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Adoption News

Colombia court puts restrictions on adoptions by gays

Estanzuela - Colombia's Constitutional Court has put stringent limits on adoption by gay couples, saying it would be allowed only if one partner is already the child's biological parent.

Portuguese parliament votes against gay couples adopting

Lisbon - Portugal's parliament on Thursday rejected draft laws to allow gay couples to adopt children, despite a strong vote in favour by the left-wing Socialists which left the margin smaller than ever.

Colombia court allows lesbian adoption

Estanzuela - Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled Thursday that a lesbian woman could adopt her long-time partner's daughter, though the ruling does not apply to gay adoption in all circumstances.

Chile creates DNA bank for Pinochet-era adoptions probe

Santiago - Chilean authorities have created a bank of DNA data to help investigate suspected illegal adoptions under the regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet, in power 1973 to 1990.

Video: Nathan the dog goes Gangnam Style for adoption

Greenville - You probably wouldn't want to watch yet another Gangnam Style parody video, there's been so many. But hey, you haven't seen Nathan doing his thing yet. He's the very best so far!

Russia's anti-gay adoption laws affect Canadian couple

Halifax - The only thing Pam and Adam Webber want more than the child they were excitedly awaiting, is a change in Russia’s international adoption laws.

Adoption 2013: A coach paves the way Special

Steve Jobs hasn’t been gone long, but his legacy will endure. He was adopted. So were Nelson Mandela, comedian Jeff Dunham, figure skater Scott Hamilton, former First Lady Nancy Reagan and Moses.

High court rebuffs Cherokee dad in adoption case

The Supreme Court has denied the plea of Dusten Brown, the Cherokee father who is fighting the adoption of his 3-year-old daughter by a couple in South Carolina.

Mom forced daughter, 14, to be her surrogate mother

Since she couldn't have children herself, a mother forced her 14-year-old adopted daughter to be her surrogate mother, forcing the teen to inseminate herself with donor sperm for a period of two years.

Appeals court rules man cannot adopt his girlfriend

A man who had adopted his adult girlfriend, only a few years younger than he, has just learned he cannot remain as her father.

Adoption war between white and black mothers

Anna Kopo now wants the girl back that she gave up for adoption in 2009, tearing the heart out of Deborah Kirsten-Mey, the mother who adopted the child as a baby.

Thousands demonstrate in Moscow in support of adoption ban

On March 2nd, thousands of people took to the streets of Moscow to support a ban on adoptions of Russian children by United States (U.S.) citizens.

Wonky, a disabled Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy needs new home

Leeds - The photos below show Wonky, an 11-week-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. She was abandoned on the street soon after she was born. As you can see from the photos, she is disabled, but needs a new home.

Reconnection brings mother and daughter together Special

Toronto - Anne Dranitsaris and daughter Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard have an amazing relationship recently co-authoring the book What You Were Meant To Be. Some may not know is that their life as mom and daughter didn't start until Heather was an adult.

International Cat Day: 10 years of clawing, meowing across globe

Toronto - Although many claim a dog to be man's best friend, a cat can be just as great a pet as the hound. Today is International Cat Day, a day to celebrate cats all around the world, whether they are a Tabby, Calico or Manx.

David Cameron plans to tackle adoptions 'absurd barriers'

David Cameron is pushing for plans that will help speed up the adoption system, whilst at the same time removing the "absurd barriers" of mixed race adoption.

Foster care children wait for their forever family

This Saturday is National Adoption Day in the United States. On this day courts and communities finalize adoptions of many children who are living in foster care. Over 100,000 children in foster care wait for a 'forever family'.

Lincoln County Jail adopts cats to relieve inmate stress

North Platte - Inmates in the Lincoln County Jail have some four-legged companions as cell-mates after the Sheriff recently approved the adoption of two cats from a local animal shelter to help relieve inmate stress and assist in their rehabilitation.

Op-Ed: Potty-mouthed parrot needs new owner

Edmonton - Monty, the foul-mouthed parrot, is looking for a new home. Since it seems that Monty is a parrot with an attitude, doesn’t like kids, and happens to be rather picky about who handles him, finding Monty a home may prove to be quite the challenge.

Op-Ed: So who are the real parents?

Tomorrow in North America mothers will be celebrated on Mother's Day. Some mothers, like my own, didn't go through labour instead they gifted a child with their presence through adoption.

Toe-eating dog quarantined and awaiting adoption

Roseburg - An Oregon dog responsible for eating three infected and diseased toes off the foot of his diabetic owner has been turned over to a pet adoption center where he is now quarantined for a mandatory ten days. After, he will available adoption.

Charity says bigotry towards gay parents means kids miss out

A leading UK children’s charity says young people in need of adoption are losing out because of bigotry towards gay parents.

30,000 Canadian kids in foster home waiting for home

Almost all Canadians are aware that there are kids out there waiting to be adopted and 43 per cent say that they would consider adopting. The sad truth though is only one per cent of Canadian families actually adopt.

Nova Scotians encouraged to adopt children

Halifax - November is Adoption Awareness Month across Canada and the United States. Even though recruitment efforts are made year-round, during November families are encouraged to consider adopting a child.

Source says Sandra Bullock to adopt another child

Just months after adopting her first child actress, Sandra Bullock is making plans to add an infant daughter to her family claims a source.

Brooklyn Ohio Animal Shelter to hold 'Furry Friends Festival'

The Brooklyn Animal Shelter located at 8300 Memphis Avenue In Brooklyn, Ohio will hold the "Furry Friends Festival on Sunday August 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A unique cat sponsorship program at Stay-A-While Cat Shelter

The Stay-A-While Cat Shelter in Ohio is taking a fresh approach to connecting rescue animals to humans, with a unique sponsorship program.

Op-Ed: Russian Orphans’ Heartbreak of Adoption

Moscow - It’s not simply a domestic dilemma, and may become an international crisis. Adopting a child is a lifetime commitment and not an import/export business transaction. A child should not and cannot be treated as return merchandise without a sales receipt.

Angelina Jolie shuns Haiti adoptions

Despite having three adopted children of her own from abroad, Angelina Jolie, in her capacity as UN Goodwill Ambassador, warned against adopting children from Haiti.

Aid groups want adoptions of children from Haiti to cease

Three leading aid groups working to bring relief to the people of Haiti have appealed for an end to the adoption of children from the Caribbean country, saying that many children have become separated from their families but are not orphans.
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David Furnish  husband of singer Elton John – the couple recently became parents
David Furnish, husband of singer Elton John – the couple recently became parents
Creative Commons
Evgeny and Svetlana live in Ukraine.  They have 11 children  nine are adopted and seven of these ado...
Evgeny and Svetlana live in Ukraine. They have 11 children, nine are adopted and seven of these adopted children are HIV-positive.
FAMOUS: Habakuka  the street cat who achieved fame after being featured in last year s Amazon book  ...
FAMOUS: Habakuka, the street cat who achieved fame after being featured in last year's Amazon book "Cute Cats From Around The World" by Alex Rosel, lounges confidently at her home in Jerusalem.
zeevveez/Wikimedia Commons
Evgeny and Svetlana live in Ukraine.  They have 11 children  nine are adopted and seven of these ado...
Evgeny and Svetlana live in Ukraine. They have 11 children, nine are adopted and seven of these adopted children are HIV-positive.