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49% voting Republican think ACORN stole the election for Obama

Washington - Public Policy Polling found that 49% of GOP voters nationally thought that ACORN stole the election for Obama. This is down from 52% who thought the same way after the 2008 election.

British man collects millions of acorns

Williton - A British man, who is a professional acorn picker, has collected about 10 million of the nuts - which have then been planted and grown new oaks.

The organic food scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia Special

Halifax - "Good food - Good for you - Good for the earth." That is the motto at Planet Organic, a Canadian store that supplies organic food and household supplies.

ACORN on verge of bankruptcy

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - better known as ACORN - has announced that they are now faced with filing for bankruptcy.

ACORN may be falling apart as a national organization

Some ACORN branches have officially disbanded its operations after a year of scandal and seeing federal funds temporarily stripped from the organization. Others have reorganized to continue to serve local communities.

ACORN Wins Battle on Unconstitutional Grounds

A court ruling today came down in the favor of embattled non-profit group ACORN stating that it was unconstitutional for Congress to target the group by cutting off funding.

Lawmaker Find Irony In Acorn Christmas Cookies

Iowa Representative, Steve King-R found this years White House Christmas cookies to be slightly ironic seeing the recent plight of the non-profit group ACORN, when he received his cookie, a chocolate acorn.

Op-Ed: ACORN Conducts Own Internal Audit

ACORN decided to hire their own lawyer to conduct a thorough investigation of their practices. The results won't astound you, he found no patterns of illegal conduct performed by ACORN employees.

Most media news outlets ignore the growing ACORN scandal

Over the past week, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) has been exposed in several cases as committing a variety of illegal acts. But are media outlets reporting the controversy?

Senate Votes 83-7 to Defund Community Group ACORN

In the wake of numerous scandals and the Census Bureau's severing of ties with the community group ACORN, the US Senate voted overwhelmingly today to deny housing and community grant funds to the organization in an 83-7 vote.

Op-Ed: What Next For Community Group ACORN?

ACORN is reeling. A third 'pimp and ho' sting video has been released, this one filmed in ACORN's Brooklyn office. Congressional reps are demanding hearings. The Census Bureau has already cut ties to ACORN. HUD may be next. Will ACORN be investigated?

Census Bureau cuts ties with ACORN over various recent scandals

The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) was dealt a major public blow this evening when the Census Bureau severed ties for the group to participate in the counting of Americans next year.

ACORN does it again: another film shows staff 'aiding' prostitute

Yesterday, news broke that the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) had staff members trying to help a pimp and prostitute cheat on their taxes. Well, another video at a different location has surfaced today.

ACORN staff filmed telling prostitutes how to cheat on taxes

The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) was caught on tape giving advice to a pimp and prostitute on how to cheat their taxes.

FBI, Fla Police arrest 11 ACORN workers for voter fraud

The FBI and Florida law enforcement officials arrested 11 individuals who were associated with The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) for voter fraud relating to the 2008 election.

Op-Ed: George Soros Behind Ethics Complaint Against Governor Sarah Palin

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! Remember the flap Governor Sarah Palin had to endure during the election cycle over her wardrobe? Did you ever wonder how such a non-story was turned into a big deal?

Roman Catholic Church Cuts Funding to ACORN

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops met this week in Baltimore and decided to cut all ties with ACORN. The Roman Catholic Church has cited complaints over voter registration fraud allegations as well as other questionable ACORN dealings.

ACORN: License Landlords in Toronto Now

Concerned Toronto residents, their local councillors and local tenant association representatives, gathered at Main Square Community Centre on Saturday afternoon, to discuss a soon to be released report on landlord licensing.

Op-Ed: Chicken Little and the ACORN

Chicken Little was in the woods one day when an acorn fell on her head. It scared her so much she trembled all over. She shook so hard, half her feathers fell out. "Help! Help! The sky is falling! I have to go tell the king!"

ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Issue Festers

ACORN is being investigated by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office. A growing list of problematic voter registrations in several key states is forcing the Obama campaign to accuse the McCain campaign of politically motivated accusations against ACORN.

FBI Investigating ACORN for Voter Fraud

A senior law enforcement official confirmed that the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) is now being investigated by the FBI for any evidence of a coordinated national effort to engage in voter fraud.

Op-Ed: ACORN Voter Fraud Roundup

ACORN, which has been taking hits left and right regarding their voter fraud activities, registered Mickey Mouse in Orange County, FL. A man in Ohio who registered to vote several times and cast bogus ballots, a RICO case against ACORN and more.

1 Voter, 72 Registrations ... How Do You Spell Voter Fraud? ACORN

The controversial group, ACORN, is being singled out in yet another voter registration scandal. And, as the headline reads, an Ohio man says that he was bribed to register an astonishing 72 times.

Vegas ACORN Offices Raided in Voter Fraud Probe

ACORN, The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, gaining infamy both for its massive voter fraud attempts and heavily Democratic backing in Congress, including a $100M earmark in the bailout bill, just had its Vegas office raided.

More Dead, Underage And Fictitious Voter Registrations in Indiana, From ACORN

ACORN is making headlines again for filing voter registrations for the dead, the underage and some showing fictitious signatures in Indiana. Suggestions of a criminal investigation are coming out for ACORN groups getting the vote out for Obama.

Op-Ed: Republican's Balk at ACORNs in the Recipe

Republicans have been balking at Democratic propositions on fixing the economy, and the main reason has finally come to light. There has been a taint of ACORN in the original propositions.

Michigan Branch Of ACORN Putting Through Sizable, Duplicate, Fraudulent Voter Apps

The Michigan branch of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), located in Detroit, is being investigated after several municipal clerks reported fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications coming through.

ACORN In The News Again For Workers Registering Dead Voters And Others

Many might remember the criminal cases against certain ACORN members that were committing voter fraud by trying to add dead, imprisoned or imaginary people to the voter rolls in previous election years. ACORN is in the news against for the same thing.

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