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Adobe News

Adobe Creative Cloud account caught in data exposure Special

News has been released about Adobe’s exposure of 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts. In response to this latest cloud computing data issue, Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and co-founder of Valimail provides his thoughts.

Adobe introduces Intelligent Alerts for deeper data insights

Adobe introduced an artificial intelligence virtual assistant called Intelligent Alerts which is designed to assist users of Adobe Analytics to detect deeper insights.

Adobe detects manipulated images using AI

Adobe, the company that brought the world Photoshop, has developed an artificial intelligence which can tell whether an image has been manipulated. The platform can identify if an element had been added, moved or cut from an image.

Adobe and Microsoft team up for 'the future of work'

Adobe and Microsoft have announced a partnership designed to define the "future of work" through digital transformation. The two productivity companies are pushing a strategic alliance that will see them work together to digitally transform workforces.

Adobe Flash to be laid to rest in 2020

Adobe has announced it's to end support for its outdated and insecure Flash Player browser plugin by 2020. The long-anticipated decision will force websites and apps that still rely on Flash to transition to new modern standards based on open technology.

Adobe's new app will make you a PDF from just a photo

Adobe has launched a new app that uses the power of your phone's camera to create editable PDFs from photos of documents. Called Adobe Scan, it employs optical character recognition technology to convert written words into printed text in real-time.

Adobe has built 3D digital paint that feels like the real thing

Adobe Research has collaborated with NVIDIA to build the world's first 3D Oil Painting Simulator. The goal of the project, known as "Wetbrush," is to create 3D digital paint that behaves like the real thing down to the feel of it on the virtual canvas.

Microsoft Edge joins Google Chrome, to block Flash automatically

Microsoft has announced that a future version of its Edge web browser will disable non-essential Flash content by default. The move will speed up web browsing and increase security. Flash is regularly hit by critical exploits, including one this week.

Hackers have found yet another 'critical' Flash bug before Adobe

Adobe has warned Flash users that another zero-day vulnerability in the utility is being actively exploited by attackers and could provide access to their computer. The company is developing an update to fix the issue.

Adobe: Patch Flash now to prevent hackers accessing your PC

Adobe has released a critical security update for its Flash media player across all supported platforms. It includes a patch for a gaping security hole being actively exploited by hackers, the latest in a long line of problems with the aging plugin.

Bug in Adobe software deletes the first directory it finds on Mac

An embarrassed Adobe has been forced to admit a critical bug in its Creative Cloud suite of premium design software has been deleting users' files without warning or notice. The company has apologized and issued a new update.

Adobe's Flash expected to be dead and gone by 2018

Adobe Flash, the once popular technology used to create a plethora of interactive videos, games and animations for websites, is expected to be gone entirely within the next two years. The insecure and outdated Flash has been dying a slow death.

Adobe begins to kill Flash, renames developer software to Animate

Adobe has announced it is renaming its Flash Professional software used to produce Flash content to Animate CC. The change reflects the steady decline in usage of Flash and the rise of technologies like HTML5, already supported by the program.

Mali turns to environmentally friendly mud homes to save trees

In Mali's poorest villages, building a house can be a costly venture. It often involves cutting already depleted forests for wood and saving enough money to have corrugated sheetmetal shipped in for a roof.

Op-Ed: WSJ offers awkward definition of content partnership with Adobe

The Wall Street Journal has embarked on an "editorial-like" content marketing program with Adobe, but the news organization appears to be struggling with how to define the nature of the partnership.

Adobe forecasts results above estimates as web subscriptions rise

Adobe Systems Inc, the maker of Photoshop and Acrobat software, forecast current-quarter profit and revenue above analysts' estimates, citing strong demand for its Creative Cloud suite and digital marketing ...

Tech giants conspired to fix wages, employees claim

San Jose - Tech giants Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe will face a class action lawsuit brought by over 64,000 employees who claim Steve Jobs and other executives conspired to hold down wages and stifle career advancement.

Warning issued about Windows XP bug

Microsoft has issued a warning about a bug in Windows XP. The flaw could let attackers take over a computer, and evidence suggests the weakness is being exploited by cyber-criminals.

Review: Light and shadows: Living under Adobe’s Creative Cloud

It was bound to happen: By pitching its products to professionals, it appears Adobe is abandoning individual users. But the individuals must realize that their choices have changed dramatically too

FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

Washington - The Federal Bureau of Investigation release a memo stating activist hackers connected to Anonymous have secretly accessed and stolen sensitive information for U.S. government computers in multiple agencies.

