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Afganistan News

Op-Ed: A word about war and 'heinous' crimes, a letter to Roxanne James

Dear Canadian MP Roxanne James, I have something to say about your comments about former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr.

Taliban threaten Afghan election, warn voters to stay away

Kabul - Taliban insurgents threatened Monday to attack Afghanistan's run-off presidential election, warning voters to stay away from polling stations for fear of injury or death.

Afghan expels US Special Forces for torturing and murdering

Afghanistan's President today ordered U.S. special forces to leave Wardak province in the nation’s east within two weeks after investigators said Afghans working for the forces were torturing and murdering fellow citizens.

Obama to announce return of 34,000 troops from Afghanistan in 1yr

President Barack Obama will announce in his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening that 34,000 U.S. troops will be home from Afghanistan by 2014, the Associated Press is reporting.

Taliban threatens to kidnap or assassinate Prince Harry

Just days after the British Ministry of Defence announced Prince Harry was in Afghanistan for a 4-month deployment, the Taliban is threatening to do all they can to "eliminate" him.

Marine Corps bans audible farting in Afghanistan

Washington - The United States Marine Corps has banned audible farting in Afghanistan because it is culturally offensive to civilians working with the military and members of the Afghan National Army.

Taliban insurgents behind helicopter crash killed in airstrike

The men responsible for the killing of 30 Americans in Afghanistan have been confirmed dead after a US military airstrike.

Soldiers' Glee audition video becomes YouTube sensation

British troops stationed in Afghanistan have spent their free time creating, filming and editing their own music video using the Journey song 'Don't Stop Believin' featured on the first season of the hit show Glee and it's become a YouTube sensation.

Wikileaks documents further disrupt U.S. relations with Pakistan

A batch of classified documents from Guantanamo Bay has been released through the Wikileaks website. Among the documents are interrogation reports from more than 700 detainees believed to be affiliated with Pakistani and Islamic intelligence groups.

Yemen al-Qaeda branch poses greatest terror threat to West, U.S.

The relatively new branch of al-Qaeda operatives based in Yemen have evolved from Osama bin Laden's ideology of attacking targets of significance in favor of striking whenever and wherever opportunity is present, a media report states.

Soldier investigated for video taunting Iraqi kids

Washington - A disturbing video of Iraqi children being harassed with offensive language and questions was filmed by a soldier stationed in Iraq. He then posted it to Facebook and YouTube. It was just discovered and the clip is now being publicly criticized.

Top Taliban leader killed by air strike in Pakistan

A senior Taliban general is said to have been killed in northern Pakistan according to reports. Maulana Faqir Mohammed is believed to have been hit in a targeted strike against Taliban militants.

Mathew Hoh, State Department Official Resigns Over Afghan War

The resignation of Matthew P. Hoh, Senior Civilian Representative, Zabul Province, Afghanistan was announced by the U.S. Department of State earlier today. He resigned September 10, 2009.

War Resistor Successfully Challenges 'Misconduct' Charge Special

War Resistor Sgt Chiroux successfully challenged his misconduct hearing, facing down the U.S. Army and offering a potential "green light" for other soldiers challenging the legality of U.S. action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mental health time-bomb building up in US from Iraq veterans

The toll of the US' wars abroad is creating a mental-health time bomb. Over the past year, so many veterans have chosen to end their own life that the VA Hospital in Amarillo, Texas started a suicide prevention program.

Nine American Soldiers Killed in Latest Attack on US Base in Afganistan

Reportedly the deadliest attack in three years, nine US soldiers are killed and fifteen wounded in this latest attack in Afganistan.

Dark Clouds Forming As Winter Approaches In Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD (dpa) - After ten years of Soviet occupation and another decade of civil war, few observers thought the situation in Afghanistan could get any worse. Yet it is poised to do so. This month a harsh winter is bringing another year of fighting...

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A member of the Drug Enforcement Administration s specialized tactical unit known as the  FAST team ...
A member of the Drug Enforcement Administration's specialized tactical unit known as the "FAST team" searches for additional suspects, weapons, narcotics and other contraband during a raid on a residence in Afghanistan.
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