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911 call News

Kids in back seat text 911 saying dad driving drunk

Kearney - This was not the first time the siblings, 12 and 14, were driven by their father when he had been drinking. But this drive was so scary, they texted 911 and talked their dad into stopping at a restaurant to give police time to get there.

Florida: Mother shoots, kills daughter she mistook for intruder

Orlando - A Florida woman woke up right before midnight Tuesday and shot at and killed a person she thought was an intruder. But it was no intruder; instead she allegedly shot her 27-year -old daughter, who was pronounced dead on Wednesday.

Human error blamed for 911 delay in crash that killed 4-year-old

New York - A 911 dispatcher went on break without seeing a call requesting an ambulance to the scene of a SUV crash that killed a four-year-old girl on her way to school, a New York City Department of Investigation report said.

Texas cop sues 911 caller for 'mental anguish' from taking call

Houston - If a police officer responding to a 911 call gets hurt in the line of duty, should the person who called 911 be held financially responsible? One Texas cop surely thinks so.

Sandy Hook DA keeps witness name secret due to fears for 'safety'

CT State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky, again asked a judge to redact the name, or names, of at least one witness "cooperating" with the investigation due to fears for "their personal safety and well-being."

Accidental 911 call, talk of drug sale, lands Florida man in jail

Orange City - A 19-year-old Florida tow truck driver has been arrested after his cellular phone accidently dialed 911 while he and two other men discussed selling drugs.

Police force on Twitter highlighting 'ridiculous' emergency calls

Birmingham - A police force in the UK is hosting a 24 hour 'Tweetathon,' today, Friday, to highlight some of the 'inappropriate' requests made by members of the public calling the UK emergency number 999.

In 911 call, Belcher's mom begs dying girlfriend to stay alive

Kansas City - In chilling 911 recordings released on Wednesday morning, Jovan Belcher's mother can be heard pleading with her son's dying girlfriend to stay alive after the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker fatally shot her.

Man 'butt-dials' 911 during alleged drug deal

Scranton - A Pennsylvania man found himself in trouble after he "butt-dialed" 911 during an alleged drug deal. The 911 operator recorded the entire transaction.

'Terrorist cell' in New Brunswick turns out to be NYPD hideout

New Brunswick - A building superintendent was just doing his job when he phoned the New Brunswick police department to report a suspected terrorist cell.

911 call alleges 'not the first time' Creflo Dollar attacks teen

Fayetteville - When pastor Creflo Dollar told his church Sunday when the real facts come out they would be "appalled" -- he wasn't kidding. A newly released 911 tape from the night in question alleges Dollar has been violent before.

Choking dog saves own life by dialing emergency number

In an amazing occurrence, a Basset Hound named George called police as he was strangling in a telephone cord. He'd gotten himself tangled in the cord and somehow called 999 (the British equivalent of 911).

Florida woman calls 911: 'I ate too much food'

A 45-year-old Florida woman said she called 911 because she overate. Authorities responded to the call and subsequently arrested the women at a motel she was allegedly living at.

Police: Majority of 911 calls are 'butt dials'

Evanston - With cellphone use continuing to rise so are the reports of 'butt dialing.' While these unintentionally dialed calls may be annoying to most, when they are made to emergency services numbers they become a public safety issue.

Mich. attorney calls 911 after car bomb injures him and his sons

Erik Chappell was taking his two sons, 13 and 11, to football practice in Monroe, Michigan, when a pipe bomb went off in his Volvo injuring the three.

911 Call Over Dog Urinating Lead To Pittsburgh Police Killings

The 911 call that lead to 3 police officers being killed in Pittsburgh on Saturday was over a pet. The mother called the police when a fight about a dog escalated to where she requested police assistance to remove her son from the home.

Murdered Girl Had Called 911 For Help And Got None

Standard procedure was not followed when a girl, Brittany Zimmermann, called 911 for help and when the dispatcher heard nothing on the line, just went about her business instead of calling the number back. Brittany was murdered that night.

Woman Killed While On The Phone With 911

A frantic call to the West Covina, California 911 call centre was silenced by gunfire Wednesday morning. A woman was on the phone reporting a break in when shots were heard and then there was silence.

9-Year Old's 911 Call Thought To Be A Prank

On November 16, a 911 call came into Bradley County's dispatch center from a 9-year old child. She was calling to report that her parents were both dead, however the dispatcher thought it was a prank call. The dispatcher will not be investigated.

Son Calls 911 On Drunk Driving Mom

When Paulette Spears started acting strangely while driving her eight year old son called 911 repeatedly. [quote]"He said 'I don't know where we are, and Mom's not acting normal,"' sheriff's Sgt. Randon Walker said.[/quote]

Woman calls 911 to report collision with giraffe

A South Carolina woman calls 911 and claims she saw two giraffe near a highway and couldn’t avoid hitting one of them and damaged her passenger-side mirror. She said after it hit her car they ran away, so she doesn't know their status.

911 call ends in murder charge

A husband called 911 to say his wife was not breathing. Turns out it appears the wife was strangled and police have arrested the husband.

Most funniest 911 call i ever heard..This lady is one cougar in major Heat

You would think that this woman at 45 yrs old would have just a Littttttle bit of brains ..

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