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Adultery News

Ashley Madison says site growing, insists women are using

Ottawa - Embattled dating-for-cheaters website Ashley Madison insisted Monday that a massive hack and release of user data had not affected the site's prospects, with hundreds of thousands of new members -- including real women.

Ashley Madison boss steps down after data breach

Ottawa - The chief executive of dating-for-adulterers website Ashley Madison stepped down on Friday after hackers leaked its membership list online.

Op-Ed: Ashley Madison: Creating adulterers across the world

When I first heard that a dating site had been hacked and the user information had been stolen I was initially unperturbed. Then I found out what site it was and what it does.

Adultery website Ashley Madison hacked in shutdown bid

Washington - Hackers breached the online adultery website Ashley Madison and threatened to expose data on users in an effort to shut down the service which claims millions of members worldwide.

Website for cheaters explodes in South Korea

Seoul - Ashley Madison is a cheating website that allows people to have affairs behind their partners' backs. It was once closed down in South Korea, but it's back.

South Korea decriminalises adultery

Seoul - South Korea's Constitutional Court on Thursday struck down a controversial adultery law which for more than 60 years had criminalised extra-marital sex and jailed violators for up to two years.

South Korea blocks Ashley Madison adultery website

Seoul - South Korea has blocked the newly launched Korean version of the global adultery hook-up site Ashley Madison, saying Wednesday that it threatened family values in a country where marital infidelity is a crime.

Five tests show your man may want sex with other women

Too often a man's infidelity is blamed on weak character or an unhappy marriage. Now through research another explanation is offered.

Woman accused of adultery publicly executed in Afghanistan

A man believed to be a member of the Taliban shot and killed a woman accused of adultery in front of a cheering crowd near the Afghan capital of Kabul.

Op-Ed: Affairs made Newt 'more normal, electable' than Romney

It was on the Christian Broadcasting Network that GOP presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich admitted that it was his "love of America" that caused him to cheat on his wives.

Man could receive death penalty for adultery with ex-wife

Jeddah - Under strict sharia law a Saudi man could be stoned to death for committing adultery with his ex-wife, who was unaware he had divorced her.

Afghanistan imprisons woman for not reporting rape quickly enough

Kabul - A 21-year-old Afghan woman is serving prison sentence for not reporting quickly enough that she was raped. Gulnaz was raped by her cousin's husband in 2009, but she was convicted of adultery instead and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Op-Ed: Adultery, crime and underage sex — More soap mayhem

Each of Britain's three leading soap operas currently has a teenage pregnancy storyline; 'Emmerdale' has more than a touch of adultery, while in 'EastEnders', the evil Yusef Khan continues to play Dr Jekyll in the surgery and Mr Hyde at home.

Afghanistan: Mother and daughter stoned to death for adultery

Ghazni - Taliban gunmen stoned and then shot to death an Afghan mother and daughter they accused of "moral deviation and adultery." The killing happened in the Khawaja Hakim area of Ghazni city on Thursday.

Op-Ed: Jihad in Albert Square — Moslems v 'Gays' in Eastenders

In 'Eastenders', an Islamic conspiracy has succeeded in breaking up the Square's odd 'couple'; in 'Emmerdale', the local vicar has an unpleasant 50th birthday present; while hearts are breaking in 'Coronation Street'.

Op-Ed: Dying dogs, false abuse claims, and bucolic adultery in soapland

The unreal world of Britain's leading soap operas is calm at the moment, apart from a spot of adultery or three, a convicted murderess released on bail, and a dog whose vet bills bankrupt its owner before it is put to sleep.

US church urges married couples to ‘have more sex,’ causes tussle

Joplin - A church in Joplin, Missouri has created an uproar over billboards and a website urging married couples to increase their sexual activities in order to avoid sinful temptations like adultery and pornography.

Sakineh Ashtiani sentenced to execution by hanging

Teheran - The attorney general of Iran announced Monday that Sakineh Ashtiani Mohamadi, the Iranian woman accused of adultery and complicity in the murder of her husband, has been sentenced to death for the second crime and will die by hanging.

Iran: Ashtiani Sakineh also charged in the murder of her husband

Tehran - Ashtiani Sakineh Mohammadi, the Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery and whose case has caused a wave of protests in the international community is also being tried as accomplice in the murder of her husband.

Iranian woman escapes stoning (graphic video)

Tehran - Protesters around the world raced to stop the stoning of a woman who was wrongly convicted of adultery in Iran. The Islamic Penal Code lists stoning as punishment for this crime. A world call for help has been answered and for now her life has been saved.

Jesse James claims he wanted to be caught

Jesse James has come forward during an interview and is claiming that he wanted to be caught, and that he knew full well what he was doing was wrong.

Colder-than-normal winter has Brits looking for online love

The United Kingdom, along with many other European countries, is being hit with the one of the coldest winter in years. Online dating sites have reported a surge in membership that correlates to the weather.

Britain Grants Asylum to Saudi Princess Who Feared Death Penalty

A Saudi Arabian woman, married to a member of the country's ruling family, has been granted asylum in Britain after she told the courts there that she faced possible death by stoning if she returned to the Middle East state.

Op-Ed: How the Sexual Hypocrisy of Politicians Hurts Everyone

The "moral majority" in the U.S. took over the Republican Party and dominated government for years. Under a values banner, torture was excused, aggressive war applauded, and opposing views condemned. Sexual hypocrisy was wrapped in those values.

Sen. Ensign’s Adultery Called Hypocrisy with Demands He Resign

In another scandal reflecting what some people call hypocrisy in politicians, Republican John Ensign of Nevada has admitted to an extra marital affair. This time he hasn't been criticized just by the liberal press but by conservatives as well.

Two jailed in Dubai for adultery

A woman from the United Kingdom was today found guilty of adultery in a court in Dubai. The mum of two will now face two months in jail.

Jailed Sally Antia being fed maggot-infested food

Arrested on May 2 outside a ritzy hotel in Dubai, the British expatriate, working in the corporate entertainment industry, was charged on account of adultery. In her first interview from jail, she describes her horrifying prison experience.

Brit expat arrested on account of adultery

A second case of its type in a year in Dubai, Sally Antia, originally from Hale, Merseyside had been living in the UAE for 12 years. Married and a mother of two, she was arrested for charges of adultery.

Man convicted of adultery stoned to death in Iran

A man was stoned to death in Iran for committing adultery while the woman involved in the case was spared as she repented, the judiciary said on Tuesday.

British woman imprisoned after alleged adultery

Dubai – In the West it would be unimaginable but it is reality in Dubai. In the emirate a British woman has been sentenced to three months imprisonment because she is alleged to have committed adultery.
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Guantanamo military commission court room.
Guantanamo military commission court room.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Thompson
A woman accused of adultery squats in front of a crowd before her public execution in a village outs...
A woman accused of adultery squats in front of a crowd before her public execution in a village outside Kabul
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