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article image'Smart Shoes' technology to replace wrist worn trackers

By Larry Seely     Jun 12, 2016 in Technology
San Francisco - Technology is changing the way people do just about everything, including exercise and for those who need to know more than just how far they've run, something new is about to hit the shelves.
The "smart shoe" has been created by Lenovo and displayed to reporters at the companies Tech World show in San Francisco this week. The new innovation was made to replace wearable gadgets placed on the wrists or work around the neck.
While it looks like an ordinary running shoe, the product contains a small computer chip that tracks data from its user. Not only will it tell you the amount of miles walked or run, it also holds health benefits with a body scan that can reveille weight, body fat percentage, and other relevant information to help users become more aware of their overall fitness.
Another interesting feature is the LED light display on the soles for those who exercise at night. The company reported that the lights can synchronize with music, but didn't elaborate on how this function works, but most experts expect it connects with a phone or other music playing devices with the use of blue tooth technology.
It was also reported that these "smart shoes" can be used with video gaming as a controlling device. Supposedly they will connect with certain mobile games and allow the user to control the game by moving left, right, or jumping. This could connect with sports and dance games, but also with indoor exercise programs, giving the owners more control than ever on how and where they decide to workup a sweat.
Lenovo also revealed a bendable screen used on phones, laptops, and personal computers. The idea is to help with lagging computer sales and allow the company to venture into other areas of modern technology, a win-win proposition for the company and customers all across the globe.
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