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Q&A: Are biometrics essential for cybersecurity? Special

Passwords continue to instill the most confidence in its ability to protect against identity theft and online fraud, based on a new survey. However, biometrics is on the rise. How should businesses adapt?

WhatsApp accessed a user's contacts 23,000 times in one week

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has been caught accessing one user's contacts list over 23,000 times in one week. It remains unclear why the app made so many requests as it looked at the list over 3,300 times a day.

Facebook had a secret plan to build a $500m satellite

A report has claimed that Facebook has been considering launching a satellite into orbit to help its plans to provide Internet access to developing countries. The secret plans were scrapped recently due to the prohibitive $500 million cost.

Google reveals more on how 'Project Loon' balloon Internet works

Google has released a new video showing how it intends Project Loon to be an innovative new way of providing rural areas with access to the Internet. The unique effort could offer a connection to anyone with a smartphone.

Google close to sending solar-powered drones into the sky

Google has announced at Mobile World Congress that it is close to an official launch of its Project Titan solar-powered drone program. The first drones could be flying before the end of the year.

Dramatic fall in phone theft as kill switches installed

Smartphone thefts have fallen dramatically in three major cities across the world after manufacturers began adding remote "kill switches" so users can disable stolen devices, according to reports.

Proposed limits generate 1 million comments from web users

Washington, D. C. - More than 1 million US residents are expected to weigh in on a controversial federal proposal to allow some paid Internet traffic to have priority over free messages and the public comment period still has nearly two months to go.

Facebook 'wobbles' and was inaccessible for many users

Facebook's website was inaccessible for many of its 1.3 billion users for around 15 minutes today. People trying to log on to the site were faced with a message saying: "Something went wrong. We're working to get it fixed as soon as we can."

Treaty for the blind signed: Book barriers cease

After years of negotiations, the World Intellectual Property Organization has finally come up with the text for the treaty that will give the blind access to more printed material then ever before.

Are donors to OFA paying $500,000 for access to President Obama?

Washington - The White House has responded to questions raised after media reports that suggested a donation of $500,000 or more to Organizing for Action (OFA), a spinoff of Obama's presidential campaign, would qualify donors for greater access to the president.

IPAF release safety figures and announce accident database

London - The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), a not-for-profit member organisation for the powered access industry, has released details regarding the safe use of powered access platforms during 2012.

Israel closes Temple Mount on Jewish holiday over violence fears

Jerusalem - Police in Jerusalem closed the Temple Mount on Sunday over reports that Jewish extremists had planned to riot on the holiday Tisha B'Av.

Nebraska LB 1123 helps choose healthy food over obesity

With an adult obesity rate of 24.6%, causing massive issues of Diabetes Type 2 and heart disease, Nebraska is doing something about it. They are attempting to pass Legislative Bill (LB) 1123 in the Nebraska Agriculture Committee this coming Tuesday.

FT Editor: News Sites Will Charge Access Within One Year

A lot of companies are predicting that online content will not be free anymore. The Financial Times editor is the latest person to discussion a subscription-based model.

Is Access to Water A Human Right?

A growing movement agrees access to clean water is a human right, however, at a water conference in Turkey, officials voice concern about implementing such a right.

Fallen Star Spears Gets To See Sons

After an custody order that some would have said was too harsh, a lawyer has now claimed that his client, Britney Spears will be allowed to see her children as a temporary visitation right has been now granted for the pop star

Starbucks to offer free iTunes access in stores

Apple and Starbucks said on Wednesday they had reached a deal that will allow people to buy songs wirelessly from Apple's iTunes music store in Starbucks coffee shops without paying WiFi connection fees.

Congressman Denied Access To Post-Attack Continuity Plans

Rep. Peter DeFazio recieved alot of calls from consituents concerned over whether there was a conspiracy buried in the classified portion of a White House plan for operating the government after a terrorist attack.

UK Doctors Call For Easier Abortions For Women in the First Nine Weeks

UK Doctors have voted on the change of a forty year old law dictating the procedure of terminations. Three quarters of GP's have agreed on the motion to ease the law making abortions more accessible for women in the first trimester.

Man lies to get access to elementary students

A Halifax man lied his way into an elementary school classroom Tuesday and kissed four second-graders on the face before the teacher realized something was terribly wrong.

Iranians lose access to unlimited cheap fuel

Anticipating UN sanctions because of it's nuclear and missile program, Iran one of the largest producer of cheap petrol fuel has decided to increase the petrol prices and put a limit on the quantity consumed which was unlimited before..

Sudbury M. P. P. victim of political bullying while trying to access information

"A New Democrat MPP is accusing the provincial government of trying to conceal information about the legal costs of its court battle with the parents of autistic children. "

Survey: Public access to information denied, blocked or restricted

A four month Osprey survey of Ontario public institutions has found that there are numerous cases of public agencies denying, blocking and restricting access to public information.

Pentagon and the CIA are Grabbing Bank Records

Citing anonymous intelligence officials, the Times said that the Pentagon and the CIA have been issuing "national security letters" to financial institutions to gain access to bank records.

BTK Serial Killer's House to be leveled, turned into a park

Dennis Rader's Wichita home will be leveled and turned into a park access point for the neighborhood.

Online Villagers Say Virtual Shopping Is A Pain

OBERHAMBACH, GERMANY (dpa) - Germany's first Internet village, embraces 300 people in the village of Oberhambach in the central Hunsrueck hills who are all hooked up to the Worldwide Web. Their home computers are intended to compensate for the pauci...

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Moche pyramids are not known to have had stairs  they used access ramps like this one.
Moche pyramids are not known to have had stairs, they used access ramps like this one.
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