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JFK diary called Hitler 'legend' who would 'emerge from hatred'

John F. Kennedy wrote in his diary in 1945 that the genocidal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler "had in him the stuff of which legends are made" and would “emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.”

Chantel Riley: Nala in the Broadway production of 'The Lion King' Special

The young starlet has played Nala in 'The Lion King' for the best part of four years, having previously done it in Germany. In 2015, she took time off to film 'Race,' a new movie about the life and times of athlete Jesse Owens.

Hockey coach fired for posting pro-Nazi propaganda on Facebook

Vancouver - A hockey coach has been fired after his employer discovered his Facebook page was a tribute to the Nazis and contained extreme views. Christopher Maximilian Saundau maintains that the Nazis were doing their best to save the Jews.

Coffee cream with Hitler on the label causes Swiss uproar

Zurich - A creamy controversy has reared its head in Switzerland Wednesday after the Swiss retailer Migros supplied a range of coffee cream pots, with the faces of both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini on the labels, to local coffee shops and restaurants.

Op-Ed: The Re-History of the Muslim Brotherhood - Part 1

Recently, the Muslim Brotherhood has made news with their actions in Egypt. However, this is only another attempt in a long line of attempts to conquer.

French WWII veteran benefits from sale of Hitler's photo albums

La Roche-sur-yon - Paul Gerbi, 92, made over €10,000 on Friday by selling four photo albums he took from the mountain retreat of Adolf Hitler towards the end of World War II. He had kept them as a "souvenir," but has now made a good sale.

Public-funded Texas school teaches Holocaust rooted in evolution

Houston - A publicly-funded charter high school in Texas is teaching students with an anti-science textbook that implies the Holocaust has roots in Darwin's theory of evolution.

Hitler's last bodyguard dies in Germany

Rochus Misch, Hitler's personal guard who witnessed the dictator's final few hours of life, has died in Germany. He was 96.

New footage shows Hitler taking office as Chancellor 80 years ago

Berlin - Today, Germany marks the 80th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power. New footage shows Adolf Hitler taking office as German Chancellor exactly 80 years ago today on January 30, 1933.

Germany commemorates Hitler's rise to power 80 years on

Berlin - January 30 is the 80th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's appointment as German Chancellor, marking his rise to power. Germany is commemorating the anniversary with a series of events to remind Germans they must continue to take responsibility for Nazi crimes.

Video: Adolf Hitler goes berserk over poor iPhone 5 innovation

Watch the Fuhrer, famous for his tantrums, blow a fuse when his generals tell him about the new iPhone 5. In fierce anger, he berates Apple over poor innovation in the new iPhone 5. He rages: "Who the hell's in charge of their research, the janitor?"

Op-Ed: IMDb present Hitler as a writer and star with miscellaneous crew

When looking for information on films and TV serials, stars and producers on the comprehensive and popular movie site IMDb, you can now add Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goerring to your watch list and check into their message boards if you wish.

Tombstones of Hitler's parents removed from Austrian cemetery

Vienna - The graves of Alois and Klara Hitler, parents of the notorious Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, have been taken down at the request of an unknown descendant of Alois' first wife. The monument was attracting neo-Nazis who congregated there.

Hitler shampoo commercial gets blasted

Istanbul - In keeping with the adage that there's no such thing as a bad advertisement, an Istanbul ad agency created a truly striking shampoo commercial with the "endorsement" of an historical figure: Adolf Hitler, who was cast as a symbol of virility.

'Compelling evidence' suggests Adolf Hitler fathered a French son

Adolf Hitler may be one of the most hated men in history, but one French woman is said to have loved the man, allegedly giving birth to the future Führer's lovechild.

Dictator art: Painting by Nazi Adolf Hitler fetches $42,300 U.S.

A closed internet auction for VIP collectors conducted by the Slovak auction house, Darte, has sold a painting by Nazi Adolf Hitler for $42,300. Hitler, who died in a bunker in Berlin at the close of the second world war, had fancied himself an artist.

