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article imageWhich online movie rental service is right for you?

By Tech News     Jun 1, 2014 in Technology
All online movie rental services are not created equal. Providers of streaming video rentals vary in terms of selection, quality and price.
So how do you know which streaming service is right for you? Here's a helpful guide to assist you in choosing the one that's best suited for your equipment and needs.
For those with large high-definition televisions, iTunes, Google Play, Sony Video Unlimited or Xbox Video are your best bets. HD video on these services rivals-- but doesn't quite match-- the quality delivered by Blu-ray discs. If your HDTV is smaller than 50 inches, you probably won't be able to tell the difference unless you're right on top of the screen.
If you're a serious film buff, Vudu is probably your best choice. Utilizing the HDX format, Vudu delivers HD video and audio quality with the added bonus of 24 frames per second playback, the same rate as film.
If your Internet connection is slow, or shared, iTunes is the way to go. Other services deliver streaming video, while iTunes rentals are downloaded. While this means you'll have to wait to view your rentals, fully downloaded content won't suffer from the pauses and poor quality that afflict slower Internet connections. Just remember to change your resolution setting from the default 720p to 1080p on your iTunes 'preferences' page.
If you prefer longer rental periods, Redbox Instant offers 2-day rentals, instead of the standard 24-hour rental period. Great for families with kids who like to watch those Disney and Pixar films over and over... and over.
If you're into 3-D movies, Vudu offers the most extensive selection. That being said, Sony Video Unlimited does offer many titles you won't find on Vudu. In order to view Sony's 3-D content, a Sony Bravia 3-D TV is required.
For the best video quality, you should skip streaming and rent Blu-ray discs. They still deliver the highest video and audio quality on the market. True, there are streaming services that offer 1080p HD video, but streaming video is compressed, causing pixelation, and audio quality suffers as well. While selecting movies on Netflix and then waiting for the discs to arrive via snail mail isn't exactly cutting-edge, Blu-ray is simply an unbeatable feast of sight and sound.
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