Adobe reports cyber attack affecting 2.9 million customers

Adobe has announced a data security breach affecting their customer accounts, including usernames and passwords and credit card information.

Op-Ed: The gouge goes on — Apple, Microsoft and Adobe accused of evasion

The IT pricing enquiry being held in Canberra isn't happy with information received from some of the world's largest corporations about their pricing policies in Australia. Australian prices are significantly higher than prices overseas.

Australia questions Apple on pricing

Australia’s parliament has called in a number of technology suppliers, including Apple, to a special session to discuss pricing. The focus is to understand why consumers in Australia are paying relatively high prices for tech products.

Op-Ed: Adobe, Microsoft and Google, why do you hate site makers? Special

Sydney - Let’s face it. People expect things to go wrong when trying to do anything. Some piece of software or some server somewhere will get in the way. For a truly hideous online experience, try formatting Word docs and making PDFs.

Is it Real or is it Photoshop? — The Next Revolution In Beauty

"Maybe you're born with it, Nah! I'm pretty sure is Fotoshop." That's just one of the lines from the video parody that's gone viral practically overnight on how magazines deceive readers into striving to achieve an image that does not exist in reality.

Op-Ed: Adobe demonstrates impressive horsepower Special

The software maker specializing in graphics and design maps out its strategy to be the overwhelming favourite to publish anything on cellphones and tablets — in fact, anything with a screen

Adobe unveils Carousel - A 'cloud-based image service'

Adobe - the makers of Photoshop and Premiere - are setting out to push the photo-sharing and editing envelope with Carousel. Right off the bat, it will only be available for Macs and iOS devices, and will have services like iCloud to compete with.

Op-Ed: Forget hype about Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, it’s on subscription

If you’ve been watching with a very cynical eye the various battles around Adobe, the Flash issues, Adobe CS 5.5 and its business model will at least get a smile. Adobe has come up with a game changer.

Op-Ed: Cautionary tale- The risks of buying Adobe software online Special

This article is based on facts that might cost people a lot of money. I got lucky. I got a bona fide retailer who knew I had a licensing problem, and told me. For $300, I could have bought a copy of Adobe’s Creative Suite 4 that I couldn’t use.

Op-Ed: Push your pixels to the next level Special

Tired of ho-hum snapshots and want to get a little more creative? There’s good news: New tools are making it easier to help you work like an advanced amateur without having to break the bank.
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Adobe Image

Using the Adobe Photoshop Touch application on an Apple iPad
Using the Adobe Photoshop Touch application on an Apple iPad
Adobe Systems
An example of Adobe Photoshop s ability to handle difficult lighting conditions and come out with a ...
An example of Adobe Photoshop's ability to handle difficult lighting conditions and come out with a good-quality photo
Adobe Systems Inc.
Project Wetbrush  the world s most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Project Wetbrush, the world's most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Adobe s Photoshop totem: A product being chased by competitors for  individuals.
Adobe's Photoshop totem: A product being chased by competitors for individuals.
Adobe Systems Inc.
Adobe Photoshop Touch for tablets
Adobe Photoshop Touch for tablets
Adobe Scan
Adobe Scan
Adobe Creative Suite 5 and the CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5
Adobe Creative Suite 5 and the CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5
Corel Corp., Adobe Systems
Adobe Animate CC will replace Flash Professional from 2016
Adobe Animate CC will replace Flash Professional from 2016
Adobe Muse  the company s website creation tool
Adobe Muse, the company's website creation tool
Screengrab from Photoshop Live video
Screengrab from Photoshop Live video
YouTube screengrab
Project Wetbrush  the world s most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Project Wetbrush, the world's most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Adobe Illustrator s type tool in action.
Adobe Illustrator's type tool in action.
Adobe Systems Inc.
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection
Courtesy Adobe
Adobe s Creative Cloud totem
Adobe's Creative Cloud totem
Adobe Systems Incorporated
With either of two major photo-editing suites  CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5 and Adobe’s Creative Sui...
With either of two major photo-editing suites, CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5 and Adobe’s Creative Suite 5, you can start to think of yourself as a photographer again, not a snap-shooter.
Corel; Adobe

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