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How fake news is changing social media and search online

Fake news has been a stumbling point for internet companies since it came to the attention of the world last year. As the problem continues to spread, social networks and search providers are still devising ways of holding back and reversing the tide.

Google confirms that Chrome is getting a built-in ad blocker

Google has announced significant changes to its approach to online advertising. Confirming previous rumours, it has said it will enable automatic ad blocking in Chrome next year. It will also withdraw its own ads from sites that use them irresponsibly.

Google says the EU doesn't understand how people shop online

Google has rejected the EU's investigation into its search shopping links for the second time. The company said its features are not anti-competitive and reflect the way people use the web. It suggested the EU doesn't understand how online retail works.

Nasty Android malware spreads through Google's online ad network

Security researchers have discovered a severe form of malware that is spreading quickly through Google's online ad network. Targeting Android users, the malware downloads as soon as a user visits a page with an infected ad, making it a serious threat.

Op-Ed: AdSense rips ads from antiwar site because of Abu Ghraib photos

Mountain View - The antiwar site,, has been informed by Google Adsense that all ads on its website have been disabled. The site claims that this is because it has a page that has photos of the abuse by US troops at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

SYMAN search makes all search methods obsolete? It just might Special

Sydney - Imagine a search which is 100% relevant, accurate, and can extract defined data about the subject. SYMAN produces a virtual shopping list of information. I did a web conference and an interview with Identified, SYMAN’s proud but modest parents.

Op-Ed: Google, Adsense and Scientology: The Unholy Trinity?

The Internet has recently been seeing a massive advertising campaign by the Church of Scientology. It has been noticed by many Internet users and efforts to find out more about it from Google and Adsense have resulted in some rather surprising results.

Google DreamAds Overlay Ads In Dreams

Google has adapted technology that allows advertising to appear during your REM sleep as a footer overlay to your dream. According to scientists, things seen in dreams are 10 times more influential than in real life.

Adsense Ads Are A Diversion

Google Adsense Ads are a diversion for some online marketer sites. And can be promoting brand confusion to your users.

How much money can you earn from Digital Journal?

An interesting review of Digital Journal .. which tells you how much you can expect to make from this website. Good observation from a purely monetary perspective.

Need free blog traffic and links? Try the Z-List.

The Z list is a very popular blog meme that has received a lot of buzz on the internet. This sees bloggers creating and sharing a list of many links to blogs in a single post. Very great way for bloggers to get lots of free traffic and backlinks..

New ChaCha AdAgent lets you advertisers reach new audience

Looking to reach a target audience with pay-per-click search advertising? Don't want to spend a fortune trying to build traffic to your site? ChaCha's new AdAgent maybe just for you!

Earning Money as a Citizen Journalist

In depth review of Citizen Bay, a website that allows users to earn money by reporting events or news on their city online.

Making Money by Giving Advice Online

A review of Bitwine, a website that allows to make money online by offering advice to other internet users.

Google Ads: do you click them?

I'm really curious about those little Google Ads that appear on sites everywhere, including DJ.

Google Adsense Guide

What is it? The first question everyone asks is “Is it free?” Google AdSense is 100% free. It is the program where you, as the website owner can help Google show advertisements. Google pays you a part of the money they make. They are the adverti...

10 Best Wordpress Plugins for Google Adsense

Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program. Wordpress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins. Listed below are 10 best Adsense plugins which help you work smarter with wordpr

$10,000 day from Ad-Sense. How one guy's doing it.

Markus Frind, the owner of the free dating site has been pulling in $10,000 a day from Adsense.

Will Google click fraud increase with Custom Search Engines?

Google’s latest “innovation,” the “Google Custom Search Engine,” not only brings “the power of Google search” to the masses, it turns the masses into AdSense entrepreneurs.

Google Adsense to capture One in Four Online Ad Dollars

Adsense will bring in over $4 billion dollars for Google by the end of 2006

Making Big Money Through Google Adsense

Click on the link to check out this guy's Google Adsense check. Crazy.

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