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Facebook could add a 'Sympathize' button

Facebook users may never see the day when a 'Dislike' button appears on the posts that show up on their newsfeed, but they could end up seeing a 'Sympathize' button.

Op-Ed: Music's Universal Appeal

The increased use of music therapy as a primary treatment and the combined use of music therapy with other therapies has helped treat a wide array of conditions and diseases.

Stay conscious about sleeping: Health risks and misconceptions Special

Sacrificing sleep for other priorities is a common practice but one which causes serious harm. Anyone sleeping seven to nine hours on a daily basis and wonder why they still feel faint, unfocused, anxious or irritable may have an undetected disorder.

New Brain Study May Aid in Treating ADD

Researches may have figured out how the brain is able to filter when something is important enough to focus on as opposed to just being a distraction.

Gas Mileage Claims Not Being Met

Just how efficient are fuel efficient vehicles? Well it turns out some models are 50% less efficient than they claim. Does your vehicle's fuel consumption match that of the Environmental Protecton Agency posted on new car stickers.?

A.D.D DVD- Shepards in the city

This is a very well put together and funny video

8 Wishes

I am a documentary film maker who strongly believes in the power of the Internet to propel independent media. I am currently working on a documentary about my bike ride that went around the perimeter USA. I have 8 crazy wishes see them at

sex copy machine...

doenst happen at my office... :(

How To Add iTunes Artwork To MP3 ID3 Tags Using iTunes

Quick and easy way to fix this small problem.

Add your url or link free. Get Free Visitors.

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AD(H)D is Bullshit.

The title may be a bit harsh, but I know first hand how much BS this so called "Disease" is. I was diagnosed at 8 and spent 10 years on drugs for it.

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