertheless US troops will be required to stay in Afghanistan for a long time yet.

US Defense Dept. wants billions shifted to pay for Afghan war

Washington - The US Defense Department is forwarding documents to Congress that would let it shift as much as $9.6 billion to cover shortfalls that are claimed to be caused by shortfalls in contingency funds for the Afghan campaign.

Leaving Afghanistan could cost US up to $7 billion

Kabul - Military activities usually are expensive. According to defense analysts the total cost to withdraw from Afghanistan could be $7 billion.

Senior US and Afghan officials negotiate details of earlier deal

Kabul - Senior US and Afghan officials are holding talks to work out details of an agreement signed a year ago that sets out the relationships between Afghanistan and the US between 2014 and 2024.

Taliban open spring offensive killing three police officers

Kabul - On Sunday April 28, the Taliban used a remote-controlled roadside bomb to kill three police officers in Ghazni province. The bomb hit a convoy that was traveling to the Zana Khan district to fight insurgents.

General asked for over 13,000 US troops in Afghanistan post 2014

Kabul - .Retired Marine general John Allen, the former top commander in Afghanistan, suggested that 13,600 US troops remain in the country after the main US combat role ends at the end of 2014.

Taliban kill 13 members of crack Afghan unit and burn outpost

Kabul - One of the most highly regarded units in the Afghan military suffered 13 killed as Taliban fighters attacked their remote outpost in Kunar province.

An American diplomat killed in a suicide car-bombing attack

A suicide attack claimed six lives, including the first US state department officer to die in Afghanistan since the 1970s, and Nato air attacks killed 10 children over a weekend that was a bloody reminder of the scale of the country's conflict.

New study puts cost of Afghan and Iraq wars at $4 to $6 trillion

Cambridge - A new study from the Kennedy School, at Harvard University, puts the total costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars at from $4 to $6 trillion with much of that amount yet to be paid.

Op-Ed: Afghan night raid kills 5 civilians including 4 children

Kabul - Local police confirm that a NATO-led night raid in Logar Province left at least five civilians dead including four children. A number of others were wounded.

Wardak protesters demand US special forces leave province

Kabul - Hundreds of residents from Wardak province came to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to protest in front of the parliament, demanding that Karzai enforce his order that US Special Forces pull out of the province.

Op-Ed: US wants Afghans to adopt no-trial indefinite detentions

Kabul - Several incidents are souring relationships between the Afghan government and the US. Among the new disagreements, one concerns the transfer of prisoners to Afghan jurisdiction at the Parwan detention facility
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General Joe Dunford the next commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan
General Joe Dunford the next commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan
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Afghan National Army soldier.
Afghan National Army soldier.
A new UN report shows civilian deaths in Afghanistan during 2010 reached a record high.
A new UN report shows civilian deaths in Afghanistan during 2010 reached a record high.
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