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Afghan US relations News

Op-Ed: Trump to leave 4,000 troops in Afghanistan until after election

The US has already reached the reduction of troops in Afghanistan from around 12,000 to a lower level of 8,600 as required by an agreement signed with the Taliban the end of February.

Op-Ed: Trump claims 8,600 US troops will remain in Afghanistan

Trump claims that the US will withdraw some troops from Afghanistan. He says that once a determination has been made 8,600 troops will be left less than half the number present now. Trump said Afghanistan would remain very well controlled

Op-Ed: Two U.S. troops killed and one wounded in Afghanistan

Pentagon spokesperson, U.S. Navy Captain Jeff Davis confirmed that two U.S. troops had been killed and one wounded in the Achin District of Nangarhar Province in eastern Afghanistan that borders on Pakistan.

CIA financed and trained paramilitaries disbanded in Afghanistan

Kabul - The CIA is reportedly cutting back on the irregular forces it has long been training and financing in Afghanistan in the south and east of the country.

Op-Ed: Bipartisan group of U.S. Senators want vote on Afghan deal

Kabul - A group of U.S. Senators both Republican and Democratic are demanding that the U.S. Congress have a vote on the Bilateral Security Agreement(BSA) negotiated with the Afghan government, that would keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

US trying to block release by Afghans of Bagram detainees

Kabul - Recently the US turned over most of Bagram prison to Afghan control although it is still keeping foreign nationals in another part of the prison under US control. However, the US still wants control over the release of those held by the Afghans.

Op-Ed: Negotiations on Afghan US security pact still ongoing

Kabul - A meeting of Afghan elders, or Loya Jirga, is scheduled to meet on Thursday to consider a bilateral security agreement between the US and Afghanistan that would determine the number and conditions under which US troops remain after 2014,

Op-Ed: Afghan meeting of elders to decide US troop immunity in November

Kabul - On November 18-21 about 3,000 Afghan tribal elders will meet in Kabul to pass judgment on a conditional Bilateral Security Agreement(BSA) negotiated by Karzai with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Op-Ed: Pentagon says it is not looking at zero option in Afghanistan

Kabul - The Pentagon seems to be at odds with the Obama administration on the question of the "zero option" for Afghanistan that would involve no troops staying in the country after 2014.

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