Plans to sell Mein Kampf extracts in Germany dropped

Munich - A plan by a publisher to sell extracts from Adolf Hitler's book “Mein Kampf” (“My Struggle”) on the streets of Germany has been withdrawn following a series of complaints.

How 4-year-old Adolf Hitler was saved from drowning in River Inn

Passau - According to a newly-discovered German newspaper of 1894, a boy, Johann Kuehberger, might have changed the course of history with a good Samaritan deed. He saved a 4-year-old from drowning in icy water. The boy he saved is alleged to be Adolf Hitler.

Op-Ed: 'Mein Kampf' and Auschwitz in the London 'Jewish News'

The front page of 'the jewish news' issue No 719 expresses outrage at the use of the word Auschwitz and the sale of 'Mein Kampf'. Perhaps people should do a bit of research before they exhibit righteous indignation.

Hitler, 23, fled to Liverpool to avoid service in Austrian army

Liverpool - A new book by Mike Unger, claims a 23 year old Adolf Hitler fled to Liverpool from Germany to avoid service in the Austrian army before World War I, living in a flat in Toxteth, Liverpool, with his married half-brother Alois from Nov. 1912 to April 1913.

Another newborn removed from the parents of Adolf Hitler Campbell

Trenton - White supremacist couple Heath and Deborah Campbell, who acquired international notoriety for naming their son after the infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, have lost custody of another baby within hours of its birth.

Swedish sale of Hitler paintings halted as fakes

Stockholm - The auction to sell off seven paintings believed to be the work of Adolf Hitler, has been called off as the paintings were found to be fakes.

Hank Williams Jr. retaliates with new song against ESPN, Fox

Nashville - In the wake of the Hank Williams Jr controversy that began with his comments about President Obama on 'Fox and Friends' and ended with his dismissal from Monday Night Football, Hank did what songwriters do best, he wrote and recorded a song about it.

Dr Who meets Adolf Hitler, UK schoolchildren write new episode

Adolf Hitler features in Doctor Who tonight, which returns to TV screens after its summer hiatus. Seven new episodes will comprise the current run, including a mini-episode written by a group of British schoolchildren.

Allies Plotted to Soften Hitler with Secret Estrogen Attack

According to recently declassified files from World War II, the British forces planned to lace Der Fuhrer's food with a female hormone to ease his aggressive tendencies.

Kanye West claims 'people look at me like I'm Hitler' at concert

London - Kanye West, successful American rapper and record producer, performed at the Big Chill Music Festival in London over the weekend. During his performance, West stated that people hate him like he's Adolf Hitler.

Kitten overlooked for adoption due to resemblance to Adolf Hitler

Godmanchester - It has been reported that an abandoned kitten currently being held by animal rescue is being overlooked for adoption due to her similarities to Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler officially becomes persona non grata in birthplace

Braunau - Infamous Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler is now formally persona non grata in his birthplace of Braunau, Austria. The town's council unanimously voted in favor of stripping Hitler of the honorary citizenship 66 years after his death.

German Historical Museum set to open first-ever Hitler exhibit

Berlin - The German Historical Museum is opening Germany's first-ever postwar comprehensive exhibit on Adolf Hitler this week, reports say curators have went to extreme lengths to avoid attracting cheering neo-Nazi's and angry protesters.

DNA tests reveal Hitler descended from Jews, Africans

Adolf Hitler has some Jewish and African blood in him, according to new DNA tests carried out on his relatives. The tests reveal he is biologically linked to the races he sought to murder.
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Chamberlain, Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini, and Ciano signing the Munich Agreement, September 1939, which gave the Sudetenland to Germany.
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At times, the given name of American traitor Arnold has been even less popular with his countrymen than that of Herr Hitler, who never set foot on American soil.
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General Pétain meeting Adolf Hitler in October 1940
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