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article imageRumours: Google apps may finally be coming to Windows 10

By James Walker     Oct 5, 2015 in Technology
The lack of quality first-party apps in the Windows ecosystem is a well-known issue when buying into Microsoft products. For years, the absence of official apps for any of Google's services has been especially conspicuous, although that may soon change.
Just a couple of days ago, it was reported that Microsoft and Google have agreed to drop their ongoing lawsuits against each other. At the time, the two companies wrote in a joint statement that they are looking to engage in collaboration with each other in the future, for the benefit of their customers.
With a little speculation, Microsoft fans began to wonder whether that could finally mean the arrival of Google apps on Windows. For its part, Microsoft has been hard at work ensuring all its services can be accessed on Android. It has even developed apps for the platform that aren’t yet available on Windows, another strong reason for Google to at least consider returning the gesture.
As Neowin reports, Windows users of Google services may finally be in luck. A new rumour from Arabic news site W4PHub — the same source that recently suggested the Surface Pro 4 will have "shape-shifting" display bezels — says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's reign of peaceful co-existence with his rivals has paid-off and Google is now in a position to begin developing Windows apps.
This means official listings for key Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play Music and YouTube could soon be appearing in Microsoft's Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile stores. Although third-party developers have stepped in to fill the gap, the release of first-party apps from Google will give Microsoft more bragging rights which it can use to attract new customers to Windows.
A lack of official apps has frequently been attributed to one of the most major turnoffs for people considering a Windows phone or tablet. An Android user can access thousands of high-quality apps — including official versions of Microsoft's services — while a Windows fan is likely to have as many third-party alternatives installed on their phone as they are first-party products.
The presence of Google also signifies other things about Microsoft's platform. By bringing a key competitor to its own table, the company can demonstrate it is worthy of attention. Although it may command a tiny amount of the market, Windows Phone has actually proven to be commendably resilient.
It hasn't gained significant numbers of users for months but it also hasn't lost any. With just 3 percent market share, Microsoft's mobile OS could easily have pulled a BlackBerry and slipped away to nothing by now.
Instead, the few users who do give a device a try appear to stick with it. Windows phones have demonstrated they're not going anywhere overnight and that's something Google may finally have been forced to admit.
We may know for sure during Microsoft's New York event tomorrow. As the covers are taken off the Surface Pro 4 and the company's first-ever Windows 10 Mobile flagships, tomorrow could be as good a day as any to reveal that the apps many users have waited years for could finally be on their way. On the other hand, this is just a rumour and it's entirely possible its inaccurate or the apps are not yet developed enough to warrant an official announcement for some time to come.
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