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Dame Vera Lynn discusses 'Vera Lynn 100' album, legacy and fans Special

Dame Vera Lynn chatted with me about her 100th birthday, the secret to long living, and her "Vera Lynn 100" compilation album. She also discussed the lack of technology back in the days when she made music, where there was a focus on real singing.

Dame Vera Lynn turns 100 years old: A century of living

Dame Vera Lynn has a major milestone to be proud of in her personal life. She just turned 100 years old on March 20, 2017.

Samba gets new rhythms 100 years after first recording

Rio De Janeiro - Monday nights feel like Saturdays in Rio's Little Africa neighborhood when the sun sets and the samba starts to play.

Rio shrugs off Olympic doubts for 100 day countdown

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday launched the 100 day countdown to hosting South America's first Olympic Games with government and global sports leaders insisting they can overcome Brazil's political meltdown and troubled preparations.

Amnesty says Rio police killings rising

Rio De Janeiro - Amnesty International said Wednesday that inhabitants of Olympic host Rio de Janeiro's slum favelas are "living in terror" after 11 people were killed in police shootings in the past month.

Will Brazil's mega-crisis hurt the Olympics?

Rio De Janeiro - On the streets of Rio de Janeiro, it feels like a long time since the heady days in 2009 when the city was named to host South America's first Olympics.

Refugee fights way into Olympics and new life

Rio De Janeiro - Ferocity may sound like a good thing in martial arts, but when Popole Misenga started training for his Olympic judo team he was, well, too ferocious -- "brutal," one coach says.

100-year-old grandmother skydives and shark dives

A woman who turned 100 years old decided to celebrate her birthday by going skydiving, and then going shark diving just two days later.

100-year-old woman sees the ocean for the first time in her life

Just a few weeks before turning 101, Ruby Holt took a trip to the beach and saw the ocean for the first time in her life.

Brazil in a sweat as 100-day World Cup countdown begins

With 100 days to go before the World Cup starts, Brazil is in the home straight of the countdown and huffing and puffing to complete stadiums, airports, IT networks and public transportation systems. ...

Interview: Long Island woman celebrates a century of living Special

Long Island woman, Sophie Heck, has accomplished a great milestone in life. She officially celebrated her 100th birthday today.

Black box found near Sukhoi Superjet-100 crash site

Jakarta - The search teams involved in the investigation of the crash site of the Russian plane have now found the black box. Investigations continue.

Actress Gloria Stuart dead at 100

Los Angeles - Actress Gloria Stuart, who played an elderly Rose in the 1997 film Titanic, died at home in her sleep at the age of 100.

More than 100 animals starved and then thrown into river

East Huntspill - More than 100 dead animals were found in a river after a passing motorist noticed a cage containing live ferrets floating in the water.

Man admits to killing his 100-year-old mother

London - A man admitted that his killed his 100-year-old mother by stabbing her in the neck. After doing so he told his brother and police that he had "just gone mad.”

$100,000 still missing after armored truck spills bag of cash

A bag of cash fell off an armored truck earlier this week, leading to what some called a "piranha frenzy," with Ohio motorists scrambling to grab as much of the more than $200,000 floating down the road.

Summer heat has arrived and so has Maxim's Hot 100

Its almost here, the hot days and steamy nights of summer. This year's list of "Hot 100" women help kick off the mercury rising event with no cooling in sight.

Contest Offering $100 Raffle Chance To Win $1M Dream Home

An Orlando, Florida group is offering a chance to win a million-dollar home complete with high-end appliances, cathedral ceilings and other perks to anyone that buys a $100 ticket.

Famed `$100 laptop' now $188

The vaunted "$100 laptop" that Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers had dreamed up for international schoolchildren is becoming a slightly more distant concept.

Apple Refunds $100 - $200 To Everyone Who Bought Pre-Price Cut iPhones posted an "Open Letter To iPhone Owners" from Steve Jobs. In the letter he addresses hundreds of emails he received from iPhone owners who paid $599 for their phones before the price cut. Some iPhone owners are getting the full $200 back.

Sony Cuts PS3 Price By $100

Last year the PS3 launch almost overwhelmed every news site on the internet, some months later the inevitable has happened and Sony is slashing prices on the highly publicized PS3 game system by 17%.

X PRIZE Contest to Award $10 Million for 100 MPG Car

First space travel, now cars. The X PRIZE Foundation issues a second $10 million challenge to find answers to critical problems.

100 couples married in Philippines in an extra ordinary way on Valentines day

100 couples stood on a barefoot ,ankle-deep in swamp mud, dressed in white

Bush seeks $100 billion for wars in 2007

Afghanistan and Iraq total spending for 2007 estimated at $170 billion

First murder in 100 years for small town

Buckley, Washington is a small town that hasn't had a murder in 100 years until Thursday night.


100,000 bottle rockets in 15 seconds

1,100 relics unearthed at Beijing venue sites

1,100 cultural relics were unearthed at Beijing Olympic venue construction sites last year

Cocaine on '100% of Irish euros'

A new study has found that all of the banknotes in Ireland carry traces of cocaine.

Half-ton Wild Hog Killed by Georgia Hunter

The man who shot the hog was an avid hunter--but he wasn't hunting that day. The 1,100lb hog was in his neighbors yard.

Vandals Cause 100,000 In Damage

Vandalism Brought to a Whole New Level
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