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article imageWastewater turned into tap water thanks to man-made wetlands

By Carol Ruth Weber     Aug 4, 2014 in Technology
Technology keeps healthy water continuously flowing between Dallas and Houston in Texas with the help of nature and human ingenuity.
As reported in the Associated Press on Aug. 3, a man-made wetland developed between Dallas and Houston in Texas has allowed for an area to filter and continuously replenish its own drinking water from what is mostly comprised of treated wastewater. According to the Associated Press "The technology behind the George Shannon Wetland Water Reuse Project has been around for decades, but only recently proved reliable and cost efficient".
Technology has helped to create new ways to provide a consistent flow of healthy drinking water.
The George Shannon Wetland Water Reuse Project uses nature to filter wastewater into tap water as it flows downstream. As stated in the Associated Press "Along the way, microbes and plants filter out the nitrates and phosphorous from the water, which is eventually released into the reservoir". With the newly created 2,000-acre wetland in Fairfield, the treated wastewater has added 65,000 gallons per day to the Richland-Chambers Reservoir.
Lower rainfall rates have hit many states hard with droughts making it necessary to conserve and create ways to sustain a depleted water supply. With the recent contaminated water supply in Ohio by algae toxins, explained in Time Magazine, there is also a severe need to not only make sure that there is a plentiful water supply but also a safe supply.
Using additional technology in the home has also been said to improve one's health by filtering the home's tap water by ionizing and converting it to alkaline water. A device like this could help further by improving the filtration system at home. FOX13 reported about the healing effects that dinking alkaline water is said to have, highlighting health and wellness advocate Connie Pendergrast. In the report Pendergrast states "I've seen people get off blood pressure medication, cholesterol meds, if they are going thru chemo, they feel better and have more energy, and not have the nausea".
Water is vital to keep all living beings in good health. As more water infrastructures are depleted through land development, drought and wars it has become vital for technology to intervene in order to keep an abundance of healthy drinking water always flowing.
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