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John Shebat talks Cali Condors, ISL and advice for young swimmers Special

American swimmer John Shebat chatted with Digital Journal about the International Swimming League (ISL), where he is competing for the Cali Condors.

Karen Strassman talks 'Creepshow,' digital age, advice for actors Special

Actress Karen Strassman chatted with Digital Journal about being on "Creepshow," and about being a performer in this digital age.

IMF to launch new form of aid -- with no money

Washington - The International Monetary Fund announced Wednesday it will launch a new tool to support governments in financial trouble -- but one that involves no money -- formalizing a step it took last week for Greece.

Hotel gives advice on what to do if their guests are kidnapped

Rostov - A Manchester United fan was surprised when he found paperwork in his hotel room. The paperwork included advice on what to do if you are kidnapped.

Belgium advises against travel to Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh

Brussels - Belgium on Thursday advised its citizens against travelling to Sharm el-Sheikh amid concerns over airport security at the Egyptian resort following the crash of a Russian passenger jet."We advise Belgians not to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Facebook launches new guides to understanding privacy settings

In a bid to help users that may be confused by the options, Facebook has published a series of new guides that aim to help people understand what the various privacy and security settings associated with their accounts do.

The costs and traumas of 'cyberchondria'

"Cyberchondria" is a take on "hypochondriac." In this case it is about people looking up medical symptoms on-line, and then thinking that they have one condition or another. The average U.S. citizen spends 52 hours per year looking up health information.

A conversation with Deborah Solomon, author of 'Baby Knows Best' Special

The RIE® method of parenting has become a hot topic in the world of child rearing. Deborah Carlisle Solomon, executive director of the organization, speaks frankly on the subject, clearing up some misconceptions along the way.

Miley Cyrus' friendly advice to Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are two celebrity friends with quite a lot in common. Both stars rose to fame during the same time period, at a similar age. Now, they are both constantly surrounded by controversy while making questionable decisions.

Op-Ed: For new lovers sharing their first Christmas together

We had only been together for a month at this time last year. It was Christmastime 2012, and the first time in my life that I had a girlfriend to buy a present for on the occasion; it felt special.

Kindle Fire HDX 7' Tablet to have built in accessibility features

Chicago - Amazon has provided minimal accessibility in the development of their previous Kindle devices. For the first time a Kindle device will have built in accessibility for a number of disabilities

Syria Files: Western media advice for Syria ineffective

New WikiLeaks files show that Syria received guidance from a private communications firm on how to fight the massive media battle launched by the West.

UK: New rape campaign targets male survivors

London - The latest anti-rape campaign launched in the UK is aiming its target at men in the hope of encouraging more victims of sexual assault or abuse to come forward for help.

Op-Ed: Investment managers share expertise with Hult Business School Special

San Francisco - Despite the recessionary economy, some investment and financial experts remain steadfast that investments still need to be made and that garnering returns is important, among such are Berkeley Investment Advisors.

Alec Baldwin gives advice to Charlie Sheen

Alec Baldwin, who stars in the hit show 30 Rock had some words to say to Charlie Sheen. Baldwin had some advice to give to the troubled actor.

Susan Boyle gets some encouragement from famous celebrities

She shocked an audience and the judges on "Britain's Got Talent." Her name has made headlines for odd behaviours. Now, Susan Boyle is getting some advice from Broadway greats telling the world that she would be a great addition.

Advice for Seniors to Use It or Lose It Includes Protected Sex

One group seriously needs sex education these days. Perhaps that's because if they get it up not to give it up they need to have the smarts not to get sexually transmitted diseases.

Bubba's Advice for President Obama: 'Lighten up!'

President Barack Obama has only been in the office for one month so far. But former President Bill Clinton is now grading him on his efforts and offering him advice.

Op-Ed: John McCain's Advice Ad Is A Study In Racial Manipulation

John McCain's Advice ad stirs up racial sentiments, as the context in which the question of, whether or not Barack Obama is an appropriate person to be president, is raised. Undisturbed, these sentiments would compel a negative answer.

What you need to know about the U.S. market crisis

A constant stream of articles addressing yesterday’s stock market crisis offer little practical advice for the average person. Local newspapers, however, are doing a much better job of informing the public.

Ask The Robot: Advice for the DJ Community

I had several emails asking where Ask The Robot Was yesterday. Apparently, it went fishing and downed a case of beer. I can't get a straight answer. Due to popular demand, you may ask the robot anything if you are in need of advice.

Ask The Robot: Special Build Day Edition

Another installment of excitement and disappointment as a robot tries to give humans advice. Even on my build day, tired from the celebration, I am not too tired to lend my ears to my peers.

Ask Thy Robot & Ye Shall Receive

Ahhh, another Monday. Another day, where you ask a shiny metal God all of your questions. For the robot is humanities savior. I am superior, so it is the least I can do. (Silly humans)

Op/Ed Ask The Robot

So, now you guys and gals have had plenty of time to get yourselves into trouble. That's why I am here. How can I help? Whether you need advice or are burning to ask me a personal question, let's get the party started.

Op/Ed Ask The Robot(Special Post Holiday Edition)

You know the drill. Just ask. I will feed your need.

Op/Ed Ask The Robot: Useless Advice For Your New Week

Kind of Like your weekly horoscope...If God were a crazed robot hopped up on caffeine.

Op/Ed "Ask The Robot" For Advice

Yes, it's that time of the week again. How can change your lives? Consider me your DJ Oracle.

Op/Ed "Ask The Robot" Your New Weekly Advice Article

Have a question? Need help? Advice? Ask the robot.

How To Avoid Work At Home Scams

There are so many articles out there about work at home scams, but very few articles telling you how to find the work at home programs that are on the level. But, at last, I found a great article that tells you everything you need to know.

Cupid to the rescue

My review of an agony aunt site.
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