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article imageWindows 10 allegedly hits 100m users, Microsoft boasts 669k apps

By James Walker     Sep 28, 2015 in Technology
Windows 10 has reportedly passed 100 million installations almost exactly two months after its worldwide launch. The unconfirmed figure comes shortly after the company officially updated its 'Microsoft by Numbers' page with some interesting statistics.
Petri reports today that Windows 10 hit the 100 million milestone at some point during the past week. The figure suggests that an additional 25 million installations have been completed during the past month and puts Microsoft 10 percent of the way to its target of one billion devices running Windows 10 within the next three years.
Microsoft hasn't confirmed the number but did release some other interesting statistics about the company this week. It updated its own Microsoft by the Numbers website to include more up-to-date data.
Some of the most notable cards displayed on the page include one pertaining to Office on third-party platforms. Across iPhones, iPads and Android devices, Office Mobile has seen over 100 million downloads despite the productivity suite only launching on iOS and Android relatively recently. Overall, a staggering 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office — one in seven on the planet.
The company has updated its official reckoning of the number of apps for phones, tablets and PCs in the Windows Store. It now claims there are over 669,000 with "hundreds" more being added every single day.
Any long-term Windows Phone user will be familiar with apps created by "Windows Phone addict" Rudy Huyn, responsible for creating third-party alternatives to popular apps like Instagram and Vine. Huyn's apps are often cited as being far superior to official Windows Phone apps and he commands some of the highest ratings in the store. Microsoft has now recognised this, noting Huyn as one of the platform's "most prolific developers" with over 16 million downloads of his apps.
Other statistics that Microsoft chose to share include details pertaining to its gaming, business and education divisions. Xbox Live has over 48 million members across 42 countries, Skype users chat for over 3 billion minutes each day and email service has over 400 million active users. Microsoft's internal fiber optic network is apparently so extensive that it could stretch to the moon and back and still have enough left for two more trips.
The company wraps up its By the Numbers page by revealing that over 984,000 orders of French fries are placed in its Redmond campus cafeterias every year. It boasts of its presence in cloud computing markets by noting that 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies host their data on Microsoft's Azure cloud datacentres.
The page still shows Windows 10 as being installed on more than 75 million devices but if today's report is correct then that number could now have risen to an all-new milestone. It is thought that Microsoft may publicly reveal more detailed Windows 10 usage metrics at its event in New York next week where new Lumia Windows 10 phones, the Surface Pro 4 and Microsoft Band 2 will be unveiled.
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