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3D printing News

3D Printed wheelchairs and other advances announced

3-D printing (additive printing) continues to advance, with the latest round of innovations including a 3-D printed wheelchair. Digital Journal takes a look at the latest 3-D printing news.

3D pen successfully prints stem cells

A further advancement with three-dimensional printing has been made in the biology field. This is with a pen-like device that could be used to make cartilage implants during live operations.

3D printed cartilage shows success

A successful use of the 3D printing in the medical field has been reported. This is with the generation of cartilage, used in surgery to assist those suffering with arthritis.

3D printed vertebrae used in pioneering surgery

Sydney - In a pioneering medical study, a patient has been fitted with 3-D printed artificial vertebrae. This is the first time replacement bones for the spine have been created and used in this way.

Op-Ed: The big breakthrough — 3D printed living tissues have arrived

If your jaw just dropped when you saw that, it’s OK; they can replace it with a 3D printed jaw. Printing functional living structures is now possible.

New tech gives stop-motion animation its Oscar moment

Stop-motion animation moved into the fast(er) lane when LAIKA studio decided to employ 3D technologies to create its characters’ thousands of faces.

You can now use a 3-D printer to create artificial hair

As prices for 3D printers drop, there have been a number of interesting DIY projects that have come about. And now there’s one more thing you can print at home: hair.

How your smartphone will play a key role in your healthcare Special

Despite forecasts that 2015 would see a slowing of tech sector investment, this fiscal year is poised to be the most successful year for startup businesses and tech since 2000.

How 3D printing is influencing B2B firms

The possibilities are seemingly endless, as small and large businesses’ usage of 3D printing has now spiked, for an array of uses.

Lab grows functioning 3D intestine

Scientists have grown a fully functioning intestine prepared on top of a three dimensional scaffold. The intestine was made with stem cells taken from mice and people.

Using 3D printing to keep power plants cool

Scientists have used new 3D printing methods to produce heat exchangers to cool down power plants and improve energy efficiency.

3D printing for detecting off-milk in cartons

Researchers have used 3D printing to develop a sensor that can be placed inside a carton of milk to detect if the milk is fit for drinking and to alert if the milk has "gone off."

3D printing in the Cloud — Lucas Matheson, CEO of Pinshape talks Special

San Francisco - 3D printing is currently in its embryonic stage, barely a toddler, but it’s taking over, fast. New materials and much faster printing technology have now been joined by a new dynamic — cloud printing.

3D bioprinting regenerates nerve cells

In the latest technological leap with 3D printing, scientists are close to using a device to regenerate neurons. This is through the use of a tissue-printing machine.

Iron Man replaces young boy's arm with one of his own

Seven-year-old Alex Pring was born without his right arm above his elbow. Robert Downey Jr. (i.e. "Iron Man") presented him with a robotic arm designed and built with 3D printing at Limbitless Solutions.

DNA smart glue could fix organs together

Researchers are working on creating a so-called DNA ‘smart glue’ that could one day be used to hold together 3-D-printed materials, such as tissues or even organs grown in the laboratory.

New technology for making living tissue

A new method for constructing large tissues from living components of three-dimensional micro-tissues has been developed. Researchers hope that the process can one day building entire organs.

Squids provide the blueprint for 3D printing

Squids have been used by people for centuries, as food and for their ink. Now squids have a new application in the modern technological realm of 3D printing. This is in the form of a thermoplastic.

Japan charges 'vagina artist' Megumi Igarashi with obscenity

Tokyo - A Japanese woman who uses 3D printing to create works of art shaped like her vagina has been charged with distributing obscene data in a case that has sparked widespread debate about freedom of expression and censorship.

New algorithm advances 3D printing

Burnaby - Professor Richard Zhang, of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, has developed a new algorithm for 3D printing. To demonstrate this, with seasonal flair, he has produced some remarkable Christmas trees.

3D-printed medical marijuana inhaler first of its kind

Tel Aviv - With the help of 3D printing, an Israeli company has developed two pocket-sized, metered medical marijuana inhalers, one for use in hospital settings, and one for use in-home.

3D printed goddess idol to debut in Indian festival Dussehra

A unique kind of goddess will be making its way to Kolkata, India for the upcoming Dussehra festival. A tech company has created a 3D printed version of an idol of the goddess Durga.

Incredible 3-D printed keys that can unlock almost anything

Technologists have utilized 3-D printing technology to produce "bump keys". These are keys capable of opening millions of locks.

Printing in 3D now available on Amazon

Three-dimensional printing services are now available on, allowing customers to customize items ranging from bobble head toys to unique jewelry through third-party sellers.

3D printing startup teams with Amazon and gives toys to sick kids Special

Toronto -, a 3D printing company, is a new, highly regarded startup which was part of 500 Startup TechCrunch’s’ recent batch of companies startup class of 2014.

Op-Ed: 500 Startups' Pinshape launches Uprising - 3D printing made easy Special

What do you get when you combine 3D printing, Pinterest-style collections, Dribbble-inspired design portfolios, and Etsy-style shopping capabilities? If three entrepreneurs from Edmonton, AB have their way, Pinshape will soon be the obvious answer.

3-D printers make 10 houses in 24-hours

Suzhou - A company in China has used giant 3-D printers to make 10 full-sized, detached single-storey houses in a day, it has been alleged by an official Chinese news agency.

Artist turns your brainwaves into 3D-printed sculptures

A New York artist has made an astronomical technological breakthrough. Ion Pompian, located in a gallery six floors above Broadway has developed a tool that turns people’s brainwaves into 3D-printed sculptures.

3D printing gets closer to printing living human tissue

A new bioprinting method has created intricately patterned 3-D tissue constructs with multiple types of cells and tiny blood vessels. Researchers are hopeful that printing living tissue will soon be possible.

Op-Ed: Putin butt plug? No thanks, keep that asshole away from mine! Special

Orlando - Whilst recently railing against Vladimir Putin's military aggression against Ukraine, some anonymous Russophile messaged me a photo of a 3D-printed Putin butt plug, with the accompanying advice to "shove it up my ass."
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3D printing Image

Design concept of the Landscape House intended to be built using 3D print technology
Design concept of the Landscape House intended to be built using 3D print technology
Universe Architecture
Carnegie Mellon University
RAF Tornado from RAF Marham  flys over the Shard skyscraper in London during Her Majesty the Queen s...
RAF Tornado from RAF Marham, flys over the Shard skyscraper in London during Her Majesty the Queen's 2013 Birthday Flypast.
RAF/MoD UK under Open Government Licence
Mobius design concept Landscape House bu Universe Architecture
Mobius design concept Landscape House bu Universe Architecture
Universe Architecture
Talk about authentic; this ear seems to be growing a hair  too.
Talk about authentic; this ear seems to be growing a hair, too.
Revolution in the making: 3D printing for everyone.
Revolution in the making: 3D printing for everyone.
Peter Weijmarshausen
Carnegie Mellon University
Bryan Cera
Defense Distributed
Bryan Cera
An example of 3D-printed hair
An example of 3D-printed hair
Carnegie Mellon University
Two treats  made in a 3D printer simply by using sugar and a pattern.
Two treats made in a 3D printer simply by using sugar and a pattern.
Windell Oskay
Landscape House design concept of a Mobius house from Universe Arhitecture
Landscape House design concept of a Mobius house from Universe Arhitecture
Universe Arhitecture
MacKenzie Brown  Director CAD Crowd & Maker6
MacKenzie Brown, Director CAD Crowd & Maker6
Illustration by Digital Journal
The 3D printed music speaker
The 3D printed music speaker
Jason Koski