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Accessibility News

Microsoft announces new accessibility tech coming to Windows 10

Microsoft has announced several new accessibility features coming to Windows 10. The company is preparing to rollout improvements to its assistive technologies, including Narrator and eye control. It will make Windows more accessible for all users.

You'll soon be able to have a wheelchair in your Xbox avatar

Microsoft has revealed it is working on an option for Xbox Avatars that will allow wheelchair users to include a wheelchair in their avatar. Xbox Avatars are animated 3D characters that represent players. Microsoft is working on a larger Avatar expansion.

Comcast launches talking TV interface for the blind

Philadelphia - In the U.S., TV accessibility for those who are blind and visually impaired is far behind in advances, compared to other countries, such as the UK. Today, however, Comcast is taking the first step to an accessible future

Teen engineer develops a braille printer out of LEGOS Special

San Francisco - One of the greatest challenges for lowering the cost of printed braille is making braille printers affordable to everyone. A seventh grader, though, has made a solution that may eradicate this problem entirely.

FCC adopts new closed captioning quality standards

Washington - Closed captioning has been around for a number of years, serving the deaf, hard of hearing, and learning disabled. New standards will make closed captioning even better on TV.

FCC grants waiver of accessibility rules to e-readers

Chicago - Devices to read electronic books have been a new way to consume information or enjoy a vast fantasy novel but to the blind and visually impaired they have been inaccessible, with few improvements.

Samsung and the Carroll Center team up to test TV Accessibility

Newton - Finding inaccessible devices were as common as expectant weather changes. A lot of companies are making the right move and caring about accessibility. Today, a partnership will enhance inclusion even more.

GW Micro provides Window-Eyes free to Microsoft Office users Special

Indiana - If visually impaired people wanted to use the Microsoft Office suite, before NVDA, they'd have to purchase a screen reader – either JAWS for Windows, or Window Eyes. today, a partnership will enhance this access at no cost to users.

Cell phone providers to support text to 9–1–1 throughout 2014

Washington - For someone with a hearing or speech disability placing a call to 911 is very time consuming. The FCC have adopted previsions where people can now text 911 in an emergency.

Microsoft to launch accessibility association in March 2014

Chicago - Many accessibility industries are the direct result of grass roots efforts. Rob Sinclair, with others at Microsoft, will launch an association just for the accessibility profession.

Nokia create challenges to make apps for visually impaired

Chicago - Accessible applications on cell phones, even in today's age, are hard to come by. Developers either don't want to include accessibility or don't consider that disabled people may want to use their applications.

Verizon FIOS offers audio description on demand

Chicago - Usually if blind people want to see a movie with audio description on demand they have to get DVDs or subject to the few described movies on iTunes. Verizon now brings description on demand.

Comcast improves disability services in a number of areas

Philadelphia - This month Comcast has announced three new initiatives to support their customers with disabilities. No other cable provider is making such accessibility improvements at the time of this writing.

Freedom Scientific releases JAWS 15 screen reading software

Fort Lauderdale - JAWS has been one of the popular screen readers that incorporate features to make navigating the computer and web just as effortless, and in some cases, more effectively than the sighted populace.

Charity enabling disabled gamers holds first AbleGamers Day

Video games are means of entertainment among the disabled and the no disabled alike. Not much thought is put into designing video game accessibility however.

Students create yoga for the blind with Microsoft Kinect

Bellvale - In a typical yoga class, students watch an instructor to learn how to properly hold a position. But for people who are blind or can’t see well, it can be frustrating to participate in these types of exercises. A group of students have created a solution

Assistive technology manufacturer partners with optics company

Los Angeles - HumanWare announced a major strategic partnership with Essilor, the world's leading ophthalmic optics company. It becomes the majority shareholder of the company, specializing in assistive technologies for people who are blind or have low vision.

Dr. Abraham Nemeth, inventor of the Braille math code, dies at 94

Nemeth Code is the code for mathematics and scientific notation in North America. It's regularly taught as a form of Braille study, bringing new independence into student's lives. The creator of this life-changing code died today.

Kindle Fire HDX 7' Tablet to have built in accessibility features

Chicago - Amazon has provided minimal accessibility in the development of their previous Kindle devices. For the first time a Kindle device will have built in accessibility for a number of disabilities

Blind driver to race motorcycle at Bonneville Salt Flats

Chicago - For the blind and the visually impaired, racing has been something that they could only watch. With the help of the National Federation of the Blind, a former racer will race again on a motorcycle.

Internet TV for the blind Special

Chicago - TV has become partially accessible to visually impaired people. Internet streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu continually refuse audio description for streamed content. A group of blind programmers set out to level the playing field.

Weight Watchers now offers accessible solutions

Chicago - Weight Watchers International, Inc. (NYSE: WTW) today announced its ongoing initiative to make its websites, mobile applications and print information more accessible.

FCC proposes making TV menus accessible to blind

Federal regulators are unveiling draft rules to make cable and television menus accessible to the blind and visually impaired, leaving accessibility doors open

Access 2012 at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, September 21-22 Special

Kitchener - Access 2012, a trade show presented by the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region opened on Friday, September 21 and continues on Saturday, September 22 at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium's Kiwanis Arena.

Celebrity Op-Ed: Accessibility as a Basic Human Right

Disabled people deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, argues David Onley, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. In the first of's five-part Celebrity Guest Writer series, Onley wants accessibility for everyone.

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A transparent orange symbol of a person in a chair to express personhood  leaning forward with a dou...
A transparent orange symbol of a person in a chair to express personhood, leaning forward with a double wheel to suggest movement.
Google has announced a new feature for Maps that will indicate wheelchair-accessible transit routes.
Google has announced a new feature for Maps that will indicate wheelchair-accessible transit routes.

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