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Mar-a-Lago hosts foreign leaders in Jazz Age opulence

Washington - Mar-a-Lago, the sumptuous setting of Donald Trump's summit with China's Xi Jingping this week, isn't the first presidential hideaway to host foreign leaders. But it may be the most opulent.

Despite Netflix invasion, French network Canal Plus thrives at 30

This November, France’s premier pay-TV network Canal Plus is celebrating 30 years since its initial launch in 1984. And it has reason to cheer louder than ever before.

Review: Kurt Vonnegut's 'A Man Without a Country'

If you’ve never once picked up a book by Kurt Vonnegut, came across an essay of his, or even peeked at a short story written by him, then you’re missing out.

The wisdom of preparing a will

"Many people haven’t gotten around to writing a will. They think it’s no big deal, since all their assets will go to their spouse when they die. But that’s not the case if you have children. Your spouse gets the first $200,000 of estate value un...

A real life Ghost town

City of 300,000 nearly shut down because of violence Residents live in fear of being kidnapped, tortured and killed Resident: "I can't tell you who they are. They will kill me."

The Godfather The Don’s Edition: A Mob Moment in History - Brought to you From the Family

"St. Valentine's Day wasn't all candy and roses. Seven known members of George 'Bugs' Moran's gang were shot and killed on the North Side of Chicago in what police have dubbed the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre." According to reports, the Moran mobster...

To Jim Carrey, 23 is much more than a number

"It started out for me with a friend of mine in Canada, who handed it down to me," Carrey says in explaining his fascination with 23. "He was seeing it everywhere, adding up licence plates and other things. He had a book of 23 (phenomena) ... I said he...

Today's Leafs could learn a lesson from '67 legends

The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting some support from the '67 champs. They are there to give them morale support and how to deal with they're going. "But with the passage of time has come the near mythologizing of the '67 all-Canadian boys. Tim Horton...

Chinese have a ball for seniors

The largest Chinese New Year gala in North America was held in Toronto last night and raised more than $1 million for seniors in the GTA. The 2007 Dragon Ball at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, celebrating the Year of the Pig, is a fundraising event

A Better Life for Immigrants with Skills

For years, immigrants have been attracted to come to Canada in search of a better life. NDP Jack Layton introduces a seven-step plan to recognize the credentials of immigrants in Canada.

A drug saved premature baby's life

A drug named Viagra saved premature baby's life

A Girl Like Me

Color is more than skin deep for young African-American women struggling to define themselves. An inspiring and eye opening video.

Nancy Drew! OMG

Guess what all you Nancy Drew fans out there, they finally did it.

A Comparison of Live Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Techcrunch compares Live Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and says Gmail is the best of all webmail applications.

A Human Truth, Picture Only

A Picture depicts a true fact of wealth in the individual

The new Naughty Dog title is a PS3 title

A little different from the Jak and the old Crash games but it still looks good.

14 days in a Civic

Some guys are trying to outdo the Nissan Sentra comercials (living seven days in a nissan sentra), by living 14 days in a Honda civic.

Coca Cola Grand theft Auto commercial

To don't make crime, fix it.

How to ask a man on a date

[b]How to ask a man on a date[/b]

Disturbia, a disturbingly creepy movie

Shea labouf makes a big step, first it was Even Stevens now it is this.

How To Successfully Steal A Car

A satirical look at how to steal a car

Know your rights as a Photographer

USA Today covering your rights as a photographer.

PS3 price cut within a year!

Yet another analyst speculation.

New Mac Ad!

Windows PC hires fake Mac to compliment him and pretend that Mac market share isn't growing at Windows' expense.

Expecting a 360 Price Cut?

Forget it say Analysts

Google Maps Mapping the Locations Mentioned in a Book

Google Book Search shows a map that contains some of the locations referenced in a certain book.

What to keep in a safe deposit box!

The All Financial Matters weblog lists several items that belong in your safe deposit box.

Find true north without a compass

WikiHow has a collection of methods for finding true north without a compass.

A School in Toronto is supposed to be a safe haven for Children Attending

The school doors are now locked tight, an accused child sex offender is in jail and a victimized little girl is expected back in her class.
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The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
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