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article imageUK Military designers demonstrate concept for 'The Transformer'

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 9, 2014 in Technology
A military research team in the UK has released plans for a three-part plane which can detach into faster planes then reform when the enemy has been shaken off. The concept so far looks quite impressive.
BAE Systems engineers attempt to push the limits of technology. From guidance systems to helmets which record impact they research all aspects of warfare. Now they are going to build a plane which we've only previously seen the likes of in fiction.
The Transformer is one plane composed of up to three planes. Interlocking systems allow it to fly as one or release the locks and split up. This would allow the two fighters on the side to both evade and flank a pursuer at the same time. Not something a normal plane can do.
The aircraft is also intended to be a stealth fighter. The splitting of the vehicle could help it evade some forms of detection in addition to their normal systems as well. As of now we only have concepts for it though and we will need to see some real testing done in the future. The hardest part will be re-attaching in midair at high velocity. We've done it with refueling so we might be able to here as well.
It makes sense that they would take it in this direction because along with advanced technology comes companies attempting to make transforming vehicles. Technically even a simple convertible can change its shape but people want more dynamic and extreme changes to be wowed by. If the project proves successful it will open the doors for an entire world of transforming vehicles across every sector of life.
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