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360 News

NVIDIA to launch handheld video game console with Project SHIELD

Not satisfied with Sony's Playstation Vita or the Nintendo? You don't have to worry for long because NVIDIA is joining the club with their own collection.

The throwable panoramic Camera Ball

Just when you think technological gadgets like the iPhone 4s is as good as it's going to get, another creative tech gadget slides into home base.

The XBOX 360 will make it rain

For almost two years now, the Xbox 360 has been slowley progressing, the games amounting to nothing special. But for 3 months, 3 games will set the Xbox apart from the other consoles as the best choice.

Gears of War is the best game on the 360.

Gears of War has become the best game on the 360 and is one of my favourite games.

The true cost of the Xbox 360

The cost of the 360 is more than you expect.

Microsoft to Launch Live Messenger for Xbox 360

Xbox users will be able to IM from their TVs using Windows Live Messenger.

XBOX 360 Keyboard and Windows Live Messenger (UPDATE 1)

A video has been leaked that XBOX Live will have Windows Live Messenger integration. However, at this point there is nothing for XBOX 360 that allows you to type words fast. So what's going to happen? Video Included

"Reduced focus" on 360 backwards compatibility

Microsoft rep Chris Satchell told an audience of bloggers that the company will place less focus on making original Xbox games backwards compatible with Xbox 360 as 2007 progresses.

Black Xbox 360 confirmed?

An all-black version of the Xbox 360 has been rumored to be on the way, with a staffer from a Canadian-based Best Buy store claiming the new colored console will arrive in May.

Robot earns Xbox Achievement

A frustrated gamer has employed a clever method of unlocking one of Xbox 360's more mundane Achievement awards - just build a pad-hugging robo friend to do the boring work for you.

Microsoft to take Wii approach with 360?

Moore discuss his new position at Microsoft.

Xbox 360 Under the Radar

Get up to speed on the most intriguing Xbox 360 games you've probably never heard of

Still no real Project Gotham Racing 4

Do we even want a project gotham 4?

January: Wii Triumphs; 360 Up; PS3rd

Nintendo Wii sold 436,000 units in January according to NPD, with Xbox 360 selling 294,000 units and PlayStation 3 hitting 244,000.

Ballmer: Every console has price cut in the first few years

Xbox 360 price cut coming sooner then we think?

GRAW 2 Video Developer Diary

One HD camera for each side of the border in Ghost Recon advance Warfighter 2.

New Rayman uses 360 Vision Cam

"Gesture Control" support added to 360 version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, but how?

New gears of War Content soon

Epic confirms "a fun little surprise in the next update" and about a possible talks PC version

How To Tell If You Have the "Quiet" Xbox 360

Using the comparison image you should be able to recognize which drive is yours, based on the look of the DVD tray. If you've purchased an Xbox 360 recently, chances are you have the quieter drive.

Xbox 360 AU Classics Range - Titles less than Half Price

March 1st is a date that all Australian gamers should be licking their lips in anticipation for.

Xbox 360 beats PS3 & PSP in Most Played Survey

Nintendo systems voted most played over holiday season.

Quake Wars Confirmed for PS3 and 360

Developer id Software has confirmed that the highly anticipated team-based FPS Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is heading to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

First Call of Duty PSP footage

Call of Duty is making its handheld debut on PSP, and the miniaturized WWII shooter is shaping up nicely.

Next-gen Star Wars revealed for PS3 and 360

Ok, but where is the Wii version?

The XBOX 360, Bioshock updates

Those that have been following Bioshock as closely as we have might possibly find themselves experiencing an emotion completely at odds with the ethos of Irrational’s organic, totally unscripted adventure FPS.

Def Jam for the XBOX 360, hands on

This has to be one of the most realistic games I have ever seen, look at that! That guy actually looks like a real guy!

Avalon, Vehicles. Guns. Online.What else could be better?

Just when you thought things couldn't get more intense.
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