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2016 presidential election News

Op-Ed: Donald Trump has nuked the Republican Party — now what?

Maybe the Republican Party should have figured it out back in August when Donald Trump bragged about the size of his penis. Or when he mocked a reporter with a physical disability. Or suggested that his opponent be a target for an assassin. I did.

Op-Ed: What do Clinton and Trump think about science?

The eyes of the world are focused on the increasingly tight tussle to succeed President Obama to the White House. While key issues have been debated, what do the major party candidates have to say about key science topics?

'God' told tow truck driver not to help stranded Sanders supporter

Asheville - A South Carolina man is claiming that “God” told him not to help a handicapped individual who was stranded on Interstate 26 in Asheville, N.C. this past Monday.

Op-Ed: Trump's campaign is the monster created by an irresponsible media

The rise of Donald Trump as the Republican front-runner has frightened the political establishment along with many voters and it was all made possible by the media's need for ratings over their journalistic duty.

Donald Trump is completely dominating 2016 race media coverage

It's no secret that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump receives a ton of attention from the press. But just how much is stunning, especially when compared to his campaign budget.

Op-Ed: Is Trump intentionally copying Hitler?

In a rally in Orlando, Florida, Donald Trump urged the crowd of supporters to make a pledge of solidarity by promising to vote for him, and raise their right hand doing it.

Op-Ed: Trump's endorsements show he appeals to extremists

What do white supremacists, anti-gay pastors and anti-Muslim campaigners have in common? They all like Trump and many of them have officially endorsed him.

Op-Ed: It's November 2016. Bernie Sanders just won. Now what? [Part 2]

Being elected president means never having to live up to all, or even most, of your campaign promises. Being elected the first socialist president means facing unprecedented challenges that could make breaking plenty of those promises all but inevitable.

Op-Ed: Sanders surges on strength of anti-corporate message [Part 1]

Why has Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who was relatively unknown just a few months ago, won over so many progressive voters, seriously threatening Hillary Clinton just as another relatively unknown liberal senator did back in 2008?

Unexpected town hall may give Clinton an edge in Iowa

Hillary Clinton will get a chance to challenge Bernie Sanders for the lead in the Iowa caucus in an unexpected town hall event just a week before the vote.

Texas lawyer files 'birther' case against Ted Cruz

Is Senator Ted Cruz eligible to be president? That is the question a Texas lawyer wants the courts to answer. Following Donald Trump's attacks on Cruz's Canadian birth, there is now a legal challenge underway.

Op-Ed: Judging Donald Trump by the company he keeps

An old English proverb says a man is judged by the company he keeps — some Trump supporters might begin to hope that's not true.

Hillary Clinton emailed Ben Affleck & Gaga but not Chris Stevens

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton emailed Ben Affleck and Lady Gaga using her personal email account, while Ambassador Chris Stevens — whom Clinton called a friend — did not have her email address before being killed in a Libyan terrorist atta

Op-Ed: How Bernie Sanders can win the 2016 presidential election

For a candidate whose personal net worth is only estimated to be $330,000, Bernie Sanders has managed to do something that's nearly unthinkable. He's built a campaign based on small contributions and draws huge crowds of thousands wherever he speaks.

Op-Ed: Why are the presidential candidates ignoring the Federal Reserve?

Washington - Every 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential candidate is talking about wanting to help the middle class. But then how come none of the White House hopefuls are talking about the culprit behind its demise? The Fed should be the topic of debate.

Op-Ed: Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz the worst DNC Chair in history?

Washington - Debbie Wasserman Schultz may be the worst chair of the Democratic National Committee in recent history. Everything from ignorance of the current White House record to her denial of more debates, Schultz may be in over her head as head of the DNC.

Op-Ed: If it's not Bernie, choose the worst

The common cliché taken as general wisdom for voters heading to ballot boxes is to “choose the lesser of evils.” But the 2016 race for the Oval Office is a unique beast that brings the supposed axiom to its knees.

Op-Ed: Presidential Primary is reminiscent of California's 2003 Recall

The 2016 Presidential Primary has attracted a diverse crowd of candidates who are either focusing on the issues that affect Americans or seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

Op-Ed: Debunking the Republican War on Women

There is no Republican “war on women.” There are many in America's GOP that clearly have some very serious, troubling issues with women, but that is a far cry from a party-wide war on women.

Op-Ed: GOP platform — Still ‘anything but Obama’

As much as GOP hopefuls tried to distinguish themselves in the first debate of the 2016 presidential election, they sounded a lot of the same notes.

FBI investigates El Chapo's violent threat against Donald Trump

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has asked the FBI to investigate a threatening tweet he reportedly received from Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who recently escaped from maximum-security prison.

Op-Ed: On Donald Trump having no chance, zero, of being U.S. president

Let's start here: It is likely virtually all of you would agree that Donald Trump has the proverbial snowball's chance in hell of becoming the next president of the United States. As much chance as Kanye West has of winning the Most Humble Rapper Award.

Jeb Bush: 'I am running for president'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) made his 2016 presidential bid official when his campaign website was published shortly before his scheduled Monday afternoon announcement.

Op-Ed: Senator Lindsey Graham, America’s next neoconservative President?

Senator Lindsey Graham is bringing "doom and gloom" to his presidential campaign, exciting the neoconservatives, and against the will of Americans that are over the "war on terror," even as they themselves worry about terror and religious extremism.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz is part of a dying breed of social conservatives

Many Americans are taking on more liberal views but Ted Cruz is sticking with his social conservatism. But will his grassroots bible belt base be enough to get him elected in 2016?

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina gets trolled with website

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is the latest presidential candidate to be trolled by a website featuring his or her name in the URL.

Bernie Sanders is running for president

One of the most progressive members of the United States Senate will seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz doesn't stand a chance this time around

Washington, D. C. - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official major candidate for president. He won't win the GOP nomination, but winning in 2016 is likely not his game plan. He is playing the long game and will win through 2016 martyrdom.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz is 1st official 2016 prez candidate, but will fade fast

Lynchburg - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official presidential candidate of 2016, with sources confirming that he will announce his candidacy on Monday, March 23. While Cruz will quickly falter, he does have a chance to guide the political conversation.

A public affair over Clinton's private emails

Washington D.c. - On March 2, 2015 The New York Times reported that Hillary Rodham Clinton used her personal email account for all government communications during her entire four-year-long tenure as the United States Secretary of State.
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Trump inches closer to White House as Clinton slides: polls on Sept. 21  2016.
Trump inches closer to White House as Clinton slides: polls on Sept. 21, 2016.
Illustration by Digital Journal
Hillary Clinton  Democratic 2016 presidential candidate and former Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, Democratic 2016 presidential candidate and former Secretary of State
Incumbent Philippine Senator Grace Poe
Incumbent Philippine Senator Grace Poe