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Much-hyped augmented-reality startup Blippar has collapsed

Buzzy British augmented-reality startup Blippar has collapsed into administration. It crumbled after Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional blocked an emergency cash injection from another shareholder, property tycoon Nick Candy.

Engineers need to use tech to make humans more powerful

James Heppelmann, CEO of PTC, gave the convocation speech to Boston University's College of Engineering and talks about how engineers can create better machines and tools for humans, rather than just focusing on robots that put humans out of work.

Bose reveals sound-based smart glasses in push into AR

Audio brand Bose has announced it's entering the augmented reality market with its own set of smart glasses. The current prototype aims to evolve the role of audio in augmented reality, a technology which is currently dominated by visual experiences.

Google's ARCore is out of beta, works with 13 phones

Google has released version 1.0 of its ARCore augmented reality platform. Intended to rival Apple's ARKit, ARCore is currently supported on just 13 Android devices. Google claims over 100 million people globally own one of the compatible handsets.

Snapchat's big bet on augmented reality seems to be paying off

Snapchat's bet on augmented reality seems to be paying off. The rollout of Lens Studio, which allows anybody to create their own AR experience with a set of desktop creative tools, has been a bright spot for the company.

The New York Times launches augmented reality news app

The New York Times has announced an augmented reality experience to "bring the news into your home." The publication said it wants readers to experience a more immersive form of reporting that uses 3D images to "bridge" the digital and physical worlds.

Google demonstrates how augmented reality could enhance the web

Google's published an experimental web app that uses augmented reality to enhance the user experience. Images can be loaded in an AR headset to see them "come alive" at their true size and scale. Google said its an early exploration of web-based AR.

Magic Leap unveils its augmented reality goggles

Magic Leap has unveiled its AR goggles and said it will start shipments of the device next year. The company has spent years developing AR tech but has struggled to scale it down to fit inside a headset. Its current design includes an external computer.

Google shares best practices for developing mobile AR apps

Google's published a set of best practices to help developers create compelling mobile AR experiences. The company said it has made several observations during the creation of its own AR apps. It's sharing its insights to inspire industry development.

Amazon launches browser-based tool for building VR experiences

Amazon has launched a web-based toolkit to help developers create immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences. Built on Amazon Web Services, Sumerian provides a complete VR creation studio inside a web browser, removing the need for coding skills.

Report: Apple to launch AR headset in 2020

Apple will launch an augmented reality headset in 2020 according to an informed report today. The company is plotting an all-new wearable device that will function independently of a smartphone and run on a new chip and operating system.

DAQRI launches its professional AR smart glasses

DAQRI has commenced worldwide shipping of its augmented reality smart glasses aimed at workplace users. The company's aiming to be one of the first to pioneer AR applications in work environments. It wants to help employees solve complex products.

Amazon now lets you view items in your home using AR

Amazon has announced a new app feature that lets you view what items look like in your home using augmented reality. It uses Apple's ARKit platform to let you visualise online products inside your living area, helping you decide which one to purchase.

Samsung announces plans to 'democratise' the Internet of Things

Samsung launched several new Internet of Things services this week during the company's annual Developer Conference. The company said it wants to enable "connected, seamless experiences" to assist consumers, including voice control and augmented reality.

Tim Cook doesn't 'give a rats' about being first to AR glasses

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said augmented reality glasses won't be around anytime soon. Cook said he doesn't think the concept can be created in a way people would be "satisfied with." The company would rather ship a polished product than be first to launch.

Op-Ed: Apple's iPhone event was really about making AR mainstream

Apple announced the iPhone X yesterday in a live event that ushered in several new features and devices. But if you thought the event was focused on hardware, you'd be mistaken. Apple was really setting the stage for the software platforms of the future.

Apple publishes guidelines to help developers build great AR apps

Apple has published its first guidelines for augmented reality apps. They're meant to make it easier for developers to get started in AR, offering pointers to create compelling experiences. The company advises gradually introducing advanced features.

Next year's high-end smartphones might have AR as standard

Qualcomm has unveiled a next-generation smartphone image processing module that includes support for depth-sensing cameras. The development makes it likely that augmented reality will become a first-class feature in next year's Android phones.

New app Mirage brings augmented reality onto the streets

A new app launched this week aims to bring augmented reality to the streets by annotating real objects with virtual drawings. Mirage combines social media with augmented reality, offering a platform for "real world" communication.

Prototype augmented reality system uses your desk as a display

A prototype augmented reality device in development at Carnegie Mellon University projects apps onto your desk and runs from a standard-size lightbulb socket. It lets you convert any surface into a screen that's as interactive as your smartphone.

Report: AR app Layar's creators want to buy it back from Blippar

Two of the cofounders of Layar, a pioneering augmented reality startup, are said to be interested in buying the company back from owner Blippar. The cofounders sold their app in 2014 for an undisclosed sum. They now want to return to ownership.

Two big augmented reality projects are coming to air travel

Augmented reality is already impacting the way information shapes our world. Travelers could soon benefit from the transformational powers of AR.

What do Google’s I/O 2017 announcements mean for SMBs?

Google showed at this year’s I/O conference that it has a radical vision of the future. Smartphones and search engines were the last thing on CEO Sundar Pichai’s mind as he gave his keynote speech.

Google unveils standalone VR headsets – no smartphone needed

Google has announced a new range of "standalone" virtual reality headsets that operate independently of a smartphone. The company said the devices will help to create a new category of VR experience with a simplified setup procedure.

Facebook to unveil 'mind-reading device' next month

Facebook is reportedly working on a "mind-reading device" as one of a number of experimental hardware projects ongoing in secrecy at the social network. The company could be planning to unveil a prototype next month, creating a new form of social media.

The iPhone 8 could scan your face with a laser sensor

Apple is planning to add facial recognition powered by a laser sensor to the upcoming iPhone 8, according to a report today. It will be the first time the company has used technology of its kind on an iPhone. It isn't clear what it will be used for.

Mega tech fair IFA dives head-first into virtual reality

Berlin - Always wanted to know what it would be like to watch a TV talkshow in the studio? Or zoom in on a particular player in a Bundesliga game rather than see a wideshot of the field?

Microsoft reveals HoloLens' secret 24-core custom processor

Microsoft has publicly revealed details of the custom-built processor that powers the holographic processor inside the HoloLens. A 24-core chip accompanies the main system processor to make the holographic display possible. It's both powerful and pricey.

Apple confirms it's actively working with augmented reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company views augmented reality as "extremely interesting," confirming Apple is developing AR products. The company has long been rumoured to be working on AR, but this is the first time Cook has acknowledged it.

Apple has sold its one billionth iPhone

Apple has sold its one billionth iPhone since its introduction in 2007. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the news to staff yesterday, describing the iPhone as a "world-changing" device. It came amid news that sales declined for the second straight quarter.
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Google said developers should understand the limits of AR
Google said developers should understand the limits of AR
Augmented reality Rubik s cube solver by Martin Španěl
Augmented reality Rubik's cube solver by Martin Španěl
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Google has shared insights on developing AR apps
Google has shared insights on developing AR apps
Magic Leap One Creator Edition
Magic Leap One Creator Edition
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Google "Article"
Magic Leap One Creator Edition
Magic Leap One Creator Edition
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DAQRI AR glasses
DAQRI AR glasses
Google encouraged developers to experiemnt with the tech
Google encouraged developers to experiemnt with the tech
DAQRI AR glasses
DAQRI AR glasses

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