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1984 News

Review: Not everyone’s dreams can become reality in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a lighthearted superhero movie; a miniseries about a man who can’t escape himself; a standard coming-of-age escalated by its soundtrack; a special release of a classic adaptation; and an unexpectedly hilarious animation.

Renewable energy outpaced nuclear for first time since 1984

For the first time in decades, the renewable energy sector generated more electrical power in the United States than nuclear power in March and April this year.

Over 200 theaters to show Orwell's '1984' to protest Trump

Nearly 200 theaters worldwide plan to screen the film version of George Orwell's dystopian classic, "1984" simultaneously on Tuesday, April 4 in an international stand against President Donald Trump.

Paul Greengrass to direct adaptation of George Orwell’s ‘1984’

‘The Bourne Ultimatum’s Paul Greengrass will direct an adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian classic, ‘1984,’ which some may say parallels are own authoritarian future.

Op-Ed: How close are we to 1984?

With every step in the march towards tyranny, some muffled voice in the media decries the move as “Orwellian.” It happens so often that George Orwell’s novel may have lost its power as a cautionary tale.

13-year-old defies ‘big brother’ and refuses to be fingerprinted Special

Cardiff - Since 2012, over 800,000 children have had their biometric data taken by the government in the United Kingdom via the school system. One 13-year-old girl is refusing to comply with the demands.

Orwell's birthday celebrated with party hats on surveillance cams

Utrecht - The famous author of "Nineteen Eighty-Four", George Orwell, would have turned 110 on June 25, 2013 if he was still with us. Two Dutch artists found the perfect way to celebrate his birthday in the current surveillance climate.

Where in the world is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden?

The whereabouts of the whistleblower at the heart of the recent U.S. phone and Internet surveillance controversy are unknown. Edward Snowden checked out of his Hong Kong hotel Monday night, BBC News reports.

Op-Ed: The case for zero tolerance of fanatics

Sydney - The case for describing fanatics as insane is pretty convincing. These people’s minds are totally subordinated. “Extremism” is a euphemism. This is brainwashing, perversion of minds, and historically it leads only to violence and suffering.

1984 is 2013: School systems adopting Orwellian programs

Some Kentucky schools may have to undergo a new program that some administrators and teachers find "creepy" and "Orwellian;" but that's not the end of the top-down control over education in America.

Op-Ed: A left-wing view of George Orwell

George Orwell is rightly regarded as one of the greatest literary figures of the Twentieth Century. Needless to say, not everybody is impressed with his terrible insights into human nature and the threat of the all-controlling state.

Op-Ed: George Orwell's predictions for 2012

George Orwell was a journalist, political author and novelist who wrote Animal Farm in 1945 and Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1949. These were two of his most notable novels.

UK Government announces plans to monitor digital communication

The UK Government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, text messages and web habits of every person in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

New movie version of '1984' in development

Two production studios have come together to work on a new movie adaptation of George Orwell's classic book of dystopian fiction, "Nineteen Eighty-Four".

Op-Ed: Men don’t read — Maybe that’s why you’re morons?

Sydney - I was watching a show on TV, and the Compulsory Funny Guy said “Guys don’t read”. My natural response was “Neither do cockroaches”. What I didn’t know, and it took some research, was that there’s such a thing as Fear of Reading.

First edition of Orwell's '1984' found in charity bin

Wollongong - A valuable first edition of George Orwell’s novel titled 1984 was recently found in a Lifeline charity bin in Australia.

Op-Ed: Welcome To The Media Age Of Orwell

The Orwellian aspects of today's 'Main Stream Media' are a wonder to behold. Obama is held forth as God, Sarah Palin is Emmanuel Goldstein, and a democratic overthrow in Honduras becomes a brutal military coup. Truth becomes lie, and lie becomes truth.

'1984' style campaign ad predicts Obama loss

A Clinton camp effort in its bid to outclass the Obama camp?

1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial

This was the commercial that introduced the Apple Macintosh Computer to the world for the first time.

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George Orwell  1984
George Orwell, 1984
The original Mac
The original Mac
George Orwell  1984. (From the original text  1933).
George Orwell, 1984. (From the original text, 1933).
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