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article imageSteve Wozniak, Apple co-founder busts Apple's garage origin myth

By Sravanth Verma     Dec 9, 2014 in Technology
Co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak, said in a recent interview to Bloomberg that the story of Apple initially working out of a garage was a myth.
According to the story, which is now more or less a legend in technology circles, Apple Inc. was born through the efforts of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in Jobs' garage. This was where the first Mac was born according to the story. Thanks to this story, the Jobs family home at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California was even made a part of the list of historic properties in the city.
But Wozniak debunked the whole myth in the interview. "The garage didn’t serve much purpose, except it was something for us to feel was our home. We had no money. You have to work out of your home when you have no money," he said. According to Wozniak, the work was actually done in his cubicle at Hewlett Packard, where he was working, and Jobs had taken a summer job. This was where the two had met and first collaborated. "The work was being done - soldering things together, putting the chips together, designing them, drawing them on drafting tables - at my cubicle at Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino." He added, “We would drive the finished products to the garage, make them work, and then we’d drive them down to the store that paid us cash.”
Wozniak designed and built the first Apple I computers in 1976, which sold for $666.66 back then. He also designed the next generation Apple II in 1977. Apple III debuted in 1980, by then Apple had staff and a production line.
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