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Acid News

Burnt to the bone: Uganda's acid attack survivors seek justice

Kanpala - Ugandan university student Linette Kirungi was on her way to class when she heard footsteps behind her. The next thing she felt was liquid on her face -- then burning agony.She had just turned down a marriage proposal from her ex-boyfriend.

Fear in London as acid attacks soar

London - Delivery rider Jabed Hussain was waiting at a traffic light one night in east London when two attackers sprayed acid in his face and stole his moped.

India acid attack victims defiant on the haute couture catwalk

New Delhi - Nine women disfigured by acid became defiant models Saturday at the first haute couture fashion show for the survivors of the growing scourge of acid attacks in India.

Suspected acid attack in London leaves six injured

London - A suspected acid attack in east London injured six people, police said Sunday adding that they had arrested a 15-year-old male.

Suspected acid attack in London club injures 12

London - Twelve people were injured when a corrosive substance was sprayed inside a packed London nightclub, police and fire services said, amid a sharp rise in acid attacks in Britain's capital.

Acid seas hit commercial shellfish production

Scientists have discovered that larval oysters and mussels are sensitive to reduced pH. This is due to rising levels of acidity in the world’s oceans.

Palestinian shot after acid attack on Israeli family

Jerusalem - A Palestinian threw acid at a family of Israelis picking up a hitchhiker in the West Bank Friday before being shot and wounded, residents and the army said.

Making batteries safer if kids swallow them

In every town at some point a child is admitted to hospital for swallowing a battery. The outcome can be serious: burns, damage to the digestive system, a torn esophagus. Researchers have investigated how to make batteries safer.

Are sharks adapting to the acidic oceans?

Some species of shark are at risk from rising levels of acidity in the oceans. To avoid the risks that high levels of carbon dioxide pose, the epaulette shark appears to have adapted physiologically.

Pakistan acid attacks on women cast pall of fear

Quetta - A recent spate of acid attacks in a region of Pakistan previously untouched by the crime has sparked an impassioned debate about rising Islamisation that is forcing an increasing number of women to stay at home.

India man's 'fingers chopped off, acid poured in eyes'

Patna - Police in eastern India were searching Friday for six men who allegedly chopped off a 19-year-old man's fingers before pouring acid into his eyes following a minor dispute, an officer said.

Levels of ocean acidity affects global warming

Scientists have warned that continued acidification of the oceans may lead to lower sulfur levels in the atmosphere, worsening the effects of climate change.

Acid attacks on women on rise in Colombia

Some officials in Colombia want to impose tougher punishments against perpetrators who attack women with acid, as there is a spike in the number of acid attacks against women.

Johnny Appleseed of acid Owsley Stanley dead at 76

Owsley Stanley is dead. He was 76. Many years ago the '60s' icon of acid escaped to the distant Australian outback, but he could not escape his past. Owsley was never forgotten but then he was a hard man to forget. He left searing flashbacks in his wake.

Mother guilty of killing 3-year-old girl

Birmingham - A 25-year-old asylum-seeker in the UK has ordered to remain in a secure psychiatric hospital after being found guilty of stabbing her three-year-old daughter to death, and then pouring acid over her.

Woman burned in acid attack speaks out

Vancouver - A 28-year-old American woman who had acid thrown in her face this week in Vancouver spoke publicly about her experience at a news conference, her face swathed in bandages.

Mexican journalist dismembered by drug cartel, dissolved in acid

Tabasco - Mexican journalist Rodolfo Rincon has been reported killed by a drug cartel's hit men who dismembered Rincon and then dissolved his body in acid.

Iranian woman blinded by acid wants 'eye for an eye'

A 31-year-old woman was blinded by acid by a spurned suitor. She wants the Iranian court to blind the man the same way he blinded her.

Report: Iran court orders man to be blinded by acid

Reuters reports that an Iranian court has sentenced a man to be blinded by having drops of acid put in his eyes. Why the stiff punishment? The court says the man blinded a woman in the same manner after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Mexican Kidnappers Kill 5-Year-Old By Injecting Acid Into His Heart

Javier Morena was killed by cruel kidnappers who injected acid into his tiny heart. The child was abducted from a Mexico City street. His father, a poor man who sells fruit in the district of Iztapalapa searched for the child since Sunday October 26.

Father finds son dead in vat of acid

An 18-year-old fell into a vat of sulfuric acid and died after being overcome by fumes, police said. His body was discovered by his father Sunday at a circuit board factory where they both worked.

Toddler burned on acid-coated slide

Vandals coated playground equipment with drain cleaner, toddler injured.

Woman Horribly Disfigured From Acid Attack

It is a crime that has shocked the nation of Ethiopia. A young woman's life dramatically altered forever when a stalker tossed sulphuric acid in her face.

Acid Throwing Woman Arrested

Woman arrested in a hate crime against her neighbors!

Acid Attack on Whaling Ship

A global moratorium on commercial whaling has exsited since 1986, but Japan kills hundreds of whales every year under a 'scientific' whaling program.

Teens Charged With Setting 'Acid Bombs'

Two teenage boys have been charged with setting off two homemade bombs inside a Wal-Mart

Folic acid may prevent heart disease

Another good finding by researchers, I used to take Folic Acid as a supplement all the time, guess I need to get back into that routine again...

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