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Blood pressure drug may help with alcohol addiction

A resupposed drug eases recovery for people struggling with severe alcohol withdrawal. The drug was first developed to treat high blood pressure. Researchers have found the medication can reduce severe withdrawal symptoms.

Coronavirus and the growing drug addiction problem

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major psychosocial impact throughout the world. One of the impacts of this has been a rise in addiction rates and associated substance use disorders. One solution lies in telemedicine and home solutions.

Safe space: helping Glasgow's drug users from a van

Glasgow - In the shade of the buildings at the bottom end of a secluded street in central Glasgow, Peter Krykant gets out of his converted white minibus and glances up an adjacent alleyway.Drug spoons, bloody syringes and human excrement litter the ground.

In Russia virus lockdown, fears of a return to the bottle

Moscow - Stuck in cramped flats and struggling with fears of the coronavirus and its economic impact, many Russians are worried about the return of an old demon.

Meth boom adds to Afghanistan's opium and heroin woes

Kabul - At a sprawling rehabilitation centre on the outskirts of Kabul, dozens of dazed-looking drug addicts clamber out of police buses and shuffle toward the facility.

Addiction to the screen begins in early infancy: Research

New research shows that interest in mobile devices begins at an increasingly early age, with very young children becoming hooked on gadgets. In particular, children of first-time mothers, especially those in home-based childcare, log most screen time.

'Horror houses' shed light on care crisis for Nigerian addicts

Lagos - The day his wife walked out 10 years ago, Nigerian musician Jagunlabi started taking drugs to make the shadows go away.The drugs came to stay.

Regulations are required to protect esport players' mental health

It is not only athletes who are at risk from sports related injuries, it seems that esport players are also vulnerable to the side effects of intensive video gaming, according to a new research study.

Drug companies near global settlement over opioid crisis

Cleveland - Three leading American drug distributors and an Israeli drugmaker blamed for a deadly US opioid epidemic settled a bellwether civil lawsuit with two Ohio counties Monday, opening the door for a broader national settlement worth billions of dollars.

Drug companies reach settlement ahead of landmark US opioids trial

Cleveland - Three leading American drug distributors and an Israeli drugmaker blamed for a deadly US opioid epidemic settled a bellwether civil lawsuit with two Ohio counties Monday, just hours before they were to go on trial, a federal judge announced.

J&J agrees $20.4 mn payment in Ohio opioid case

Washington - US healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson on Tuesday announced it had reached a $20.4 million settlement to avoid a much-anticipated trial in Ohio for allegedly fueling the opioid addiction crisis.

J&J ordered to pay $572 million for opioid addiction crisis

Washington - An Oklahoma judge on Monday ordered US health care giant Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million in damages for its role in fostering the state's opioid addiction crisis.

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572 mn in opioids trial

Washington - An Oklahoma judge ordered US health care giant Johnson & Johnson on Monday to pay $572 million in damages for its role in fostering the state's opioid addiction crisis.

Italy drafts 'no-mobile-phone phobia' law

Rome - Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) has drafted a law aimed at preventing and treating the rising phenomenon of addiction to mobile phones and computers, particularly among the young.

Louvre museum removes Sackler name amid opioid controversy

Paris - The Louvre museum in Paris has removed the name of the Sackler family from one of its wings, amid a controversy that has seen the billionaire donors accused of pushing a highly-addictive opioid blamed for tens of thousands of deaths.

Protesters urge Louvre to cut ties with donor over opioid crisis

Paris - Protesters gathered outside the Louvre in Paris on Monday to condemn the museum's ties with the Sackler family, billionaire donors accused of pushing a highly-addictive opioid blamed for tens of thousands of deaths.

Cocaine production hit new record in 2017: UN report

Vienna - Global cocaine production reached an all-time high in 2017, breaking the previous year's record by 25 percent, the UN drugs and crime agency said Wednesday in its annual report, as production soars in post-conflict Colombia.

Are mobile phones bad for your health?

Are mobile devices good or bad for our health? To what extent are mobile devices changing the way we interact with technology? These are important, open ended, questions, and subject to different studies which are sometimes reaching different conclusions.

Man dies accidentally, having ingested 246 packets of cocaine

A passenger on-board a flight from Mexico City has died after inadvertently ingesting 246 packets of cocaine. The high level of drug consumption triggered a cerebral edema.

New study explores the benefits of giving up Facebook

Many people are avid users of social media (and some addicts). To explore what happens psychologically to those who give up Facebook for just four weeks, a research team ran a study with interesting results.

Study shows 45% of patients end benzodiazepine use with cannabis

On Thursday, Canadian cannabis company, Aleafia Health Inc. released what it believes is the first study reporting reduced benzodiazepine use among patients initiated and monitored on medical cannabis.

Essential Science: Pathway to alcohol addiction discovered

Researchers have been looking at the biochemical processes involved with alcohol addiction and they have succeeded in identifying the pathway involved. This could assist with the treatment of alcohol related addiction.

Lives are at stake unless we break our addiction to fossil fuels

Katowice - Human addiction to fossil fuels as the answer to our energy needs and economic growth is slowly killing the planet. After a few promising years of minimal carbon-emission growth, the world is on pace to burn a bunch more fossil fuels.

Brief absence from social media leads to withdrawal symptoms

Psychologists have been examining patterns of social media use and the effects on people who suddenly stop using on-line platforms. The research has revealed addiction-like behavior after time away from social media.

Why cannabis affects women differently to men

New research finds that cannabis affects women differently to men. The reason behind the difference lines up with the activities of different hormones. This explains why men are four times more likely to try cannabis; and why women are more vulnerable.

Austrian gambling addict wins 2.5m euros compensation

Vienna - An Austrian court has ordered a gambling company to pay 2.5 million euros ($2.87m) to a gambler the court found was under the influence of addiction, in a judgement made public on Monday.

YouTube updates its 'digital wellbeing' tools

YouTube's so-termed "digital wellbeing tools" are being updated by Google. The tools will provide users with data relating to how much time they spend watching videos. The idea is to encourage people to take a break from video streaming.

Addiction Policy Forum CEO talks addiction prevention, telehealth Special

Jessica Hulsey Nickel, the founder, president and CEO of Addiction Policy Forum, chatted with Digital Journal about her national nonprofit organization, which raises awareness on addiction, prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Despite warnings the number of opioid prescriptions is unchanged

Despite warnings issued in many countries about addition to opioids, the numbers of pills taken show no sign of decreasing according to a new review focusing on U.S. healthcare.

Video gaming addictive like crack: WHO

Paris - Video gaming can be addictive in the same way as cocaine or gambling, the World Health Organization said Monday in a much anticipated update of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).
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