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2012 election News

Video: The most 'Anti-Obama' place in the United States revealed

In a CNN video, it is revealed that the most anti-Obama area in the United States is King County, Texas. There, Mitt Romney won by a landslide as Barack Obama only got five votes.

Criticisms of Mitt Romney's 'gift' remarks continues growing

Since Mitt Romney's "gifts" remarks yesterday, criticism from many sides continue to be directed towards him. The criticism for those comments increase.

White House responds to Mitt Romney's 'gifts' remark

Mitt Romney continues to take political fire for his "gifts" explanation when talking about his loss to US President Obama. The White House has given its response.

Op-Ed: Conservative Erick Erickson — 'This is not the place for you'

In what has seemingly become an unending parade of extremist ideals and references to the "Great Confederacy", a few voices are beginning to stand apart from the lunacy.

Romney to donors: I lost because Obama gave 'gifts' to key voters

Mitt Romney is the latest person to weigh-in on his loss to US President Barack Obama in the 2012 US Presidential Elections. In a call to donors, Romney explained the reasons he lost.

After Obama's re-election, man apparently commits suicide

Key West - Henry Hamilton, 64, of Key West seemingly killed himself after Barack Obama got re-elected as the United States President.

Governor Bobby Jindal To GOP: Stop being the 'idiot party'

GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is the latest in notable GOP figures to weigh-in and speak on the recent 2012 US Elections.

Video: Grover Norquist on US President Barack Obama

Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist said that Barack Obama won the Presidential Election by painting Mitt Romney as a "poopy head."

Conservative Bill Kristol — GOP should take Obama’s offer

A conservative Fox News commentator is saying the Republican Party needs to accept new ideas, including raising taxes for the wealthy.

Texas Republican calls Obama voters 'racist', 'maggots'

Lumberton - Refusing to accept the will of the majority of Americans, one high ranking Texas Republican calls non-whites "racists", while also calling for an "amicable divorce" from the United States.

Video: Rockaways brave through Sandy for Election Night voting

As New Jersey and New York got hit, the residents of the severely battered Rockaways braved through the damage to cast their ballots on Election Night.

Op-Ed: Did Romney's failure to prepare lead to election loss?

As President of the United States, one must prepare for nearly every possible scenario, good or bad, and it appears as if Mitt Romney was prepared for the good, but not prepared for what would happen if he did not win the election.

Owners say upside down flag at McDonald's restaurant a mistake

Follansbee - An upside down American flag flying at a McDonald's restaurant the day after the election had generated a lot of attention. The owners of the West Virginia-based establishment say the upside down flag was a mistake.

Video: Ole Miss students unhappy at Obama's re-election

Video taken on Election Night at Ole Miss shows that not all college-age voters are expressing their support to Barack Obama who won re-election on Election Night.

Trump and other GOPers give their 2 cents on Obama's re-election

With the re-election of Democratic incumbent Barack Obama as US President, notable Republicans have weighed in and given their respective two cents.

Video: GOP camp 'cheerful' to 'melancholy' on Election Night

A brief video is shown covering the GOP camp on Election Night. Early on, there was excitement as Romney took the lead; but, it changed to a melancholic tune as Obama took the lead to win re-election.

Video of President Obama's return to the White House

Washington - After many grueling months on the campaign trail, along with touring the devastation Hurricane Sandy left behind, President Obama returns to the White House Wednesday.

Puerto Rican's vote to become 51st state

Although Puerto Ricans were not able to vote in the 2012 Presidential election, they did turn out to the polls to decide if they would be able to vote in future elections.

Marijuana, same-sex marriage initiatives pass in several states

Although the media has focused mainly on the Presidential election, several state initiatives regarding same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana are also making news.

Celebration erupts outside of White House in wake of Obama win Special

Washington - As news of President Obama's election was announced supporters broke out in celebration in front of the White House and throughout downtown D.C.

Swing states appear to be swinging in Obama's favor

Winning the undecided voters and scoring big in several swing states were crucial for both President Obama and Governor Romney, and Obama appears to have the edge so far.

Warren victorious, Massachusetts US Senate seat turns blue again

In the US Senate Race in Massachusetts has ended with the victory of Elizabeth Warren. Warren's victory makes her the state's first female US Senator. Her victory allows Democrats to reclaim the state's US Senate seat.

For first-time mom-to-be, Election Day is a crucible of labor

Chicago - Galicia Malone of Chicago broke her water upon arriving at her respective polling area. Instead of leaving to go to the hospital, Malone dealt with the pain in order to get her vote in.

Mother watches son beat cancer, vote for the first time Special

Mount Juliet - When a mother was told that her 12-year-old son had cancer and would not survive, she never expected he would reach his 18th birthday, much less be voting in his first Presidential election.

Milwaukee voting integrity hotline respond to voter complaints

Milwaukee - Milwaukee Wisconsin's County District Attorney’s office reported the "usual array of complaints" on Tuesday, including aggressive election observers.

Nashville, TN voting issues frustrate voters, concern officials Special

Nashville - Several issues have been reported at voting precincts across the Nashville, TN area, ranging from voting machines not working, a lack of provisional ballots, voters being told to report to incorrect polling locations and voters being marked inactive.

2012 U.S. Election results state-by-state, Obama wins [updated]

Tuesday's U.S. election saw President Barack Obama win reelection in an impressive victory over Mitt Roney, and Digital Journal is providing updated results state-by-state throughout the evening. Find out which states the candidates won.

Latino voters weigh in on the 2012 US Elections

On Election Day, Latinos and Latino voters weigh in on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. While Obama's expected to get high support from Latinos, there are Latino voters disillusioned with him.

Video: Obama and Romney phone banks at work in Ohio

On Election Day, CNN went to cover the phone banks of the Obama and Romney campaigns in Ohio. Ohio is one of the crucial battleground states that can decide who wins the presidency.

GOP polling monitors removed from polls, judge intervenes

Philadelphia - In Philadelphia, GOP polling monitors were denied entry by Democratic Election Judges; but, a Pennsylvania judge issued an order that they are allowed admission.
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A Facebook post advise individuals to report all acts of voter intimidation to the FBI or Department...
A Facebook post advise individuals to report all acts of voter intimidation to the FBI or Department of Justice.
Ole Miss students riot  burn Obama campaign signs
Ole Miss students riot, burn Obama campaign signs
Ben Smith/Twitter
Ole Miss students fill the street after Obama won re-election
Ole Miss students fill the street after Obama won re-election
Screen Capture
Fox New map of states won by each Presidential candidate.
Fox New map of states won by each Presidential candidate.
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