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Yemenis divided by war share hope for peace

Sanaa - Divided by war, one thing unites Yemenis in rebel-held Sanaa and state-controlled Aden -- four years into a conflict that has triggered a tragic humanitarian crisis, people just want peace.

36 dead as tank battle rocks Yemen's 'coup-hit' Aden

Aden - At least 36 people have been killed and 185 wounded in two days of heavy fighting between separatists and government troops in Yemen's interim capital of Aden, the Red Cross said.

Yemen separatists send reinforcements to Aden

Aden - Separatists sent reinforcements to Yemen's southern city of Aden on Monday as fighting continued with government units, security and humanitarian sources said, a day after the secessionists seized government headquarters.

Yemen govt warns of coup as separatists take over headquarters

Aden - Yemen's government accused southern separatists of an attempted coup on Sunday after they took over its headquarters amid fierce clashes in the city of Aden.

Blast hits security post in Yemen govt bastion

Aden - A bombing hit a security post in Yemen's government bastion of Aden on Tuesday, killing and wounding several people, witnesses and police sources said.

IS group claims 'ongoing' attack on Yemen's Aden: statement

Aden - The Islamic State group claimed a major attack Sunday on Yemen's government bastion of Aden, which left eight police officers dead and sparked a hostage crisis that continued well into the day.

Op-Ed: Secessionists in Southern Yemen threaten Saudi-backed government

Aden - Senior tribal, political and military leaders have formed a new council that seeks the secession of the south from the Yemen government of president Mansour Hadi,

IS suicide bomber kills 35 Yemen soldiers

Aden - A suicide bomber killed 35 soldiers and wounded around 50 on Saturday at a military camp in Yemen's southern city of Aden, military and medical sources said.The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack.

IS-claimed bombing against Yemen recruits kills 60

Aden - An Islamic State group militant rammed his explosives-laden car into an army recruitment centre in Aden on Monday, killing 60 people in the deadliest jihadist attack to hit the city in over a year.

IS-claimed bombing against Yemen recruits kills 60

Aden - An Islamic State group militant rammed his explosives-laden car into an army recruitment centre in Aden on Monday, killing 60 people in the deadliest jihadist attack to hit the city in over a year.

IS-claimed bombing against Yemen recruits kills 60

Aden - An Islamic State group militant rammed his explosives-laden car into an army recruitment centre in Aden on Monday, killing 60 people in the deadliest jihadist attack to hit the city in over a year.

22 dead in Yemen triple suicide bombings claimed by IS

Aden - Three suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State group on Friday struck checkpoints of Yemeni loyalist forces in Aden, killing 22 people, including 10 civilians, a security official said.

IS claims deadly Yemen suicide bombings, attack on coalition

Aden - The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for three suicide bombings Friday that targeted Yemeni checkpoints in Aden and what it said was an attack on a nearby base of the pro-government Arab coalition.

Deadly clashes in Yemen's Aden as loyalists press Taez offensive

Aden - At least 17 suspected Al-Qaeda militants and two policemen have been killed in two days of clashes in Aden, the temporary base of Yemen's government, security sources said.

Yemen gun attack 'leaves 16 dead'

Aden - At least 16 people, including four Indian nurses, were killed when gunmen opened fire Friday at an elderly care home in Yemen's main southern city of Aden, security officials said.

Islamic State attacks presidential palace in Yemen

Aden - A suicide car bomber detonated his vehicle as he rammed into cement blocks protecting the gate of the presidential palace in Aden, Yemen, the local police chief Shalal Shaei told Al Jazeera.

Yemen govt declares curfew in Aden after 17 killed in fighting

Aden - Authorities in Yemen's southern city of Aden imposed a curfew on Monday after violence blamed on suspected jihadists killed at least 17 people, pro-government media and security sources said.

Qaeda makes Aden inroads under cover of Yemen conflict

Sanaa - Al-Qaeda's black flag is flying over several official buildings in Yemen's second city Aden as jihadists make inroads in the absence of state authority and with the country mired in conflict.

Al Qaeda seizes part of Yemen port of Aden

Aden - A week ago, officials from exiled president's Mansour Hadi's government, claimed that Aden had been taken from Houthi rebels and that it would be the temporary capital for five years while the rest of the country was retaken from Houthi rebels.

First passenger plane in four months lands in Yemen's Aden

Aden - A passenger plane flew into Aden on Thursday, the first civilian aircraft to land in Yemen's second city in more than four months, airport director Tarek Abdo said.

Op-Ed: UK, UAE, and U.S. diplomats in talks with ex-president of Yemen

Aden - Representatives of Al Abdullah Saleh, the former president of Yemen are talking with diplomats from the United States, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates in negotiations that may help end the war in Yemen, according to a member of Saleh's party.

Yemen's Aden airport reopens with Saudi military plane

Aden - A Saudi military plane landed in Aden on Wednesday as the airport reopened in Yemen's second city after four months of fighting, the transport minister said.

Yemen government in exile sends ministers to Aden

Aden - Several ministers of the government-in-exile of Mansour Hadi arrived by helicopter from Saudi Arabia in preparation for the revival of institutions of state in the city of Aden.

Loyalists advance in Yemen's Aden

Aden - Loyalists of Yemen's exiled president seized more ground in second city Aden on Wednesday after recapturing the airport held by Iran-backed rebels for four months, military sources said.

Deadly clashes rock Yemen as UN raises emergency level

Aden - At least 22 people were killed Thursday in Yemen as fighting raged in the southern port of Aden and Saudi-led warplanes bombed Shiite rebels in the capital Sanaa, officials said.

Saudi-led strikes hit Yemen's Aden as peace talks fail

Aden - Saudi-led warplanes launched dawn raids Saturday against Shiite rebels in Yemen's southern port city of Aden, the military said, hours after peace talks in Geneva ended without agreement.

Op-Ed: Saudi air strikes in Yemen create greater humanitarian disaster

Sanaa - The aim of the Saudi-led operation Decisive Storm is to end Houthi military control of the main Yemeni cities and to return Mansour Hadi to the presidency. Hadi has fled Yemen to safety in Ryadh the Saudi capital.

Beleaguered Hadi says Aden Yemen 'capital'

Aden - Beleaguered President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, who fled to Aden after escaping from Shiite militia controlling Sanaa, considers the southern port city to be Yemen's capital, an aide said.

Yemeni wife takes husband to court over WhatsApp addiction

Aden - Ever had the feeling that your "better half" spends more time on WhatsApp than he or she does with you? Well this Yemeni wife decided to do something about it, and took her errant husband to court.

Yemen President Hadi visits south as protests continue

Aden - Yemen President Mansur Hadi paid a surprise visit to Aden in the south of the country on Sunday even as clashes were happening between police and southern separatists.
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