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'Que pasa, New York?': John Lennon and the city that set him free

New York - On December 8, 1980 the filigree gates of New York's Dakota residence across from Central Park went down in history as the spot John Lennon was shot dead.

No country for young women? Myanmar's battle against rape

Yangon - Officially, rape hardly happens in Myanmar and domestic abuse is non-existent. The reality? Violence against women is so pervasive it is regarded as normal -- and as a result -- woefully underreported, says lawyer and activist Hla Hla Yee.

Talking about a menstrual revolution: Asia's period problems

Fpo - Olivia Cotes-James wants us to talk about menstrual health.Properly.

Meet Thailand's secret weapon in climate change battle

Bangkok - Bangkok's future hangs in the balance.Rising sea levels, unchecked development, groundwater extraction, and rapid urban population growth has left millions vulnerable to natural disasters -- scientists warn the city itself may not survive the century.

Google to ditch mandatory-arbitration policy after mass protest

Forced arbitration is a corporate practice whereby employees waive their right to take some employer disputes to court and instead must settle the matters privately.

Op-Ed: Hashtivism has become the squeaky wheel that wants to be heard

A new word for activism on social media has been coined. "Hashtivism" is the use of hashtags on social media to express and promote someone's political or social position. And as a communications tool, it has sometimes proven to be useful.

Pakistan's 'war on terror' failing in fight against extremism: Activists

Islamabad - Worshippers at the infamous Red Mosque in the Pakistani capital Islamabad still gather in their hundreds for Friday prayers, but the fiery sermons calling for Sharia law led by hardline cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz are now a thing of the past.

Hip-hop power couple leverages wealth to bail out protesters

Baltimore - Hip-hop and R&B power-duo Jay-Z and Beyonce donated tens of thousands of dollars to bail out protesters jailed during demonstrations in Ferguson, Miss., and Baltimore, according to a source close to the couple.

Op-Ed: Do-It-Yourself Political Change: Tired of signing petitions?

While the world waits for corrupt politicians to pass legislation against political corruption, we can start voting with our dollars to help decentralize and diminish the political-economic powers that control us.

An activist weekend in Edmonton Special

Edmonton - The second last weekend of September was filled with events in Edmonton's local arts and activism scenes due to observance of several worldwide days of action.

Op-Ed: Beyond the Games — Activism and terrorism at the Sochi Olympics

In just one week the games begin and tension is in the air. Across the world, the international community is waiting to tune in for reasons beyond athletics; for updates on activism and radicalism in and around Sochi.

Adam Kokesh officially out of prison

Adam Kokesh, the activist who had the potential to face up to seven years in prison for gun and drug related charges, is officially done with his prison sentence as of today.

Ric O'Barry to return to the Cove backed by more than 100 events

Taiji - With little more than a week to the start of the Taiji dolphin drive season, dolphin advocate Ric O'Barry will return to the Cove backed by more than 100 individual events around the globe.

A message from Adam Kokesh's girlfriend

Activist Adam Kokesh's girlfriend recently released a video message on Kokesh's official YouTube channel, following a quick visit with him in prison.

Op-Ed: Occupy Wall Street and the discontent of nations

New York - The crowds in the parks have died down for now, but the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to be a powerful symbol of discontent for a great many people in the United States who are fed up with Wall Street and a bought-and-paid-for two-party system.

Petition to pardon Edward Snowden reaches threshold

An online petition to pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden has reached the threshold for an official response from the White House.

Op-Ed: What creates a political activist? Special

I had to know what it takes to create a political activist. Twitter is an amazing social network and it's where I ran into Diane Atkins, organizer for the Impeach Obama project, someone I suspected was a firebrand, I was right. Native New Yorker to boot!

Op-Ed: Let me introduce you to Arundhati Roy

In Western media, you don't often hear about Arundhati Roy. Understandably so, because she's an outspoken writer and activist concerning modern India as well as corporate control everywhere: a female version of Christopher Hitchens & Chris Hedges.

Op-Ed: Best achievements in cetacean animal activism 2012

Whenever there is injustice in the world, ordinary folk speak up for the voiceless. Sometimes it takes a monumental effort and other times simple collective outrage. Here are the best achievements in activism for cetaceans in 2012, according to activists.

Activist's ambitious plan to conquer mountains for animals Special

Stony Plain - With so many animal causes around the world, one activist decided that in order to succeed he needed to do something a little different. Richard Smith will be literally climbing mountains to help animals in need.

Small town makes huge impact on Hurricane Sandy relief efforts Special

Port Huron - This is a story about of small community's effort to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy by gathering goods and raising funds to deliver those goods to the affected areas.

TopFinds: Romney-Ryan debut in Tampa, grandma fights for dolphins

At the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan speak out against President Obama. An activist grandmother devotes her life to dolphin rights. Green tea can help smokers quit. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

Russian protesters to pay fines or sweep the streets

Moscow - People participating in unlawful or unsanctioned protests in Russia may be forced to pay fines to cover any damages caused or will be subject to days of compulsory community service.

'Stop Cyber Spying Week' — counter-attack on CISPA

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (or CISPA for short) is once again in the news, but this time a major counter-attack is being planned to fight it.

Video of Israeli soldier hitting activist sparks condemnation

A senior Israeli military officer caught on video assaulting a Danish pro-Palestinian activist has been strongly condemned.

Monsanto convinces Nepal to accept GMO corn (updated)

Kathmandu - Notorious agricultural giant Monsanto has teamed up with the Nepalese government to force GMO seeds on to the country's farmers. Protests in Kathmandu ensued.

Op-Ed: Protest in Málaga against public health cuts — Zombie flash mob

With the government pushing yet more austerity measures on the people of Spain, protesters have been out in the streets against the cuts in the social health system.

After the eviction, Occupy London prepares for Occupy 2.0 Special

Less than 24 hours after their tents were removed from outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London, the Occupy protesters were back for their General Assembly, planning the next stage of their campaign. Earlier I interviewed supporter Tina Bakolitsa.

Canadian activists: Those living with HIV are not criminals Special

Toronto - Tonight at the Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto people came together for the Toronto Day of Action Against the Criminalization of HIV.

Op-Ed: Why I Chose to be an LGBT Rights Activist Special

Manila - On Saturday, December 3, I joined the LGBT community in the Philippines in celebrating an ongoing tradition of activism and solidarity, the annual pride march. This year, the parade was held at the Remedios Circle in Malate, Manila.
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Activist Adam Kokesh s girlfriend
Activist Adam Kokesh's girlfriend
YouTube / Screengrab
Streetcar shooting protest at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto  Ontario.
Streetcar shooting protest at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, Ontario.
Black Lives Matter
A pic of the Pocono Mts. Off from my deck
A pic of the Pocono Mts. Off from my deck
A man taking a picture or video of a fire in Helsinki
A man taking a picture or video of a fire in Helsinki
Petteri Sulonen
Activists for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protest outside the Ringling Br...
Activists for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protest outside the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, Feb. 22 2014.
Brian Stansberry
Streetcar shooting protest at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto  Ontario.
Streetcar shooting protest at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, Ontario.

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