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Q&A: How private search can curb retargeted political ads Special

For many people, political advertising is a huge privacy concern: candidates are buying data about you that’s culled not only from social media sites but also from your search history, says Robert Beens, CEO of Startpage.

Google agrees to tighten up on political adverts

To address criticism and suspicion in relation to online advertising, Google is to tighten its political advertising policies ahead of 2019 European Union elections.

Google switches on Chrome's built-in ad blocker

Google has enabled Chrome's controversial built-in ad blocker in an update released today. Starting with Chrome version 64, the browser will now automatically remove ads that Google deems to be intrusive. Users cannot globally disable the setting.

Facebook clamps down on cryptocurrency ads

Facebook's announced a change to its ad policies that bans ads for products including cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The company said online cryptocurrency promotions are often "misleading or deceptive," adding it wants to remove scams from its platform.

Facebook to bombard 1.2 billion Messenger users with gigantic ads

Facebook has announced it is commencing the global rollout of Messenger adverts. Facebook has previously left Messenger out of its ad network but now the potential revenue to be made from its 1.2 billion users has proved irresistible.

Facebook to cut down on 'shocking' and 'malicious' content

Facebook is adjusting the way it ranks posts in the News Feed to help filter out content that people may find offensive or abusive. The company is targeting links to websites that contain clickbait, misleading headlines and low-quality ads.

Google plans to add a built-in ad blocker to Chrome

Google is planning to add a built-in ad-blocking feature to its Chrome web browser, according to a report. It will be available on Chrome's desktop and mobile apps and could be unveiled next month. It's already facing scrutiny from industry bodies.

YouTube blocks ads on channels with less than 10,000 views

In an effort to weed out bad actors, such as people uploading copyrighted content, YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until their channel reaches 10,000 views.

Ad blocker Shine to become ad platform Rainbow

The application Shine has, for a long time, offered ad blocking software to web users. Now, in a surprising u-turn, the platform is to be relaunched as a a service with adverts.

Google takes aim at bad ads that deceive you and hide malware

Google has revealed it banned nearly two billion bad ads during 2016. The company has published a set of statistics that highlight how prevalent malicious advertising has become. It is developing new technologies to remove offending ads.

Spotify Free caught streaming malicious adverts to users

Spotify is inadvertently infecting users' computers with malware, according to a spate of reports from customers. The company's network has been compromised by malicious adverts that are displayed in the free version of the Spotify client.

AdBlock Plus to start selling 'acceptable' ads

AdBlock Plus, the popular browser extension that allows users to block intrusive or distracting adverts, has announced its own ad marketplace. It will allow publishers to buy "acceptable" ads that will be displayed to users with the extension installed.

Ad blocking threatens the open web, 90 percent increase in 2015

There are now more people using ad blockers on smartphones than desktop PCs, according to a new report. The use of ad blockers on mobile devices rose 90 percent last year, representing a serious threat to the revenues of content publishers worldwide.

UK mobile operator Three to block online adverts automatically

UK mobile operator Three is to begin automatically blocking all adverts on mobile websites across Three UK and Three Italy. The controversial move aims to give customers "more control, choice and transparency" but is concerning to publishers.

Brave web browser has automatic ad block, built by ex-Mozilla CEO

Brendan Eich, founder and ex-CEO of Mozilla, has announced a new web browser for desktop and mobile devices that blocks adverts by default, replacing annoying and intrusive ones with ads more applicable to the user.

Google aims to make phones load websites 'instantaneously'

Google has announced the start of an ambitious project to make web pages load faster on mobile devices while still protecting ad revenue for the content publishers. Accelerated Mobile Pages is launching as a tech preview from today.

Instagram announces adverts are coming to UK, Canada & Australia

Following a successful trial in the US last year, photo-sharing network Instagram has announced that uses in the UK, Canada and Australia will all be seeing adverts appearing in the app "later this year".

Sexist ad causes problems for Barcelona International Comic Fair

Barcelona - Certain minimum specifications, including bust size, have caused problems for the Barcelona international comic fair. The "Salón International del Cómic de Barcelona" is happening in the city in May and organizers are in trouble with local unions.

New DC Metro ads expose ExxonMobil oil spill in Arkansas

Washington - Environmental groups are urging the State Department to stop construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Starting from Monday, consumer watchdog organization, is placing ads in the DC metro system, exposing images of the Arkansas oil spill.

Anti-Jihad ads heading for Washington, DC

Washington - In a court ruling, it was decided that anti-Jihad adverts could be displayed in the Washington, DC metro, as has already been done in New York City and San Francisco.

Jewish & Christian groups respond to anti-Muslim NYC subway ads

New York - Three different groups are responding to the launch of anti-Muslim ads in the New York City subways last month, by hanging posters of their own, right next to the "hate ads."

New advert for chickens in France ruffles French Police feathers

Two years after first creating a stir with an advertising campaign, French brand Loué chickens has, once again, been the subject of clucking disapproval from a French police chief.

Sexy deodorant ads could be banned in India

Television channels in India were warned not to air deodorant adverts which the information ministry has been deemed to be too sexual.

Scare Tactics or Facts? New Ad Campaign Against Obesity in UK

Did the Department of Health in the UK try to scare mothers from giving their children sweets? The agency recently spent 500,000 pounds to place two adverts in women's weekly magazines that made treats look like a demon meal.

Websites At Dawn - How eBay Got Sick Of Google

Like the Clash of the Titans, the massive auction website, eBay has thrown out its deal with equally big Google and their ads, and it is all over a night out on the tiles where one was trying to out do the other with glitz and an A list guest list

UK versions of Apple getamac Adverts

UK versions of the Apple getamac adverts, hmmmmm... take a look to see the difference.

Apple/Microsoft Adverts - Notice any similarities?

Apple and Microsoft's TV advertisements are strangely similar... now the question is who copied who?

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